Locker Room Report 11/26/09

Check out what several of the players had to say following Thursday's win over the New York Giants.

On the offense's success against the Giants
"We executed pretty well all night and played with a lot of energy on offense, which was great. The defense got us some turnovers (and) got us some great field position, and we took advantage of it."

On what led to the offensive success against the Giants
"We pretty much played turnover free. I threw the one interception I wish I had back, but I think we threw for probably 230, 240 (yards) and we ran for 135, so we stayed balanced. We were successful on first and second down. We weren't all that great on third down, but it seemed like we did most of our work on first and second down, which we had talked about all week. We went out and executed the game plan pretty well."

On WR Brandon Marshall's performance
"I told him on the one (pass) on the sideline he was trying to make me look bad (by) catching it with one hand like that. He had a great game (and) had a couple really good catches. I thought we got a nice production out of the pass game."

On settling for a field goal on the Broncos' first drive of the second quarter
"It was frustrating to get down there for the second time and to have some mishaps. (We committed) pretty much dumb penalties. That's kind of been our Achilles heel, penalties and red-zone offense. We've got some work to do, certainly, but we're not going to take anything away from the win."

On feeding off of Head Coach Josh McDaniels' emotion
"It's great to have a coach like that (who is) emotional. We've got a lot of emotional guys on our offense. I think guys appreciate it, and I think they thrive off of it."

On the offensive line's performance
"I think they played great. They stayed tight the whole game and didn't allow penetration in the run game and allowed our running backs to get to the second level, which we had talked about all week. We wanted to make their secondary tackle us, and the running backs ran hard. In the pass game, we knew we had to handle the blitz. That was kind of the Giants' (method of) operation. They did a great job of picking it up and giving me enough time, and the receivers got open in a timely fashion."

On getting sacked on the Broncos' first offensive play of the game
"It was maybe a little bit longer of a play and something that (was a) little new wrinkle that we had thrown in. We were trying to hit them on one down the field. It certainly didn't turn out the way that we wanted it to. For the most part, the (offensive line) played great."

On how he feels physically
"I probably feel about as good as everybody else does. It's the second half of the season and past Thanksgiving now. Nobody really feels good. It's just a grind every week to try to get as healthy as you can and do it again."

On the win
"It was a huge win for us to get to 7-4. We beat a good team tonight and got a little momentum."

On team identity
"We know who we are. We just know that we have to go out there and play complementary ball in all three phases. Everyone has to pitch in and do their job. We just have to go out there and play together"

On the getting the win
"We played together and everyone contributed. We did not try to go out there and do more than we were supposed to do. We played within the scheme and played for one another, and we were able to get the W."

On having fun
"We were having fun. We were not having fun in the last four weeks and we came out and had fun tonight. When we are having fun, guys feed off of each other, and you want to join in that fun and go out there and make a play. But we had fun within the scheme and that was the number one thing."

On the team win
"That looked like the Broncos from the first six weeks of the season. We have shown two different teams, but this felt different, and the team that showed up and started fast today was a good one."

On getting the win
"There was so much talking over the last four weeks, and I think that once we got off to a 6-0 start, we were starting to feel like such a great team. After the last four losses, we were trying to talk our way back into the win column, and talking never does anything in terms of getting the W on the field. And again it feels good to be back in the win column."

On the remaining schedule
"Five weeks is too far to count. We have one game next week and that to me is what matters. We said we wanted to win most games after Thanksgiving because that is when real football starts and the contenders play their best football. We got off to a good start today."

On the short week
"We did not have a whole lot of time to think about anything because of the short week. We were coming off of a bad loss versus San Diego and we just kind of wiped that away. We had a couple of days of cramming information into our heads, and we just went out there and played football."

On being part of the game plan
"It is fun to be a part of it. Just the way things have rolled this year, I have not been able to be a part of it every week, but it is fun to be out there and make some plays. I just want to help the team win, and we had a big win today. Now we can move on and take a couple of days to relax and enjoy the Thanksgiving weekend with our families, and then we can get back to work with Kansas City."

On the play action passing attack
"We have to give credit to the o-line and the running game to open up the play action. We ran the ball really well tonight, Knowshon [Moreno] had his coming out party tonight, and Buck [RB Correll Buckhalter] ran it well too. When you're running the ball so well, it opens up so many things."

On snapping the four game losing streak
"It was big obviously. When you lose four in a row, we just had to keep grinding away. No matter what the situation is, it starts on the top with [Broncos Head Coach] Josh [McDaniels], and we've got a good group of leaders on this team so we keep plugging away, week by week, no matter what the situation is."

On getting QB Kyle Orton back in the starting line up
"He showed a lot of heart in the last few weeks, playing through a tough injury. We know he's been hurting so hopefully this weekend will give him some time to heal, and a week and a half from now he'll feel better."

On if the emotion of the game was different from the last four games
"No, we just played better football, and that's really the bottom line. We came out from the start and we did a lot of good things. We hadn't been doing those things the past four weeks. So that was the key, to go out and execute and play good football."

On getting a win
"This is what we were used to doing for six weeks. You don't want to harp on that, but when Thanksgiving rolls around you want to win. So this was the start of a new season for us. After the four game slide, we had to have guys buying back in and seeing what it's like to play smart, tough football. At times we didn't always play smart but we're working on it."

On if the team rededicated itself against the Giants
"Well, you would like to think that you rededicate yourself every week, but we were just on a slide for whatever reason. We had a big team discussion last week about accountability and going out and laying it all on the line and playing smart football for sixty minutes. That was what we preached from the beginning, and I wasn't even here in March, but I know that was what we were preaching. So it was good to get back in the win column and we've got to build on this."

On stopping the Giants run game
"We knew it was going to be a tough game, a physical game, going against big [Giants RB] Brandon Jacobs, running the ball downhill. We also knew the importance of playing well on first and second down, which we hadn't done the past four weeks. So to go out and play the way we did against the run, against a good physical football team, is very encouraging. At the same time, looking back at the last few weeks, and the let downs in the second halves [of those games], we played complementary football today. Special teams played well. Our gunners, especially [Broncos S] David Bruton, and the rest of those guys went down there and put the hammer down in the return game. And then offensively, we were moving the ball early in the game, just not putting a lot of points on the board, but scoring and using the clock. So on defense, we went out there playing that complementary game, and that's the type of team we want to be."

On making one-handed catches
"[Broncos QB] Kyle [Orton] told me to stop making him look bad because those were great balls. He said I could have caught them with two hands."

On watching film to correct mistakes
"I really wasn't too much off, but tonight I got a few opportunities to make plays. Kyle [Broncos QB Orton] believed in me and so I went to Coach [Broncos Head Coach Josh McDaniels] and got in his ear and told him I could make a play. So he said, ‘hey we'll call it,' and we moved the ball tonight."

On the difference between today's game and last week against the San Diego Chargers
"Honestly, I think it's best for us as a team to worry about today's game only. Back on March 17th when we first got together we said we wanted to play great ball in the beginning [of the season], but our season starts after thanksgiving. So it was great for our team to go out and play well."

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