Schon: Game Notes Broncos - Cowboys

The Broncos remain undefeated as they beat the Dallas Cowboys 17-10 with another stellar defensive effort.

I got a feeling it's going to be one of those days – missed the shuttle, missed the Lite Rail and the media buffet ran out of food about thirty minutes before I showed up…toss in an incredibly bad hair day and I'm starting to get worried.

Tons of Cowboys jerseys here today – another bad sign… Kickoff is set – let's shake it up today – it can only get better from here…

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1st Quarter
Here we go kids - Dallas takes the kick and it's the Broncos first crack against the Big Boys – Tight...back to back they stop the run followed by a sweet Romo sack – unfortunately Dawkins gets flagged for defensive holding – automatic first down.

Shaking and dancing – Cowboys move it out to their own 39 before McBaior sails it to the Denver 14-yard line…nice defensive stand – let's see what Orton and Co. can do inside their own 20.

Evidently not much – three and out and Kern booms it – thanks to a nice bounce Dallas takes it at the 31. It's Dallas Take Two...

Look out – Cowboys get pushed back for holding and then pull out a beautiful call on 2nd down to Barber on the left side – good for 26-yards. Here they come…power football moves it inside the Broncos 30 – brings up third and six. Inside handoff gets slammed by the entire defensive line – Ayers gets the credit – Nick Folk gets the field goal – Dallas takes an early 3-0 lead.

I'm still jacked I missed the buffet…

Sure touchdown to Gaffney but Orton can't connect – Broncos moving backwards – 4 penalties at this stage – Orton tries to bail it out on third and 10 and doesn't come within three yards of anyone wearing a Bronco jersey. If the Cowboys defensive backfield would have been awake it was a sure pick… Kern for the punt – Broncos flagged AGAIN – holding on the kick – tack on 10-yards to the end of the kick. Cowboys take it near the forty.

This is looking too easy – Romo on a swing pass to choice picks up 28-yards…toss to Bennett adds 13 and before you know it, it's Dallas ball at the two. Barber up the middle stretches it 10-0 for the Cowboys. Biggest deficit of the year for Denver… Ouch

2nd Quarter
Broncos look to rebound but sill can't seem to pull it together – Orton moves it out to the Denver 40 before Kern comes back to punt. Crowd is getting restless at this point…Cowboys take it at their own 21.

If there's a time the Broncos "D" needs to tighten it – it's right now…flags are flying for Dallas – ball is moved back to the Broncos 14 – Romo out of the shotgun – FUMBLE… Broncos recover – DJ Williams moves it down to the Dallas 9 and it's the first real opportunity Denver's had today.

Orton to Moreno – TOUCHDOWN – short and sweet…

Now we've got a game… Dallas takes possession on their own 31 – back and forth – drop some flags and the drive stalls at the 45… Broncos field it at the 12 with just over six minutes to go.

Orton's starting to look a little more comfortable – connects with Buckhalter for a 23-yard pickup. Orton to Graham for another 15 – nine more to Buckhalter and then here come the flags… offensive tripping – what is that – 9 penalties on Denver so far… good thing I'm not keeping track… Drive stalls at the 48 and Kern's back to punt at the two-minute warning.

First half comes to a close – Dallas on top 10-7…I gotta burn one...

3rd Quarter
So here's the Broncos golden opportunity – down three points – they're rested, they're ready and they're taking the kick. Drive begins on their own 21. Drive ends on their own 27 when Moreno coughs it up… so much for being ready – Dallas gets the short field.

Barber up the middle for one - Romo to Witten for nine – this could get ugly… 3rd and 11 from the 17 and Denver dodges a bullet – Champ Bailey on the pick – out of bounds on the six and the Broncos offense takes the field.

Lots of dancing – little results…Orton moves it out near midfield and Kern finds the end zone – Cowboys ball on the 20.

Pretty much the same song and dance for Dallas – Romo moves it out to the 34-yard line but it's a tough roll on the Broncos "D" – Broncos field the punt – draw another flag and end up with it at their own 8 – we may have hit triple digits on Denver penalties at this point.

Longest offensive drive of the game – 12 plays – move it down the Dallas 30 and on back to back consecutive runs Moreno gets slammed at the line of scrimmage for no gain – Cowboys take over on downs and the Broncos bubble seems to have a slow leak.

4th Quarter
Cowboys do some stumbling of their own – three and out gives Denveranother opportunity to take this game over – Broncos take it at their own 37.

Orton to Sheffler picks up 9 – Moreno on the ground adds 10 and before you know it they're in Cowboys territory. Unfortunately they still can't pull the trigger – thanks to a 7-yard sack Broncos are our of field goal range – Kern spends some more time in the spotlight… ANOTHER bullet dodged – potential touchdown on the punt is called back – ruling says it's down in the end zone – Cowboys ball at the 20…. Broncos breathe a sigh of relief.

Dallas sure isn't what it used to be on offense – I think they need Jessica back… no guts, no glory – drive stalls at the 29 when DJ Williams decapitates Cowboys WR Roy Williams. You kind of felt that one in the press box… Broncos take the kick at their own 25.

Orton's ready to roll – 16-yard pick up to Brandon Marshall – Moreno tacks on five on the ground…through the air to Royal for 12 – add on another 15-yards for roughing the passer and if you blinked – the Broncos are in the red zone.. 3rd and six – Moreno's good for two – McD goes for the tie – Prater takes the field and everyone's heart stops – including his own. You can breathe again – Prater splits the uprights – ballgame is tied at 10-10 with just over five remaining.

You gotta love the Broncos defense – they did it - when they needed to do it – and Denver just might pull this one out. Just over two-minutes left and the Broncos take it on the 27.

Three plays later and Brandon Marshall looks to secure his new contract – dances in on a 51-yard reception – Broncos first lead of the game 17-10 and the 5280 is blowing up…

All the "D" has to do is hold Romo and Co. for a buck forty-six… Fourth and three and it looks just like they're going to do just that – OUCH – Romo finds Sam Hurd for a quick 53-yards downfield. Now we've got trouble…

Romo moves it all the way to the Broncos 2 – pass down the middle to Hurd – INCOMPLETE… Game, set, match – Broncos pull it off 17-10….

If I wasn't sober – I wouldn't believe it… Rolling to the locker room now – back with more in a few…

Quick game observations - It may not be pretty - but the Denver Broncos are 4-0 and set to face a Patriots team that could very easily be beat if McD plays it out right.... It's the Master vs. the Student – in the kid's backyard…. It doesn't get any better than this.

Somewhere in the third quarter I swear I ruptured my spleen.....

Elvis Dumervil and Brian Dawkins are animals – first time in two years opposing teams have something to fear from a Broncos defense… Dumervil is now tied with Cincinnati's Antwan Odom for the NFL sack lead with nine sacks on the season.

He may have a pretty dorky haircut, but Kyle Orton busted out nearly 250-yards and hasn't throw a single pick through four games – he came pretty freaking close at times but the record's still clean and he pulled a 117.5 QB rating for the day….somebody should buy him a beer.

Broncos are second in the NFL with a +7 turnover differential on the season – when was the last time you could say that? Probably around the turn of the century…

Evidently Boulder and Wash Park are the new hotbeds for single, eligible women – according to the Dude that sat next to me and was constantly texting, what he referred to as his next ex-wife.

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