Can McDaniels and Cutler reconcile?

Now that Denver Broncos coach Josh McDaniels has emphatically stated his desire to have Jay Cutler as his quarterback, the two sides can push towards a reconciliation.

There's no guarantee the two sides can meet in the middle. Cutler has been upset since word spread the Broncos tried to trade him in February for Matt Cassel, then he requested to be traded in mid-March.

The Broncos haven't traded him, and McDaniels emphatically told the NFL Network at the league's annual meeting that he wants Cutler as his quarterback.

"He's our quarterback," McDaniels told the network. "We can't predict the future. He's our quarterback, we want him to be our quarterback, we made that very clear to him and we hope he feels the same way."

Getting Cutler back on board won't be easy. He has been affected by the trade talks and hasn't been pleased with subsequent meetings and conversations.

Cutler also will have to get back up to speed if and when he does decide to put the incidents behind him. He hasn't been attending offseason workouts. He has to learn McDaniels' offense this offseason, a process that has apparently been put off while the bad feelings have simmered.

The two sides don't have too many other options. If the Broncos don't want to trade Cutler, he's under contract for three more years. If Denver does trade Cutler, there aren't too many feasible options that can step in and play near the level Cutler did last year, when he was a Pro Bowler.

With the Broncos trying to fix many deficiencies on the roster this offseason, their chances of putting together a winning record would decrease greatly if they are breaking in a new quarterback.

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