Coach's Corner - Mike Shanahan

Denver Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan discusses Sunday's loss to Carolina as well as the injury situation and where the team stands gearing up for the playoffs.

On G Chris Kuper's hand
"It is broken. He will get a cast on it and get a chance to see how it feels."

On how many game CB Champ Bailey needs to get into football shape
"He is on the treadmill today doing 14 mph so he is able to stay in shape. We just don't know about his agility and his ability to sprint, turn and those types of things. We just have to wait and see. I am hoping he will come out Wednesday and feel a little bit better."

On how game planning has changed without CB Champ Bailey
"With the best defensive back in the game out, sure it makes a difference. You have a guy whose never been in the National Football League (rookie CB Josh Bell) compared to one of the best players to ever play the game. Obviously there is a difference."

On LB Wesley Woodyard playing safety
"He has the ability to play both positions depending on what type of offense we are going against, he has that flexibility. The plays he did play (at strong safety at Carolina), he played well. When you take a look at his speed and tackling ability and ability to cover, it is something that we are looking at."

On RB Selvin Young's fumble being attributed to his lack of playing time (groin)
"When a guy has been out and has not been hit as much as you like, those things do happen."

On the running backs against Carolina
"I thought we were not as productive as we would have liked. We did some good things, but we need to get better."

On his confidence in K Matt Prater
"Hopefully he works through it. He started off so well. I think (former K) Jason Elam in his first year was 25-for-35 if I remember right (26-of-35 FG, 1993). Some guys work through some tough times and some tough scenarios and hopefully he can get back on track. (Special Teams Coordinator) Scott (O'Brien) is working with him all the time. I am not smart enough to figure that out (if his mechanics are wrong). It is kind of like a golf swing, I can't figure that out, that is why I am so lousy (at golf). The one thing you look for in kickers is a consistent swing whether it is a 55-60-yarder or an extra point. Sometimes when guys are younger they miss and it puts a little pressure on them, they change their alignment, they change their swing. All of a sudden everybody is down on them. They have to play through it and that is the nature of being a kicker."

On whether RB Tatum Bell is as explosive as he was in his first stint with the Broncos (2004-06)
"Usually when guys get a little older they lose some of that speed. He is not quite as fast as the first time he came."

On OL Kory Lichtensteiger
"We haven't watched him play very much in a lot of situations. He went in there and obviously got beat for a sack (vs. Carolina). It is pretty tough to put a guy in there for his first play in the National Football League in a passing situation. Our back kind of stepped up and picked him away from the defensive tackle."

On the team's performance against Carolina
"I think I just did a bad job of preparing these guys to play. I think we are better than that, we just didn't play at the level we are capable of playing at. Hopefully we can get back to that this week and turn things around."

On winning at home
"There is no question that we want to take care of business at home. We have the fans and the crowd noise in our favor and we have to take advantage of it. Hopefully the fans are into it so we do have that home field advantage and that will help us a lot. I think they will be into it."

On young guys making a playoff run
"You always want to play your best in December. If you get to the playoffs you want to have a chance to prove that you deserve to be there. I think for young guys it is important to reach the playoffs so they can see what it is like to play another playoff caliber team. We haven't been there in a couple years and I think it would be a plus for our young players to have that experience."

On the team watching the Chargers game vs. the Buccaneers before playing this Sunday
"We are going to concentrate on our game. We are not going to have the T.V. on or the scoreboard giving the score. We are going to try and take care of business and play our best game and not worry about something we can't control. I think I made a mistake by allowing that to happen on Sunday. It does take some emotion out of you. Hopefully we can control our own destiny."

On veteran leadership
"Usually a team goes in the direction of its better players. If your better players don't step up and lead, you are not going to be very successful."

On LB D.J. Williams' return from injury
"He did okay. I think his shoulder was a little sore and his knees were a little sore but he did quite well coming off of the layoff he had. You always want your captains back. He is a leader of our football team and we talk about leadership and Champ (Bailey) and D.J. (Williams) are our captains. They are well respected and to have them back is a big plus. I felt very good about having D.J. back."

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