No QB starter yet

With every offseason practice, the Denver Broncos' quarterbacks have improved. And Denver isn't any closer to picking Chris Simms or Kyle Orton as its starter.

Orton and Simms are splitting practice time with the first team once again in the team's current minicamp, which runs through early June. Both players made plenty of mistakes early on, but are settling in well.

"Our system is not easy and both players have adapted quickly," coach Josh McDaniels said.

McDaniels said that for the limited amount of time the two veterans have had on the practice field, they have picked up the playbook quickly. After about 10 offseason practices, the two were able to handle a lot of different responsibilities.

"They're running third down, red area (inside the 20-yard line), blitz, checking at the line of scrimmage, signaling receivers, running two-minute drills," McDaniels said. "They're doing a lot of the things we need them to do."

Orton is the clear favorite to win the job. He has had more success than Simms in the NFL, and was a piece of the trade that sent Pro Bowl quarterback Jay Cutler to Chicago earlier this year. Yet, Simms can't be entirely ruled out. The coaching staff has preached that it will be a true competition until one of the quarterbacks separates himself.

The two have shown signs of their talent in the practices, and have gotten the support of their teammates.

"We've come in here, worked hard and pretty much kept our mouths shut and tried to improve every day," Orton said. "I think they've really embraced that from both of us."

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