Schon: Game Notes Broncos - Patriots

The Broncos are on top of the standings after a come from behind overtime 20-17 win over the New England Patriots.

Hey kids – Welcome to Week Five of the NFL season and there isn't a media guy on the face of this planet that would have picked the Broncos to be heading in with a 4-0 record… just goes to show you what we know.

I did know enough to get here early after last week's "sorry we ran out of food for the media" debacle. Plenty of food today – not any of it's that good, but the fact that there's anything is an improvement. You can't run out of food for the NFL Nostalgia Game. Nostalgia is one thing – but seeing the Broncos in their mustard colored jersey's and stripped socks is awkward to say the least. Kind of like putting a really goofy sweater on your dog and then he refuses to go out for a walk because all the other dogs will laugh at him… Game program is cool though – replica cover of the old Denver – Boston matchup in 1960. Even the player headshots are in black & white – that's different.

Now I'm starting to worry – cheerleaders are busting out the throwbacks as well – something just isn't right…

Keeping with the nostalgia theme I'll be banging out all my news and notes in pencil – then having the editors at FOX transcribe them. Then again, maybe not.

This is gonna be fun – grab what it takes to get you going and lets shake it…

1st Quarter
Pats win the toss – elect to kick… it's a chessmatchn already… Denver breaks out with the Wildcat offense – McD's obviously got something up his sleeve. So far so good – Broncos are on the move – four first downs in the initial drive moves it down to the Boston (notice the nostalgia?) 30-yard line where Matt Prater promptly jacks it wide right. Pats take over at their own 29.

Senior hoodie gets his chance – and seven plays, 62-yards later the Pats light up the board with an 8-yard toss to Wes Welker. Nice, quick and in your face…Score one for the old hood. Brady hits 3/3 for 49-yards on the drive.

McKinley fields it in the end zone and brings it out to the 19 – Kyle Orton Take 2. Back to back for Moreno on the ground moves it out to the 35. Orton goes back to Moreno on a 10-yard strike – rookie fumbles it – Pats recover on the Broncos 43 – this may be a long afternoon…

Giving Tom Brady a short field is like remarrying your ex-wife. It always comes back to haunt you – Four plays later the Pats light it up again, this time with a 53-yard Gotskowski field goal... 10-0 Boston is kicking it hard.

I think I'm about nostalgia'd out – Broncos are three and done – Pats go three and out and the first quarter is in the books, unfortunately for Denver. Pretty sure I need to burn one.

2nd Quarter
Broncos open up the second with another quick three and out – Kern sails it through the end zone. Pats respond with a nine-play drive that covers nearly half the field but still comes up short – Broncos field the punt deep in their own territory.

Look out now kids – Orton's got the team on his shoulders… huge drive underway – Royal's breaking it out. Orton to Marshall for 11 – follows up with back to back to Royal good enough for ten and thirteen. Moreno mixes it up on the ground for 11-yards and it's back to Royal for another fifteen. Three plays later Orton lofts one in the right corner for Marshall – coming back on the play grabs it for the first Denver touchdown of the afternoon. Rookie hoodie pulls within three at 10-7. Crowd finally has a reason to wake up.

That didn't last long… Brady makes it look so simple. Picks apart the Broncos secondary like they were standing stil – oh, wait a minute, maybe they were standing still. Welker's an animal, Faulk's a stud and Benjamin Watson had all the time in the world to grab the quick seven from Brady… Pats close out the first half with a 17-10 lead over Hoodie Jr.

Last gasp Hail Mary from Orton spoils his perfect record for interceptions… so much for the streak.

3rd Quarter
I've spent more time rebooting this laptop than actually watching the game… the ears of the internet gods are burning up at this point. I didn't know I knew so many foul words… anyway, the third has been a collection of mistakes, mishaps,screw ups and missed opportunities for the Broncos.

"D" held Boston (more nostalgia for you) scoreless for the quarter but gave up what seemed like a mile in penalties and never took advantage in crucial situations. Brady marched them to the Broncos 22 and even tanked on the field goal, but Denver just couldn't capitalize when it really counted. Highlite of the quarter was watchin Hoodie Jr. self-implode on the sidelines during one of many Denver penalties. I swear I thought he was going to bust a blood vessel. Quarter comes to a close with the score standing at 17-10 - Boston on top.

4th Quarter
Through the magic of modern technology were skipping ahead to the 9:59 mark, with Orton and Co. facing first down on their own 2-yard line. For any of you who still doubt KO's ability – scoreboard – that's all that matters. Twelve-plays, 98-yards in 4:38… Orton to (guess who) Brandon Marshall from eleven-yards out and the game is tied at 17-17. What can you say….it's a new era in Denver… Brady and Co. wind out the clock and we're headed to overtime.

BTW - my laptop blows right now - another reboot is in store.

Broncos win the toss and can put it away on this drive… Eighty-yards ahead of them and Orton's gonna play it tight. Good balance of calls - through the air to Marshall – on the ground to Moreno and the ball's at the Boston 48. Quick toss to Royal (my new best friend) secures a first at the 40. Moreno on the ground for another first at the 29-yard line. Crowd is amped… looking for Royal deep – tripped up – no flag. Third and 8 – shot to Marshall incomplete – Pats "D" gets flagged – still third down. Deep to Marshall – near pick incomplete – here comes Prater – this could be bad…. Not that I don't have any faith in Prater but – I have no faith in Prater.

Snap, the hold, kick is GOOD.... Broncos are 5-0 and the football world is in shock...

Headed to the field... back with madness in a few.

Michael John Schon has covered the National Football League and the Denver Broncos for the past twelve-years. As a member of the Pro Football Writers Association he has published and syndicated columns to both newspapers and magazines throughout the United States and Canada. His syndicated radio broadcast: "Schon Live" airs weekly on various radio and Internet stations around the country. You can follow all of Schon's updates on Twitter or drop him an email at Michael John Schon

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