McDaniels places faith in system

Denver Broncos coach Josh McDaniels has a system. He has seen it work with Tom Brady, a sixth-round draft pick, and Matt Cassel, a seventh-round pick who didn't even start in college.

So while there has been plenty of criticism of the Broncos for trading quarterback Jay Cutler, Denver's new coach isn't overreacting.

"The way I feel about quarterbacks is that his job is to score touchdowns and win games," McDaniels said. "Jay Cutler is capable of doing that and there are a lot of quarterbacks who are capable of doing that."

The Broncos turn the page with Kyle Orton and Chris Simms, neither of whom has Pro Bowl credentials or talent Cutler did. But perhaps those quarterbacks can fit within McDaniels' system and have success.

"Is it a step down athletically? I don't know, you can say what you want to say about that," McDaniels said. "Is his arm stronger than Kyle or Chris? Yeah it is. But can you win with somebody else? Sure. You can."

The Broncos have stressed they wouldn't put one player ahead of the team, a feeling brought home by owner Pat Bowlen in a letter to Broncos fans explaining the trade. That attitude is very similar to what New England, where McDaniels came from, preaches.

Simms has a few more weeks than Orton in learning the offense, but Orton presumably will enter training camp as the favorite to start. He did look solid at times last year with the Bears, and will have the chance to be successful in Denver's talented offense.

The Broncos could also draft a quarterback to develop behind the two veterans. McDaniels said the team would evaluate all positions when asked if the Broncos would draft a quarterback with a high draft pick.

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