2003 Fullbacks Rankings

This year, more than ever, fullbacks will be facing an acute shortage of opportunities in the NFL, with the growing use of the spread offense and single-back or empty sets. Athleticism and versatility will be key for any fullback prospect hoping for a mid-draft pick this April.

1. Full Name: Ovie Mughelli  School: Wake Forest  Ht: 6-2  Wt: 248  40: N.A. Year: 5Sr  Number: 32

Projected order in the draft: Late 3rd round

2. Full Name: B.J. Askew School:  Michigan  Ht: 6-2  Wt: 230  40: 4.68  Year: 4Sr  Number: 35

"Previously forced into action as Michigan's feature runner, BJ Askew moves back to his natural position as a lead fullback for the Wolverines. The athletic prospect could be the closest thing to a "triple threat fullback" available next April, and solid post-season performances coupled with good pre-draft workouts could move him towards the top of the fullback chart."  Tony Pauline-TFY Draft Preview

Scouting Report:

The Good:  Athletic fullback that's seen action as the primary ball handler in the past.  Quick off the snap, gets out in front as a blocker and works hard.  Solid receiver out of the backfield; extends his hands and adjusts well, catching the pass away from his body.  Displays soft hands.  Tough ball carrier that makes defenders miss in a small area, keeps his feet moving up the field and picks up yardage off initial contact.  Works his runs, stays on his feet and some ability to weave his way through the traffic.  

The Bad: Lacks a burst through the hole and open-field speed.  Needs to refine his blocking for either the run or pass and is inexperienced in both elements of the game.  

The Skinny:  Can make a move towards the top of the fullback charts should he display technique and productivity as a lead blocker.  Has tenacity and athleticism, and we feel the pieces will fall in place for him.

Projected order in the draft: Middle 4th round

3. Full Name: Brandon Drumm  School: Colorado  Ht: 6-1  Wt:  235  40:  4.74  Year: 5Sr  Number: 33

"As tough and as smart as they come, Brandon Drumm has gone about doing the dirty work and little things well for the Colorado Buffaloes, a team that was in the hunt for the number one spot in college football last year. How does he project to the next level?"  Tony Pauline-TFY Draft Preview

Scouting Report:

The Good: Hard working, intense blocker with the basic skills to move into the next level.  Displays excellent blocking vision, focus, and intensity.  Always looking to hit someone and take out opponents.  Squares into defenders, meeting them head-on, gets some movement from his run blocks, stays with the play and does the dirty work.  Comes back to the quarterback, making himself an available target as a pass catcher if the play breaks down.  

The Bad: Best in a straight-line, not quick out of his stance and plays as slow, if not slower, than his listed forty time. Minimal offensive threat.

The Skinny:  Limited athlete without the great upside, which could leave him out in the cold next April.

Projected order in the draft: Late 5th round

4. Full Name: Andrew Pinnock  School: South Carolina  Ht: 5-10  Wt: 255  40: 4.72  Year: 4Sr  Number: 4

"If a team is looking for a hard-hitting, hardworking lead fullback that effectively carries the ball in short-yardage situations and also catches the pass on occasion, their sights may be set towards Columbia, South Carolina and Andrew Pinncok, one of the Gamecocks' most consistent offensive players the past three seasons." Tony Pauline-TFY Draft Preview

Scouting Report:

The Good:  Powerful, tough fullback that plays with a great degree of intensity.  Smart and aware in all aspects of his game.  Picks up blocking assignments, squares into the opponent and clears the way as a lead fullback, taking opponents out of the play.  Nasty and looks to destroy defenders.  Solid short- yardage runner with decent footwork for a big man, vision,  and patience.  Has a strong lower body and keeps his feet driving forwards. 

The Bad:  Best in a straight line as a runner and confined to a small area as a blocker, his game shows minimal speed and/or quickness.  Competent receiver out of the backfield but not a threat.

The Skinny:  Limited versatility at the next level and, though not an outstanding athlete, a very good football player that does the little things well and gets the job done.  In many ways a better version of former Ohio State Buckeye Jamar Martin, selected in the fourth round last April by the Cowboys.

