JJ's draft Analysis - Robert Ayers

The Broncos select their first defensive player of the Draft and JJ has plenty to say about it.

Robert Ayers, DE, Tennessee:

Ayers is likely the most promising defensive end in the draft, and he will have to grow into that position in the league, given time and good coaching. Because of his natural talent, it took a while for Ayers to become coachable at Tennessee, but that should not be an alarming thing for Bronco fans. Ayers is 6'3", 270 pounds, which means he has a bit of room to grow physically, and he will need to work hard to live up to his potential, but he served notice in his senior year for the Vols that he is a real football player.

Physical durability is a concern with Ayers. His 4.77 speed is decent, but he will need to improve his strength and conditioning, particularly his upper body strength. Another concern is his tackling technique. He will need to learn not to try to tackle high or try to arm-tackle or he will look silly. These things can be improved with time and effort.

Overall, Ayers should be a good addition to the defensive front 7, but let's hope he works harder and delivers more performance for our draft-buck than precious busts like Tim Crowder and Jarvis Moss.

Robert Ayers grew into the defensive edge position after entering Tennessee as a strong fire-plug of a linebacker.

Ayer's athleticism should provide the Broncos with a significant upgrade at the defensive end position by season's end.

More to come from the Draft monitoring station shortly.

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