Coach's Corner - Josh McDaniels Day Three

Denver Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels addressed the media following Sunday's morning session. Check out the full transcripts in today's Coach's Corner.

On if there are any updates on the status of OLB/DE Jarvis Moss
"Nothing. Still is, like I said, a personal situation, and I am going to respect that. I am not going to talk about Jarvis. When he gets here and when he is back, hopefully, we will move forward."

On evaluating the outside linebackers' transition after three days of practice
"They are doing a lot of little things better each day. There are still some things that, obviously, they have got to improve. The biggest thing with that position is you have to do everything and be physical at the same time. There are some plays where they are real physical, but they do not necessarily perform the technique perfectly or vice-versa. Then there are certainly plays where they are looking really good. They are playing hard, trying to learn every single day and they are really making strides in each practice, which is good to see."

On how OLB/DE Tim Crowder fits in at outside linebacker in comparison to other players
"No better or no worse than anybody else that is playing it. He is big, he is thick, he can move and he can drop into some zone coverage, which is about all we are asking those guys to do. He has shown up in the running game some. He has made some plays getting into the pocket in the passing game as a pass rusher. Some of them, like I said, sometimes they are playing linebacker and sometimes they are playing end, and those guys have all played end at one time or another. Now, the linebacker thing, I think, is kind of starting to grow in every single one of them."

On if a 3-4 defense is a better fit for Crowder than a 4-3 scheme
"I don't really know. When we evaluated talent in the spring, we saw him move around, and he can do some things that are valuable at that spot. The way he can move, and hopefully, with his size, he can play on the edge the way we want him to. I don't really know necessarily value one way or another, but he can fit in this defense, and he certainly is going out there every day and working hard."

On what he has observed out of CB Alphonso Smith during camp
"He has made some rookie mistakes like he did in the spring, but he is also making some plays on the ball. He is fixing things. He was here quite a little bit in the summer, and that is quite a credit to him. He is in decent condition, which is always helpful when you are in here in training camp running against each receiver. He is competing every day, he is working on the little things and he has definitely showed up. He is around the ball, he made an interception today and got his hands on a few balls the last couple days. He had a lot of ball production coming out (of college). That is one of the things that we really liked about him, and it is starting to show its face here in training camp."

On the holdup signing OLB/DE Robert Ayers
"We are working at it every day or every hour or every half hour or five minutes. I am trying to get this thing done. It is just a matter that we are working together with them, and they are working together with us. I am not going to get frustrated with the process. We have got a lot of things to work on with the players that are out here. Hopefully, it is done very soon, and when it is done, we look forward to getting him in here and trying to play catch-up."

On OLB/DE Elvis Dumervil making strides
"I think those are the things that he is starting to improve on every day, and that whole group is really—like I said, some of those things they are doing for the first time, and some of them they are really starting to get comfortable with it. He made some adjustments with his hands, and Elvis has got long arms for a shorter player. He has got really long arms. When he gets his hands into the blocker first, it is hard to control Elvis. (He) made strides, and he comes out and he works his butt off to try to improve."

On DL Nic Clemons' status
"No. Nic won't be out here probably for the next few days. (It is) nothing serious, and hopefully, he will be back here soon."

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