Schon: News and Notes Day Two

Somewhere there must be a plan to all of this - I just haven't quite got it figured out yet. Let's see what Day Two brings for Pat Bowlen, JMac and the Denver Broncos. UPDATED 1:20 MDT.

Well, were back on the bus kids… after the emotional hangover of Day One we get a chance to see more of J Mac's "best player available" philosophy with six remaining picks. Not that I'm any kind of expert, but it would be nice to see the team actually address some of their needs on the defensive line - then again, who knows, maybe they'll grab another running back or possibly even a long snapper. Broncos pick should be available shortly…

There you go – a Free Safety from Notre Dame, it just keeps getting better. Say hello to David Bruton, 6'2", 219 lbs. – two-year starter who recorded 91 tackles, four interceptions and two forced fumbles in his senior year. From what I'm told, he should do pretty good on Special Teams. At least we're consistent…

So let's add it up – One of the worst defensive teams in the NFL last year, with a boatload of picks, pulls down one potential stud at running back (Knowshon Moreno), a work-in-progress defensive end (Robert Ayers), a 5'9" cornerback (Alphonso Smith), one tight end with a grant total 12-receptions over four years at North Carolina (Richard Quinn) and two safeties, one of which they gave up a future number one pick for (Darcel McBath and David Bruton). You can't get any more exciting that that.

Ok – here we go… we're targeting a big guy, Offensive Guard Seth Olsen out of Iowa, 6'5", 306 lbs. (give or take a steak or two). classifies Olsen as Nationally underrated… I guess that's good. At least he's a body – a BIG body, that can help protect our franchise quarterback Kyle Orton. I actually kind of like this pick – at least I think I do. Still no word on the "D" line – but that's not real surprising at this point…

Unless they pull off that blockbuster trade that everyone's foaming at the mouth for, Denver has one fifth round pick, one sixth round pick and a pair in the seventh round. This is such a "feel good story" I can hardly contain myself…

If you happen to be a wide receiver from South Carolina named Kenney McKinley, you might want to check with your local travel agent – it looks like you're headed to Denver. The Broncos actually moved up for this one – dealing their sixth round pick this year to Baltimore. That leaves a pair of seventh round picks to top off Denver's 2009 Draft.

For those keeping score, that makes four offensive players and four defensive players looking to settle in the 5280. Well rounded, well spaced and not a single one that can provide an immediate impact on the starting defensive line.

Well, I hate to tell you – "I told you so," but I knew the Broncos would take a QB – I just thought it might be a whole lot earlier and a whole lot more popular – either way Orton and Simms have got some competition – I think. With the 174th overall pick the Broncos nab Fresno State QB Tom Brandstater. Not as recognizable as Sanchez, but the kid does have some nice numbers in the WAC. With any luck at all the Broncos could have their hands on the next Trent Dillfer. (Denver moved back into the sixth round swinging a deal from the Lions, giving up a 7th round pick this year and a 6th round pick in 2010).

After a little over 27 hours of fun and excitement the Denver Broncos 2009 Draft comes to a close with the selection of Offensive Center Blake Schlueter from TCU. Nice sized kid – 6'2", 290 lbs. and he's got an extremely mean looking head shot (check out the web site), which has to account for something.

So there you are, the Josh McDaniels era is now officially open for debate… so far many experts have crucified the Broncos for their selections and I doubt today's action is going to be any different. Stop by the Hardcore Board and drop us a line as to what you think – so far I'm not real impressed outside of the Moreno pick, which has a ton of potential. Plain and simple, McDaniels did absolutely NOTHING to address the defensive line and the nose tackle position in particular. The single biggest deficiency on the team was completely overlooked. Anybody else ready to start drinking?

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