Coach's Corner - Josh McDaniels 9/23/09

Denver Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels met with the media today, covering topics that ranged from the Broncos - Raiders rivalry to the importance of making adjustments throughout the game. Check out the full transcript.

On his first Broncos-Raiders game
"It is our first division game. We are excited about starting that process here. Against the Raiders, there certainly have been a lot of great games over the course of the years. I have watched them from afar, but it will be great to be a part of that. (Oakland) is a great atmosphere to play in. I have played there a few times in my career here in the NFL. The fans are phenomenal there—loud—and they make life tough. It will be fun. It will be a fun challenge. It is an exciting place to play. It certainly is a challenge to go there and win against a good football team. We will be hard at work at it this week."

On the Broncos-Raiders rivalry
"It means a lot to us. They are our—if you want to call them archrival or what you want to categorize them as—but we get to play them twice a year. I think there are a lot of players on our team that are very familiar with their players. Sure, that is the same on their sideline and then their coaching staff. We have got a guy or two from that organization here now. It is special when you get to play these division games early in the year on the road against a team that historically, you are no supposed to like. We know that, and they know it. It will be exciting for us to go there and meet the challenge."

On Raiders QB JaMarcus Russell
"The big thing is he leads the league in yards per completion, which has always been kind of a trademark in Oakland. When they complete them, they are deep. They have got a lot of big-play players and a ton of speed. The one thing, too, that he has done a good job of last year is he hasn't turned the ball over that much. Eight interceptions in 370 attempts last year, I think it was. He takes care of the football for them. They run the ball well. He understands that part of their game plan is going to be getting the ball down the field. He is a younger player who is getting better and played really, really good football late last year. I am sure that he will be ready to go on Sunday."

On Raiders DE Richard Seymour
"(He is a) big, physical and versatile player. He will play on the end; he will play inside. We talked to our (offensive) linemen this morning. Everyone of them may have to block him at some point by themselves or maybe with help in some way, shape or form. (He is) a guy that can take over a game if you are not careful. (He is) very powerful, very physical and is a good pass rusher for a 310-pound man. He has got quickness, he has got speed around the edge and then he can power you. He definitely helps their front. They have a good front as it is and a lot of big physical players. He is just like them. I have been around him for a long time, and he has definitely added something to them, for sure."

On if improved safety play has led to more short passes throughout the league
"Not really. Just in studying the Raiders, (S Michael) Huff has made some interceptions where he is supposed to be there in the back part of the field, but he reads something, he gets down there and he makes plays. I think that is probably a player-by-player thing. If one team's safeties are playing deeper or a few teams that somebody has played are playing deeper, then that may be the case. I have certainly not noticed that up to this point this year with the teams we have played this year in the preseason and the first two games of the regular season."

On what he is most pleased with through two weeks of play
"I think our players understand how we are going to approach each week, and when we identify what we want to do to try to win the game they have worked extremely hard at focusing on just that part. We don't play the same way from one week to the next. It takes preparation, and the players meet that challenge every week of accepting what we are trying to give them to do and then doing it very well and then going out there and trying to nail it by the time we get to Sundays. Certainly, nothing is perfect. You are right, it is just two games, but I think the thing that I really enjoy is coming in there on Wednesday morning and trying to describe what kind of team we are playing and how we are going to try to play to beat them, and you see 55 guys, 60 guys taking notes, writing things down and then digesting it. You see that out at practice. As long as you have got a bunch of guys that are willing to prepare that hard and go out there and understand what you going to try to win each week, you give your team a chance."

On the importance of making adjustments
"I think it is very important. It really is. I do not think we are one of those teams that you could categorize as we do what we do. We kind of do what we do each week differently. For a player, it requires tremendous work, a lot of time, studying and the ability to do adapt from one week to the next. There are plenty of things that we did last week that we are not even talking about this week and vice versa. I think that our players, it is a tribute to them that we have accumulated enough players that we can play like that."

On if it is hard to establish an identity after changing the game plan each week
"Hopefully, our identity is we just do what we have got to do to win. Hopefully, that is the identity that we create here. That is what we want to create is whatever we need to do or however we need to play to win, that is what we are going to try to do."

On the Raiders running game
"They have a very good scheme. They do a lot of the zone stuff. They have got really good linemen who are physical and really kind of move the line of scrimmage, but the runners find it. (RB Michael) Bush, who is very underrated—he is a big man, 250 pounds—has great feet. (RB Darren) McFadden is fast. (RB Justin) Fargas, when he gets back, he is the same kind—they are all the same kind of backs: dangerous every time they touch it. (They are) very consistent. They are going to run it and keep running it and keep running it and keep running it. The challenge is we have got to play good run defense every play. We can't take a play off because they will hit it."

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