Coach's Corner - Josh McDaniels 8/25/09

Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels addressed the media on Tuesday, answering a variety or questions ranging from Brandon Marshall to Jay Cutler. Check out the full transcript.

On acquiring OL Russ Hochstein
"We consummated that deal today. Again, (we) just saw an opportunity to try to improve the competition on our team. Up front, there is a lot of competition in there right now, and this will only make that competition even better. I am familiar with the player. He is versatile and has got a lot of different talents. He can play center (and) guard. He has also played tackle, tight end and fullback. Versatility is something that we praise and look for in every one of our players, and he will certainly add that to our offensive line."

On where Hochstein will initially play
"He is going to play a number of different spots. Sometimes the value of players is that they are pretty good at a lot of different roles, and Russ certainly has done that in his career. He is coming here, but he is going to have to compete with the guys that we have here that have already been in camp. They know our system as well, but it should make everybody that much better."

On the benefits of acquiring former New England Patriots
"The system, I think it is very relevant. The players are familiar with the style that we play. Any time that you are going to acquire a player this late into the process, I think that familiarity is very important. If you get a guy that has never played in the system on either side of the ball and then you only have six or seven practices before the first game of the year, it is going to be a work-in-progress just to get him to be able to go out there and function. In the case of (DL) Le Kevin (Smith) and (OL) Russ (Hochstein), both of them are familiar with what we are asking them to do at the positions that they are playing, and that will help that part of the transition. Then, it is just about going out there and playing and performing."

On which players will play against Chicago on Sunday that didn't play in Seattle
"I am hopeful that everybody that was out there on the practice field will be able to perform this week and in the game. I know we have a few players that were not out there today that, hopefully, will be ready by game time, also. I don't want to put a time-table on them and I don't want to put expectations on them. They will be there for sure and play if they are ready and able to."

On what the players that didn't play against Seattle must do this week to play against Chicago on Sunday
"If they are ready to go, then they will play."

On WR Brandon Marshall's activity in practice
"He was in practice and did everything that we were doing there. He did the drills. We didn't get to do some of the things—we didn't get to finish practice, obviously (due to inclement weather). It was a nice, crisp practice today."

On players getting preseason repetitions as the season draws nearer
"It is getting close, but when the players are ready to play, they will play in the preseason. If they are not ready to play in the preseason, then they will not play in the preseason. If they are ready to go in Cincinnati, that is when they will play."

On the Broncos playing their first game at INVESCO Field at Mile High this season
"I think everybody is looking forward to playing at home, our first home game. We have a lot of new players and coaches here that haven't coached a home game at INVESCO yet, myself included. I am very much looking forward to just the whole home atmosphere. You go on the road two times and you hear what it is like on the road. You look forward to the other team having to face that challenge of the noise and all of those kinds of things, the advantages that you get playing at home. (I am) definitely looking forward to it, our team is excited about it and we will start our preparation for Chicago tomorrow."

On if the Chicago game has extra meaning since QB Jay Cutler is a former Bronco
"No, it is just another great opportunity for us to fix things that we haven't done well. We are trying to go out there and fix some things that we made mistakes on (against) Seattle today. This game is another step in our process of getting ready for the regular season. If you try to make too much of the game or the opponent in the preseason, I think you are kind of missing the point. The point is it is an opportunity for us to go out there and improve, and that is what we are going to treat it as."

On if difficulties with WR Brandon Marshall are weighing on the Broncos' franchise
"No, I think that is very inaccurate. We are going through our meetings, we are having practices, watching film (and) getting ready for opponents. He is a part of all that. We are just getting ready to play the season. That is what we are doing."

On the running game
"There are certainly things that we can do better in the running game. We are going to try to adjust that. There are certain things that Seattle did that forced us to throw the ball a little bit more, maybe, than we anticipated going into the game, but that was good for our passing game and our protection. We got a lot of work in a lot of those areas, also. You try to get better at everything, and running the ball more effectively than what we did in the Seattle game is certainly one of those priorities that we are going to address on the offense."

On QB Kyle Orton's performance against Seattle
"I wasn't surprised. When you go out there and you practice well and you practice the way that he did last week and you know the game plan and you know and understand the defense and what we are trying to do, your performance usually shows. He played pretty well. There are always things that he can do better, just like everybody can. Any time your quarterback plays efficient football, he gives you an opportunity to win. That is all we are ever going to ask of him, and he did his job, for the most part, the other night."

On QB Chris Simms' status
"When he is ready to play, he'll be out there."

On the importance of winning the final two preseason games
"We are going to try to win both of them. I know that for sure. We tried to win the last two, but I think you are also trying to accomplish some things in the preseason and evaluate players. Sometimes that comes at the cost of the other team making a few plays or doing something that you maybe didn't prepare well enough for in that instance because you were focusing more on yourself, which is what we are doing right now. We are definitely going to do everything that we can to win the last two games within reason and the way we are going to play them. At the same time, we are going to try to get some things done and fixed that we need to do. Winning is certainly important, but I think winning in Cincinnati and going forward in the regular season is definitely the goal."

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