Brian Dawkins press conference

The Denver Broncos have signed Philadelphia free agent safety Brian Dawkins to a five-year contractg. Read what Dawkins had to say about coming to Denver.

The Denver Broncos have signed Philadelphia free agent safety Brian Dawkins to a five-year, $17 million deal that includes $7.2 million guaranteed. The contract also has escalators that could boost the value of the deal to $27 million over five years, but the deal also could be voided to two years, $9 million.

Here are exerpts from Dawkin' comments to the media:

Introduction of Broncos S Brian Dawkins by coach Josh McDaniels:

"Brian Dawkins is a special, special person, and he is an even better player. One of the things that I realized shortly after 10:00 Mountain Time, once free agency opened when I talked to him, is that he is exactly what the Denver Broncos are looking for. He is dedicated, he is serious about the game and he is terribly respectful of his family and the organization that he comes from. He wants to come to a place that he can win and that wants him and much as he wants them. It's our privilege to add him as the newest Denver Bronco. He is going to provide us with great leadership and a great attitude. He's got tremendous experience and we are thrilled to have him, Connie (his wife) and his entire family here in Denver."


Opening statement

"Wow. This is an absolute blessing. I'm a blessed man. You guys here in Denver will get used to me saying that because I am a blessed man. I realize that I have been blessed to play a lot of years in the league. I was blessed to play for a great organization and come to another great organization. I'm just looking so much forward to the prospects ahead with this team. I was able to meet some of the young guys that I am going to have a privilege of playing with and we're all jacked. I'm kind of jumping around with my words right now because I'm so emotional and excited for this opportunity. It's a new thing for me-free agent and being able to move on to a new team that, like Josh said, wanted me just as much as I wanted to be here."

On why he chose to sign with Denver

"Just hearing Josh and how excited he was and how much they wanted me here. I was not just a want for them. They felt more like it was a necessity for me to be here. That's something that every player wants to feel from an organization. I know what they have on the offensive side of the ball and I waned to help bring something to the defensive side of the ball. I told them in one of the first conversations I had with them that if I do come here and that is the route, then I'm here. I'm going to give you what I got. That may include some things that you have only read about."

On leaving Philadelphia

"This is a time to talk about Denver and the fans here. I will tell you that I have never-it was never dwindling with the fans there in Philadelphia. Yeah, absolutely (it was bittersweet). I can be honest with that. Like I said, this is a day to celebrate myself, my family, the blessing that the Lord has given me with this great organization."

On how many years he can play at a high level

"As many as he (God) blesses me to play at a high level. I have always said that. As long as I can play at a high level injury-free and can give-as long as the guys that I am going to get to know here in a couple of months-as long as they trust me to make the plays that I need to make."

On whether CB Champ Bailey was a determining factor in his decision to sign with Denver

"I don't know about a determining factor, but I will say that it was a huge plus. I've had an opportunity to play with some pretty good cornerbacks. Good cornerbacks like that make my job a lot easier. He's definitely one of those great cornerbacks that I'll have a privilege of playing with."

On Denver's defense

"We are going to go into this thing and we are going to get on the same accord right away. Obviously we are going to have a lot of new faces. The thing about it is you try to gel as quickly as possible. Once we gel and once everybody understands their role-you just do your role, you don't have to do anything outside of your role. If my job is to penetrate in this gap then I am going to do that because I know my guy beside me is doing the same exact thing in his gap. If that's the mentality that everybody is taking care of their gap and dominating their gap then we are going to be a pretty good doggone defense and create turnovers along the way."

On his leadership style

"I only know how to be one way and I genuinely care for the guys that I play with. Those are not words. I tell them, and they may roll their eyes, but I tell them that I love them. That's the type of relationship that I try to build. We have conversations not just about football. Whatever may be on their hearts to talk about, we talk about those things. We get to know each other on and off the field."

On Head Coach Josh McDaniels

"I talked to Josh just a little bit about one of my coaches in Philadelphia, (Secondary Coach) Sean McDermott. They remind me of one another. (McDaniels) was very bright and very enthusiastic of what the vision is for this team. Not winning later, not building nothing, but starting and winning right away. I bought into it and I drank the orange Kool-Aid. It's not about his age, it's about his passion and leadership and I bought into it right away."

On whether he had second thoughts on coming to Denver

"I wouldn't say second thoughts but deep thoughts. You see my family and they mean the world to me. I want to make sure that they are going to be somewhere that they are going to be happy. We want to be somewhere that they can flourish and bloom. I spent 13 years in Philadelphia and I could pretty much drive to work with my eyes closed. So it had to be a place that I was comfortable coming to. I think I'm going to love this place."

On when it hit him that he was a Denver Bronco

"I think when I first got over today I saw the jersey on the table. I think I've worn the green for so long that a lot of people didn't know how I was going to react to this orange. I went to Clemson and wore orange, so I've worn this orange with pride already. So I'm going to put on this orange once again and wear it with pride."

On Denver's direction

"We are not trying to rebuild something. We are trying to build right now and win right now. That's one of the reasons why I bought in. At this point in my career I'm not looking to really going to places that are rebuilding. Obviously if they were rebuilding they wouldn't be bringing me in here anyway. They would want to get young and start from there."

On his work in the community

"I've been blessed so much in the time that I've been in the NFL. It's a part of who I am to give because I believe in my faith. To whom much is given, much is required. Hopefully once I get out here, once I get my feet on the ground I'll be able to step out and see what areas the Lord would have me step into."

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