Coach's Corner - Josh McDaniels 8/26/09

Denver Broncos head coach addressed the media with topics that ranged form today's new quarterback signing to the return of Jay Cutler to Invesco Field. Check out the full transcript.

On being a day closer to the Broncos' first home game
"(I am) getting excited more and more each day. We put our first day of preparation in for the Bears, and we have got a lot to get ready for. There are a lot of things that they cause you problems with. We are hard at work at that, but we are real excited to play at home, finally, in front of our fans and hopefully, have a big advantage here at INVESCO (Field at Mile High)."

On the potential psychological boost after winning a preseason game
"I think any time you win, you feel better than you do when you lose. We are going to do everything we can to win. That is how we are going to approach the (Chicago Bears) game. That is how we approached the last two games, and we are not going to change this week. We are certainly hopeful that we play well enough to do that."

On signing QB Ingle Martin
"He has got good size (and) a decent arm. (He is) a smart kid (and is) just a guy that we felt like he could come in and help us compete right now and see what happens. Under our current situation with only two quarterbacks that could come out and practice with (QB) Chris (Simms)'s situation, (we) felt like it was better for us to do that and make sure we take care of that."

On the hype surrounding Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler's return
"This is another opportunity for us to improve. There are not two people playing out there on Sunday night. Jay is obviously a good player and doing some good things for them right now. He forces you to prepare for a lot of things. We are just into the Bears and what they do on every side of the ball and trying to improve our team and get ready to play a good football game Friday night."

On Cutler's praise of his coaching ability after leaving Denver
"That is nice that people say good things about you. He is a good player. We know that. He is going to present a tremendous challenge for us Sunday night. Hopefully, our team will rise up to that challenge defensively and be able to play well."

On if RB Marcus Thigpen was released in order to sign QB Ingle Martin
"Yes, we released (waived) Marcus Thigpen."

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