Unit-by_Unit Analysis: Quarterbacks

The Broncos have turned over most of the roster since Josh McDaniels took over, so more change wouldn't be unexpected. The team still needs help in some areas. Here's a look at the quarterback roster heading into training camp.

QUARTERBACKS: Starter - Kyle Orton. Backups - Chris Simms, Tom Brandstater.

The Broncos diffused a training camp controversy by naming Orton the starter, even though Josh McDaniels said many times he was going to take his time to pick between Orton and Simms. Although Simms looked good in minicamps, throwing the ball well and showing he is 100 percent healthy, Orton has a longer track record of success in the NFL. He played well before an ankle injury last year, and there wasn't any reason to delay the decision. Orton doesn't have a huge arm but is a smart quarterback and should fit nicely in McDaniels' offense. He could have a very good season, making the loss of Jay Cutler sting a little less for Broncos fans.

If Orton falters, Simms is an intriguing player. He has a ton of physical skill. Brandstater is going to watch and learn from the two veterans ahead of him.

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