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It'll be real interesting to see which Denver Broncos team shows up today - I'm keeping my fingers crossed...


Well here we are again… you couldn't ask for better weather. How that plays out with today's matchup is anybody's guess, but if Denver drops this one I swear I'm gonna burn my Brian Griese garb. BTW – the orange jerseys are quite possibly the worst looking uni I've ever seen.

1st. Quarter
Is it really possible to get punked by a guy named Thigpen? At least no on an opening drive – KC win the toss and after a nice return to the 40 – they promptly go three and out… Here comes JC and Co to give it a shot.

Brandon Marshall's the go to guy in this series, unfortunately the drive stalls and Thigpen's back for an encore…two drops, some weird kind of lateral and some nice "D" by KC prompts the punt. Terrible special teams – 32-yard return by the Chiefs gives them excellent position at midfield.

Don't say I didn't warn you – Thigpen connects with Dwayne Bowe on a 32-yard gain and the Chiefs are knocking at the door. Broncos tighten up and KC settles for a 26-yard field goal to open up the scoring. I wonder if this is a sign of things to come?

Denver Broncos Take 2 - OUCH – third and four from their own 25 and Cutler fires a perfect strike to Kansas City cornerback Maurice Leggett – easy walk into the endzone and the Chiefs open up an early 10-0 lead. Just think – I gave up nine points thinking they couldn't get slammed by KC twice in one season. Let the punking begin.

Broncos will try again from their own 20… Maybe this is where they put it in gear – Cutler to Scheffler – Hillis on the ground and Denver's making a move – across midfield and it's forst and ten from the 34. Cutler to Stokley and the dude breaks it down to the 18. Out of the shotgun – across the middle to a diving Royal tacks on 11 and it's first and goal from the 7 – Chiefs challenge the catch… zzzzzz….ball hit the ground play is ruled incomplete – back to the 18 and it's second and ten. Give it to Hillis on a pitch out – 18-yards later it's a Mile High Salute to the crowd in the North Stands – Broncos trim the Chiefs lead 10-7 with 26-seconds left in the first.

2nd Quarter
Thigpen makes a minor splash – toss to Jamaal Charles grabs a quick nine. Larry Johnson on the ground for very little – Broncos have held Johnson to a total nine-yards rushing through the first quarter – not bad considering the numbers he put up in the last matchup. Wesley Woodyard gets in on the action – stripping the ball - INTERCEPTION – then subsequently fumbles – recovered by Broncos "New Guy" Josh Bell – KC challenges again…zzzz…ruling says the pass was incomplete – no interception - no fumble – Chiefs grab another break. At least momentarily… they're staring at 4th and one from the 42. Thigpen up the middle – chains are headed out – and it's a KC first down.

They're pounding the ground with Johnson, but it's the arm that's moving the chains – Thigpen to Tony Gonzalez and before you know it KC's sitting on the Broncos 13-yard line. Back to Gonzalez and guess what - it's a Kansas City touchdown. PAT is good and the Chiefs are back out to a ten-point lead – 17-7 with just over 8:00 left in the half.

Nice way to chew up the clock – Chiefs time of possession – 7:24. Broncos take it on their own 20.

Cutler to Marshall bails them out on third and four – ball is moved out to the 47 with a 21-yard pick up. Hillis moves them past midfield and it's 3rd and 2 from the KC 45. Dangerous pass to Hillis but the kid grabs it… injury time out as the rookie's on the ground. Nice limp off – this could be Denver's season if it's serious.

Cutler to Royal – dances his way down to the 25. They're working on the right leg of Hillis on the sideline – Tatum Bell in the lineup for Hillis - takes it to the 15 at the two-minute warning. Strained right hamstring for Hillis – his return is questionable – that's less than pleasant if you're a Denver fan…

Cutler on the keeper – down to the nine and it's first and goal… false start – move it back – first and goal from the 14. Swing toss to Royal picks up a few and it's third and goal from the 12. Perfect strik to Marshall deep in the corner of the end zone – beautiful pass – fabulous catch – 17-14 and KC clings to a 3-point lead with a buck three left in the half.

Chiefs are playing the clock – quick shots to the sideline – lot of dancing – but not much progress. Clock winds down with Kansas City holding a 17-14 lead.

3rd Quarter
Still no word on Hillis but he's not in the lineup as Denver takes the kick. Royal brings it back just shy of the 20. Nice mix of ground and air work – Broncos cross midfield on a sweel 8-yard Cutler scramble. Another 8-yards on a toss to Daniel Graham and the Broncos find themselves on the Chiefs 35. Cutler to Royal tacks on 18-yards and they're down to the 17 on the opening drive of the second half. Drive stalls out and it's Mr. Semi-Automatic to the rescue – Prater connects from 33-yards out and the game is tied 17-17 with 8:17 left in the third.

Thigpen starts it at the 26-yard line – Two plays later they're at the 43 with a first and ten. Deep ball to Gonzalez –24-yard gain as he slides out of bounds – Shanny challenges just for the heck of it… zzzzz….ruling stands – Broncos get charged a time out and KC maintains at the 33-yard line. Thigpen to an open receiver in the end zone – ball is overthrown – Denver's turn to catch a break. "D" holds and the Chiefs come up empty. Broncos will take it at the 20.

Cutler starts it quick – a quick 20 to Tony Scheffler. Injury update on Brandon Stokley – sprained right ankle – return is questionable. Cutler across the middle to Graham picks up 25. Another quick Cutler scramble and it's back to Scheffler for a few,l bringing up third and three from the 31. Across the middle to Jackson falls incomplete – here comes Mr. Semi-Automatic from 48 out – wide right. One more miss and he's officially out of the fan club.

Chiefs take it at the 39-yard line. Thigs to Gonzalez – flags fly – flags are pulled – no penalty. Long ball deep incomplete and it's third and ten from the 39 with a buck thirty-seven left in the third. Another incomplete to Gonzalez and the Broncos get another shot at breaking the tie. Ball rolls dead at the Denver five.

Wicked scramble and Cutler finds Scheffler for some breathing room – pass is caught at the 23 for a 17-yard pick up – Third quarter comes to a close.

4th Quarter
Broncos are back on the move – Cutler's rolling at their own 40. Back to Marshall for a fast ten – Welcome to midfield. Tatum Bell busts a big one around left end – 28-yard advance. Toss to Royal and we're knocking at the 15 – 3rd and three. Hello Mr. Marshall – down to the six and Marshall's got 1,000 receiving yards this season. Make that 1,006 as he dances and spins his way to the end zone – Broncos take their first lead of the game 24-17.

The last time the Broncos held a lead at home? The second quarter against Jacksonville on Oct. 12th.

This may not last long – Thigpen's got them rolling – Chiefs are holding tight at the 45. Here comes the Denver "D" – 10-yard sack – but it's followed up with 19-yard toss to Bowe. Thigpen scrambles – out of bounds at the 10 and it's first and goal for a tie. QB up the middle for 5 – brings up fourth and five. Aother QB scramble – Thigpen comes up a yard short and the Broncos take over on downs at the one. This might have been the biggest bullet they dodged all year…

Broncos are dinking it up on the ground trying to kill as much time as possible – KC takes its final time out with Denver sitting at 3rd and 10 from the one. Cutler unloads it down the sideline – hits Marshall for a sweet 19 and lots of breathing room as the clock continues to roll.

Game - Set - Match – The Broncos will not be swept by the Chiefs – (see how positive I can be…)

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