JJ's Draft Analysis - S Darcel McBath

Broncos Update columnist JJ McCartney keeps up with the onslaught of Broncos picks. Find out what he''s got to say on Texas Tech Safety Darcel McBath.

Darcel McBath, S, Texas Tech:

This is a solid prospect at safety, where the Broncos have been in need of a sure tackler since the departure of John Lynch.

McBath is not only a hard-hitting safety, he is also a locker-room leader, according to his teammates at Texas Tech.

This underscores the point made in previous reports about the emphasis being placed on the defense with this draft. Josh McDaniels is probably relying heavily on Mike Nolan to evaluate who in the draft might be able to contribute the most on the field the soonest. The Broncos need to be able to field a better defense from day one, and with the selection of Ayers, Alphonso Smith and now Darcel McBath, it seems clear that the team wants to develop a solid core of young talent who might actually mature together into a top-notch squad.

Broncos fans should be eager to see what Mike Nolan does with these new additions, and while almost anything would be an improvement over the 30th-ranked defense of last season, one must be open to the idea that the new coaching regime and aggressive action taken thus far in the draft may manifest itself on the field in the form of vast improvement, perhaps pulling the defense closer to the middle of the pack in the AFC. If they can grow into that soon, they should be competitive in the AFC West.

While we all like to be hopeful about what the future may hold on draft day, this is a game for patient people at this point. The NFL draft is not exactly Christmas morning…you open your presents today and tomorrow, but you really won't know what you got for the next several years. Only time will tell, but hope springs eternal for the pure Denver Broncos fans.

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