Robert Ayers Discusses His Signing

Rober Ayers, Denver's newest signee, addresses the media as he officially becomes a member of the Broncos. Check out the full transcripts.

On signing with the Broncos
"It feels good. I feel like I'm part of the team now, so I'm happy to be here."

On missing the last few days of practice
"I felt like I was missing out on opportunities to make an impression and to earn a spot on the team. And I also don't want my teammates to think it was about … [that] I was putting myself above the team."

On whether he feels his absence will affect his position in the locker room
"The guys in the locker room, they understand that it's the nature of the business and I just tried to get here as quick as possible under reasonable circumstances with my contract. Now I'm here, I'm willing to put [the] last couple practices in the past and try to catch up and make my name in the NFL."

On whether missing time was a setback
"Any day, any hour, any workout—anything you missed is always going to be a setback. But hopefully I worked out in my downtime and I could be in good shape and come out and make an impression and catch up and learn, and hopefully I didn't get too far behind."

On whether he planned on practicing Monday
"Actually, I was planning on coming out and working out but, you know, Coach [Josh McDaniels]—he's a good coach—and he thought it would be best for me not to come out and, you know, make a bad first impression. You know, you have dead legs when you're running and you come out and try to perform and play—you look at that on film and it might not be your best. So Coach looked out for me and I'll be out there tomorrow."

On how much weight he has lost
"I just lost a few pounds. Four or five pounds—nothing dramatic. I just feel lighter. I'm playing [a] different position. A lot of the guys are doing it. All the guys that are making a transition from 4-3 [to a] 3-4 linebacker, it's a different position so you want to feel light, you want to be able to move because you're being asked to do different things."

On how his teammates are welcoming him back
"Right now it's just, ‘Congratulations,' you know, but I'll see the real welcome tomorrow."

On what he looks forward to doing this season
"Like I said, I just want to make a name for myself. Getting to the NFL is Phase One. The next step is to become a big name in the NFL, and that's what I want to do. I want to make my name a household name, and I want to win games; I want to win championships. I feel like with a lot of guys around me, I feel like we can get that done. If I play my best, then that helps the team. So if we all work together we can get things done."

On if the last few days were stressful for him
"Yeah, it's kind of stressful because you want to go out here with the team. All day I'm watching NFL Network seeing this person signed, that person signed—seeing guys making names for themselves, different things, contributing. I'm on all day looking at what is going on. So, you know, it was stressful. But now I'm here and I'm happy to be here."

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