Champ Bailey Discusses His Return

Denver Broncos CB Champ Bailey spoke with the media following Day Two of Broncos Camp, discussing topics that ranged from his conditioning to new QB Kyle Orton. Check out the full transcripts.

On why he missed practice Friday
"Coach (Josh McDaniels) and (Strength and Conditioning Coach) Rich (Tuten) and everybody felt like we weren't ready to get out there. So, you know, obviously we just used precaution and got ready—used the day to kind of condition a little bit and get in shape a little better and then get out there."

On if missing practice bothered him
"No. No. It bothered me a little, but I'm all for the right thing because in the end, as long as I'm there Sept. 13 (regular-season opener), that's all that matters."

On if he feels good physically
"Yeah. I feel good. I've got to work myself back into it. Obviously, it's one thing to sit here and run all day, but you've got to get in football shape."

On if the hardest part is getting used to bursts of speed
"Definitely. After being out for a little while, not being around football since OTAs, it's going to take a little while to get back used to it."

On if he baited QB Kyle Orton when he broke up a deep pass intended for WR Brandon Marshall
"Oh yeah, definitely. I saw him looking and looking and waiting for everybody to clear. I don't think he saw me or he thought he could make it. So I just made him throw that ball, and he did."

On if he is concerned with the age within the secondary
"No. No. That means we're really smart and really experienced."

On if he likes the secondary additions
"Yeah. We've got guys that are smart and make plays. That's all we need."

On what he thinks of all the new faces in the huddle
"It's interesting. I haven't been on a team with this much turnover, so I'm still getting to know everybody. That's a good thing about being back out here—I can get to know these guys on the field."

On if he expected S Brian Dawkins to come to the team and be a leader right away
"Yeah, I definitely expected it. You know, I've been around him before—being at Pro Bowls—and he's always stepped right into that leadership role. I appreciate that from a guy that's been around the block a few times. He's very experienced. We wouldn't expect anything less from him."

On if, as a leader, it was difficult to sit out Friday
"Yeah, a little. It's frustrating. One thing I want to do is always practice. I don't want to just be a guy off to the side. I've had my share of days doing that. I want to be out here practicing."

On if he tried to persuade Head Coach Josh McDaniels to let him practice Friday
"A little. But I know where he's coming from, so I respect that."

On how he can avoid suffering a groin injury like he did last season
"Well, just little things, treatment and exercise, stretching. Just little things like that. You can't get out here worrying about it. You've got to do the things when you walk off the field."

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