Coach's Corner - Josh McDaniels 9/3/09

The Denver Broncos close out their preseason with a 19-0 win over the Arizona Cardinals. Find out what head coach Josh McDaniels had to say immediatly following his first win as a Bronco coach.

On finishing the preseason with a victory
"There were certainly things that we wanted to accomplish tonight. We wanted to play more physical, and I thought we did that on the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. We wanted to try to eliminate the penalties. I think we ended up the night with two. Certainly, we wanted to win the turnover margin. I think in all three areas, it was an improvement upon last week. (We are) still not exactly where we want it to be in any phase of our game, but we played against a good football team tonight and did some things we wanted to do."

On the defense's performance throughout the preseason
"We felt better and better about our defense as training camp has moved on and the preseason has gone along. There are certainly areas where we can improve, but defensively, we have done a good job against the run. I think we did another decent job tonight against it in terms of winning the line of scrimmage. (There were) no big plays and (we) really got off the field on third down, for the most part. We wanted to be a more physical unit. I think we are on our way to doing that, and our covering ability in the passing situations showed up tonight. We are not where we want to be anywhere, but they are getting better."

On QB Tom Brandstater's performance against Arizona
"I think he did some good things. He certainly did. He runs the team okay. There are still some things that we can work on and fix, obviously. For a rookie quarterback, I have had an opportunity to coach a number of them, and he has really done a nice job. It is not too big for him. The game isn't too big for him. The huddle is not too big for him. He operated with that first unit pretty well and continued on and certainly made his share of mistakes. I am happy with his progress, and we have got to keep pushing for better."

On OL Russ Hochstein's and G Seth Olsen's extended playing time
"Russ just got here not too long ago, and (we) wanted to give him an opportunity to play in some of the things that we are doing here and get comfortable with our guys. Olsen is a rookie. If we had another two or three preseason games, it probably would be enough for him. That was part of the night. We wanted to make sure that those guys got some playing time together, and they did."

On the importance of the players who make the roster
"I would say they are extremely important because we are going to take 45 to the game, obviously. You would like to have depth at certain spots, certainly across the board. You would like to have guys that if you fall upon some injuries, they come in and play and you don't necessarily fall too many levels down in terms of your performance. Tonight was a big night for a lot of guys. There is some competition, obviously, that we will evaluate again tomorrow morning, but that is what training camp and football is all about. There are a lot of guys out here working their butt off trying to make our roster, and certainly, we cannot keep them all. I thought, for the most part, we got everything out of everybody tonight. Those guys have made it tough on us, and we will have to make those decisions here in the next two days."

On RB Darius Walker's performance against Arizona
"(He had) a lot of carries. (He played) tough, made some tough yards and did a nice job of getting it in there on the goal line. Darius is a good player. He plays well in the passing game and did some nice things that probably didn't get noticed in terms of his blitz pickup. He ran and made some tough yards for us. We are glad we have Darius. He is a good addition to our backfield."

On when the Broncos will make their final roster cuts
"We will decide that tomorrow. Certainly, there are some decisions that need to be made going into Saturday. We are going to, certainly, take the time that we feel we need to take to make the right decisions. It could be tomorrow. It could be Saturday. We are going to make sure we make the right decision."

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