Denver Broncos Notes and Quotes - Kyle Orton

Denver Broncos QB Kyle Orton gives us his take on Day One of Broncos Camp 2009/ Check out the complete transcripts...


On if there is a different between the atmosphere of opening training camp compared OTAs
"Yeah, no question. You put the pads on and now you're not so much teaching—now, you're going out there and you're playing for jobs and, you know, showing the coaches everything you can do. So it's a much more competitive atmosphere, and it's for real."

On if he enjoys training camp
"It's tough being away from your families and everything, obviously, but I think everybody is excited about this camp starting and what we can do this season. I know, personally, I'm very excited."

On the importance of having WR Brandon Marshall out on the field
"No question. It's great to have him out there. He looked good today. Just expect a lot of things out of him."

On what he thinks of the Broncos' running backs
"That's a great position for us, and we can do a lot of things with them. (RB) Peyton Hillis and all those guys—they create matchup problems, whether in the running game or in the passing game obviously."

On if he knows the names of all his receivers
"I do. I've been working on it. I can't say maybe on the defensive side of the ball, but I think on offense I've got that down pretty good."

On who has stood out offensively
"It's early, you know. It's early and trying to knock some rust off with the pads and everything. But I thought, as an offense, we had a sharp practice. Not a whole lot of presnap penalties or anything like that. The ball wasn't on the ground a whole lot, so it was a good start for us."

On having fans out at practice
"It was great. Had a lot of fans out and making a lot of noise for ‘B-Marsh' (WR Brandon Marshall) when he was making those great catches, so it was fun."

On if he likes seeing Marshall make one-handed catches
"Certainly. Sometimes it makes you look bad, you know. When he catches that ball with one hand, I'm like ‘it wasn't that bad of a pass.'"

On how his approach changes being the starting quarterback at the start of camp
"Not really. Obviously leadership-wise it sets you in the forefront a little bit more and just making sure as a unit that we know we're running smoothly and everything. But I just go about my business and try to work hard every day and just improve. Really, that's the goal every day."

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