Schon: Game Notes Broncos - Chargers

The Broncos lose to the San Diego Chargers 32-3 on Sunday at INVESCO at Mile High. Check out the game notes.

Welcome to Invesco Field – site of the Broncos / Chargers Revenge Tour II… If Denver can come out with half as much enthusiasm as the freaks in the media buffet line, we're in for a good day.

Broncos win the toss - so grab whatever it takes and let's shake this thing up... I mean, how bad can it get?

Be sure to refresh often for all the latest madness

1st Quarter

You gotta love Eddie Royal –28-yards on the kick and Simms is the man of the moment. Pounding it out on the ground – Moreno's a stud… Broncos move it past midfield pretty easy with the help of a facemask on SD. Keeping it grounded – Simms has yet to throw…. OUCH – now I see why – Simms out of the shotgun gets it stripped - Chargers recover and will start from their own 31-yard line. That one hurt…

In the battle of turnovers – Broncos bit it early…

Here comes Rivers – there goes Tomlinson… Don't you hate it when they make it look easy – Nine plays, 69-yards and the Chargers grab an early 7-0 lead. Nice mix of runs and passes – bad mix of coverage… but it's cool – we've got Simms headed back out - I feel better already.

Ok, maybe not - two false start penalties, one 7-yard pass, one 3-yard pass and a QB sack… this is going to be a long day – Berger boots it from the Broncos 13 on 4th and forever – Chargers take the field on their own 43.

It took a few minutes but the Broncos "D" tightened it up – that is until they jacked it on third and eight with an offside penalty – Chargers convert and the drive continues in Broncos territory as the first quarter comes to a close…

2nd Quarter
That didn't take long – Chargers take it down to the Broncos 11 for an easy chip shot and a nice 10-0 lead… I'm hoping the South Park commercials playing on the Jumbotron will make a difference…

Wonder how long it will take till they're screaming for Brandstater? Simms and the Broncos roll three and out and everybody's favorite punter is back again.

Two good punts for Berger so far - maybe there is hope...

Adding insult to injury – Brian Dawkins tweaked his neck – return is questionable.

Rivers rolls it into Broncos territory and Kaeding splits it from 47 to give San Diego a 13-0 first half lead… Orton's warming up on the sidelines – there may be a change coming…

Here comes Orton – crowd is going crazy (or at least waking up). Broncos take possession on their own 37. Three straight completions and the place erupts – ball is at the Chargers 4-yard line. Moreno on the carry – in for the score – WAIT - fumble – Chargers recover and they're gonna take some time and talk about it… under review now.

If you're holding your breath - don't – ruling on the field stands – Chargers spoil the TD and Rivers and Co. take it on the 20.

Banging it out – "D" holds tight – three and out for SD and a fortunate bounce and Orton's got 24-seconds to see what he can do from his own 45. Antonio Cromartie with the pick – Chargers ball at their own 42 with nineteen ticks left in the half… You might want to find some alcohol for this one… First half comes to a close with a 13-0 shutout.

3rd Quarter
There's hope on the horizon – Broncos "D" holds tight – Rivers and Co. pull three and out and it's back to Orton at the 36-yard line.

Temperature is dropping fast – so are the Broncos playoff hopes unless they can find a way to light it up here. Orton to Royal brings up 3rd and one from the 45 – Biggest play of the day - Moreno breaks it – 36-yard pick up down to the 19 (without a fumble).

Back to Royal – ball moves to the 12 – 2nd and 3… Buckhalter punds it out up the middle – first and goal from the six. Moreno for a short one… out of the shotgun – Orton overthrows Marshall across the middle – brings up third and goal…

Back to the shotgun – near pick by the Chargers – Denver's forced to settle for 3 from 23 – Chargers still hold the lead 13-3 with 9:56 left in the third.

Onside kick – whose brilliant idea was that? Chargers take possession at the Broncos 41-yard line… Complete screw up at this stage of the game – dump it on the "D" to pull this one out. Give Rivers a short field and the dude will bury you – watch…

70,000+ standing around and wondering 'what the ef just happened'...

Six plays, 41-yards and you can almost feel the Broncos circle the drain.

McD's magic is obviously wearing thin – I'm still baffled by the onside kick – even if Prater could pull it off it's a HUGE gamble with Rivers in control – Rookie head coach – what can I say?

Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my @##…

Orton's trying to save face – mixing it up on the ground – crosses midfield but falls flat on 4th and five from the 40 – here comes ANOTHER short field for Rivers. I think my spleen just burst.

Quarter comes to a close with SD looking at 2nd and 8 from the fifteen...

4th Quarter
You can pretty much assume if flags are gonna fly – it's on the Broncos – Kaeding nails his third field goal of the day and the Broncos gets a 15-yarder for unsportsmanlike conduct… Twenty point deficit – 14:00 to go and Orton is back for an encore.

In-com-plete to Marshall, QB sack and a bouncer off the ground for Gaffney. So much for an encore... If you went to the rest room you missed the entire series – Berger sends it sailing and SD will take it just short of midfield.

I think I'm gonna revert back to my original prediction of 6-10 for the season…

(Cut and Paste) Chargers on a short field - Kaeding splits the uprights and SD piles it on 26-3… Wonder if anyone would notice if I left early?

Just think – if it wasn't for Simms' fumble, Moreno's fumble, Orton's pick and McD's bonehead special teams kick, the Broncos wouldn't be losing by nearly as much.

There's always a bright side…

Mass exit in the stands - Looks like a fire drill.

This one's in the books - back for more after the locker room - that should be fun.

Postgame news and quotes to follow.

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