Coach's Corner - Postgame Quotes

Denver Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels addresses the media after Thursday's win over the New York Giants. Check out the full transcripts...

On ending the losing streak
"Today really had nothing to do with the streak for us. We were pleased with the way that we came out and prepared this week. It's not easy to prepare for a difficult opponent that we don't know very well in just two or three days of preparation. Our team had a great attitude. You could tell they really were looking forward to playing tonight, and enjoyed the whole atmosphere and the fact that we had three days in between. We played complimentary football. We played pretty well in all three phases. It always feels better to win."

On NFL Network airing profanity
"It's the NFL Network. It doesn't surprise me."

On the Broncos being an emotional team
"We talked about that last week after the loss. It's part of our makeup. It's part of our team. It's part of who I am. It's part of who a lot of our players are, and we don't want them to be somebody that they are not. We don't want them to try and contain that if that's how they feel. I think that when you get a channel in the right direction that it is always a positive. It sometimes can go in the wrong direction. I'm happy that I have those guys in the locker room with me every week. I love to go to work. I love to coach them, and we have a lot of fun doing what we do and work hard to try and do it."

On the importance of S Brian Dawkins
"He's been playing like he's 25 all year. That's the spirit that he has. His spirit, I've said it a number of times already, I don't think I'll ever be around another player that has the spirit that Brian Dawkins has. His leadership, his quality of it, and just his persona, his positive attitude, the things that he brings to our team every day. What a great example for every player, every coach, whether they are young or old."

On if he seeks out players that play with emotion
"That doesn't bother me, if they do that. You guys know we have a lot of them, and that's okay. I don't think that's a prerequisite to play for me or playing here for the Broncos. I think that's always good to have a good mix or good blend of those kinds of personalities on your team. Certainly not everybody can be like that, and we don't want them to be like that, but we would definitely embrace people that play like that and show their emotion and personality. It makes practice fun. It makes the game fun. And when you win, that stuff is all positive."

On if emotion helps after coming off of a loss
"I think when you have positive personalities, and I think that's what we have, we don't have guys that get down. The last four weeks in our building haven't been a funeral. We have a great work ethic, great resolve. You want to put yourself in a position after Thanksgiving to be able to compete to make the playoffs, and that's what we hopefully have done. We have to play well from now on out, and we know that's the situation that every team is in, and we are embracing that situation."

On false starting in the Red Zone in the second quarter
"You can't false start in the Red Zone. It was frustrating because we practiced a lot down there and we do a lot of different things. When we do it right, we can be very good. We certainly weren't very good, and I'll take the blame for that. The things we were trying to accomplish on those last three plays wasn't the right mix or formula at that time, and we didn't respond very well to it. Like you had mentioned, the NFL Network thing, I don't even know what that is. That's their business. The fact that we tried to go over and have a little bit of eye-to-eye there was what that was."

On if he is aware of the camera on him
"No, I don't even know. I have no idea where the camera was. I was just trying to do what I thought was best at the time."

On RB Knowshon Moreno's confidence
"He and [Correll] Buckhalter both. I mean, when you're running behind the line, when you're running behind the fullback, [FB] Spencer Larson deserves credit, [TE] Daniel Graham, [TE] Tony Scheffler, the entire offensive line. I don't know how many runs we had that went negative, but it couldn't have been many, and for those guys to keep the line of scrimmage clean against a front like that, they deserve a ton of credit. Any back that's running behind a line like that that can give them time to find a crease. They look like they're having a lot of fun out there, to me, and that's a good sign."

On [WR] Brandon Marshall's performance
"He said I was going to see ‘The Beast' tonight. I guess that's what it means, because those are catches that special people make. There's no question about that. When you go up there and do it one-handed, and keep running, there aren't many people in the league that can do that."

On offensive strategy
"We thought that that might quiet them down a bit. This is a difficult team to prepare for, and when you give them an opportunity to go ahead and mix and match their personnel, and to use the different blitz packages in Nickel, or in regular defense, it can be problematic. On a short week, we felt like mixing some of that in there to try and keep the game quieted down might be a good formula for us. We felt good about what we were going to do from that. I don't know that I knew we were going to run that many plays from Nickel, but as the game wore on it was something that we just felt good about. "

On defensive strategy
"We were trying to do a combination of sending some pressure at [Eli Manning] a little bit, but we wanted to create some tight coverage with the safeties behind him. Some of it was with the single safety. We didn't want to let him stand back there and get into a rhythm, stand in the pocket and feel comfortable and then pick-and-chose his receivers. I thought that our guys did a pretty good job of being competitive. They've got a good receiving core, their tight end. They used their backs too. We tried to keep [Manning] off-balance a little bit by covering tight, making [Manning] hold the ball a bit, and then mixing in the pressures before he could find somebody. Our guys did a nice job of executing the game plan. I don't think he got into a rhythm as the game wore on, and that was our plan going into it."

On limiting the Giants' running game by maintaining possession
"We were trying. I know that we have been on the flip-side of that now for a few weeks, where we've had very small time-of-possession, and then we fall out of the running game as the game goes on. We knew that they had dominated time-of-possession a lot through the course of the season. If we allowed them to control and maintain possession, we knew it could be a problem. We wanted to run the ball on offense and we thought that our running game offensively could help stop their running game defensively. We tried to keep them off the field as much as possible.

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