Schon: News and Notes from Dove Valley

Join Broncos Update columnist Schon as he gives us all the latest Draft coverage from Dove Valley.

Welcome to a new era in Denver Broncos football… does anybody know what's going on?

Four picks in and Sanchez is still on the board… makes you wonder how close the Broncos may be to nailing it…Here's some excitement – Jets are moving up – there was actually a stir here in the Broncos meeting Room – Say goodbye to any thoughts of Sanchez – he's with the J –E –T -S now… Going back to defensively thinking now. Quietly praying they don't jack this up.

It's cool hanging here in the Team's Meeting Room – media people eat more than any group of humans on the face of the planet. All the Big Guns are here… Woody Paige, Vic Lombardi, and some dude with a really wicked hairpiece. Something tells me they'll be throwing out some more food shortly… the radio guys are starting to circle.

You can forget about B.J. Raji – Packers pulled him down with the number nine pick… Looks like the Jets didn't have to sell the farm for Sanchez - S Abram Elam, QB Brett Ratliff, DE Kenyon Coleman, first-rounder this year-#17, and NYJ second-rounder-#52. Not a bad deal for a franchise QB - but hey, we've got Kyle Orton... life is grand.

Still in a foul mood after the Nuggets screwed themselves in the Big Easy - worst nineteen seconds of basketball I've ever seen.

Here we go… With the 12th. pick in the NFL Draft the Denver Broncos select – Knowshon Moreno? Collective giggles fill the room. WHAT??? - You've got to be kidding – the worst defensive team in the entire NFL takes a running back with its first overall selection? Welcome to the Josh McDaniels era.

Just got off the conference call with Moreno - Nice guy, completely suprised with the pick - that makes two of us. Don't get me wrong, he's got great upside but it's a log jam in the Broncos backfield right now and you pass on a chance to beef up the D line?

Message Boards around the country are blowing up... Denver's on the clock at 18 - don't be suprised if they grab a waterboy.

With the 18th pick in the NFL Draft the Denver Broncos select DE Robert Ayers out of Tennessee... From what I understand, the kid was great in high school. My head is still spinning. I'm told McDaniels is coming down to explain all of this.

Best line so far on the Hardcore Board - "We're Officially in the Hands of Idiots" - macbronco.

McDaniels did in fact come down... and I'm still confused. The whole philosophy of the new regime is to take the best player at whatever position is needed, and I guess at this point McD feels Denver needs help at running back. That might be why he picked up three RB's during the offseason - I guess you can never have too many...

It's time for my union break... still trying to decide whether to try the fish, the shrimp or simply bust out the Jack Daniels.

... So much for the JD - Broncos strike a deal with Seattle for the 37th overall pick and rather than grab a monster like Rey Maualuga, they bolster the defensive backfield with Cornerback Alphonso Smith out of Wake Forest. The Bengals chose the no-brainer only moments later and at this point the Broncos have still not addressed the needs on the defensive line.

I can hardly wait for #48 - hope the grab a cheerleader.

So here we are kids - the final pick of Day One and Josh McDaniels, my new best friend, is going with another Cornerback - Darcel McBath. I haven't had this much fun in months. This is gonna take some time to sink in...

Ok... enough time - now I'm just wondering when this madness will end. broncos grab the 64th pick from the Steelers and promptly avoid anything having to do with the defensive line by selecting North Carolina powerhouse TE Richard Quinn. I can't believe I didn't see this one coming, afterall, the kid pulled down 12-receptions for a whopping 124-yards over the course of four years as a Tar Heel. Pretty amazing he was still on the board, but sometimes it just falls in your lap, and as far as Day One goes, this has been the ultimate Lap Dance - only slightly less fulfilling.

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