JJ's Draft Analysis - TE Richard Quinn

Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels continue to spread the pick around with the selection of TE Richard Quinn from North Carolina.

Richard Quinn, TE, North Carolina:

A blocking machine, Quinn was a look-what-I-found pick after the Broncos traded picks with the Steelers.

Quinn is physical enough that he should be a good addition for run-blocking, which may give the Broncos more options with Peyton Hillis to run pass-patterns from his fullback spot, and as important as shoring up the defense is, you get the feeling that Josh McDaniels wants to make the Broncos a team that will be able to run the football more effectively.

Why? Because understanding that the defense is not a top-tier squad, running the ball will shorten games for the Broncos, and McDaniels likely wants to know that his team can run at will in November and December, so that they have a shot at extending their season into January.

This was an unexpected pick for the Broncos, as the Broncos organization under Brian Xanders and Josh McDaniels looked to get maximum impact in this 2009 draft. It looks like youth will have to be served this year in Dove Valley.

More to come tomorrow from the Draft monitoring station.

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