Coach's Corner - Mike Shanahan

Denver Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan discusses Sunday's win over the Kansas City Chiefs. Check out the full transcripts.

Mike Shanahan

Opening statement
"I'm pleased with the effort of our football team. I'm also impressed with the way Kansas City played. They played extremely hard throughout the game. We made some plays when we had to in the fourth quarter. We had an improvement in our rushing defense and you saw that today. Kansas City moved the ball a little bit but we were able to keep them out of the end zone. Offensively, we had a few good drives when we needed them, and we made some big third downs there at the end. It was a great effort for our football team for the full 60 minutes."

On Overcoming Mistakes
"We lost the turnover battle, and we don't normally play well when that happens. But we made some plays we had to make, and I was very pleased with that. It wasn't easy. Any time you miss a field goal and have an interception returned for a touchdown it puts you against the odds, but we kept fighting and that's what you have to do. This game came down to the last few minutes and we made plays when we had to."

On RB Larry Johnson
"Larry Johnson made some plays. We had him stopped at the line of scrimmage and he still found ways to get yards. Holding him to 3.3 [average] yards per carry is obviously hard to do against good running backs who make plays. But we made the plays when we had to make them."

On S Josh Barrett
"For his first game he played exceptionally well. Any time you ask a rookie to come in and start against [KC TE] Tony Gonzalez it's obviously a tough situation to be in, especially for a young guy, but with his size, we thought he could match up. He obviously made some big plays today."

On the running backs
"We have a couple guys who can go out there and perform. What we were planning on doing was to bring a guy from the practice squad and now we have to. We have a fullback, Andrew Pinnock who is getting used to our terminology. I think we'll still be alright."

On the number of rookies starting
"Any time you have eight rookies starting, you can't anticipate that … I'm really proud of the way they stepped up. You have guys that have not played in the National Football League who look like they have played for a number of years. We have veteran leadership that is making those guys step up and perform at a certain level. By no means are we perfect, but to have the adversity that we had today, I'm very proud of how they played."

On QB Jay Cutler
"He played excellent and managed the game well. Their DB [KC Maurice Leggett] made a great play on the interception for the touchdown, but Jay didn't panic. He was cool, calm and collected and he made the plays that he had to on the third down and the long drives."

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