Projected order in the draft: Middle 5th round

5. Full Name: James Lynch  School: Maryland  Ht: 5-10  Wt: 270?  40: 4.83  Year: 3Jr  Number: 5

Scouting Report:

The Good:  Big, powerful, smart fullback that dominates opponents when he puts his mind to it.  Sees the field, looks for someone to hit and enjoys doing the dirty work.  Quick getting out in front of the ball carrier, puts his shoulders down into opponents and displays both jolt and strength at the point.  Opens big holes for his running backs.  Solid short-yardage runner and  receiver out of the backfield.

The Bad: Not quick or explosive and has limited skills outside of tackle.  Had a rough off-season in which he reportedly lost his mother, which he took very hard.  Put on a lot of weight, then lost his starting job.  

The Skinny: Must get back to where he was at the end of 2001, and then should be a terrific lead fullback in the future.

Projected order in the draft: Early 6th round

6. Full Name: Casey Moore  School: Stanford  Ht: 6-1.5  Wt: 243  40: 4.73  Year: 5Sr  Number: 33

"The past four seasons, Casey Moore has been one of the grittiest and most productive fullbacks in the nation. He works and plays hard which, as a result, makes him an easy player to root for. But how does he project to the next level?"  Tony Pauline-TFY Draft Preview

Scouting Report:

The Good: Tough, gritty fullback, productive as a blocker or when the ball is in his hands.  Excellent vision, intelligence, and quickness picking up blocking assignments or finding the hole as a ball carrier.  Quick off the snap, displays pop at the point of attack and works hard throughout the action.  Breaks down well, plays with forward lean and fluid moving about the field.  Nice receiver out of the backfield, solid short-yardage runner and versatile.  

The Bad: Game lacks authority in every dimension; not fast or explosive, nor does he dominate opponents at the point.  

The Skinny:  Not quite as good as former Cardinal Greg Comella, but a prospect coaches will take a liking too and an inexpensive back-up that should flourish on special teams.

Projected order in the draft: Middle 6th round

7. Full Name: Jeremi Johnson  School: Western Kentucky  Ht: 5-10  Wt: 265  40: 4.82  Year: 5Sr  Number: 1


"At one time considered by us as the top fullback prospect in the nation, Jeremi Johnson has taken the road less challenged, relying on pure natural ability to get the job done and never taking his game to the next level. The immediate result was a dismissal from a D-IA program;  the long term effects could be a short career in the NFL."  Tony Pauline-TFY Draft Preview

Scouting Report:

The Good: Strong, athletically gifted fullback that must start to put forth the effort or will be mired in mediocrity forever. Played three seasons at Indiana but a dispute with coach Gerry DiNardo led to his dismissal/departure.  Fluid moving about the field, breaks down well, plays with leverage and blocks with solid fundamentals.  Does not lumber or move like a 270-pound player.  Displays vision as both a runner and/or blocker.  Solid receiver out of the backfield that extends his hands and catches the ball away from his body.    

The Bad:  Early in his career he ran with authority and power on the interior but now does too much East-West running, gathering into opponents and not working to finish his runs.  Would rather take out the opponent's legs rather than meet defenders head-on blocking, does not like to do the dirty work.  Likes handling the ball rather than blocking and plays like a 170-pound finesse scat-back instead of the brute he can be. Weight and conditioning have always been problems.  

The Skinny:  Plain and simple - a lot of wasted talent and a classic underachiever.  Easily could've been a first-day choice but all signs are pointing to Johnson being a late-round pick  and a prospect one finds saying, "shoulda, woulda, coulda."

Projected order in the draft: Middle 7th round

8. Full Name: Justin Griffith  School: Mississippi State  Ht: 6-0   Wt: 224  40: 4.7  Year: 5Sr  Number: 31

Projected order in the draft: Late 7th round

9. Full Name: Dawan Moss  School: Michigan State  Ht:  5-10  Wt: 240  40: 4.72  Year: 5Sr  Number: 49


"Quietly going unnoticed the past three seasons, all Dawan Moss has done was successfully perform the duties as TJ Duckett's lead fullback, helping to open gaping holes for the Atlanta Falcons' first round pick  last April. So how does Moss, himself an occasional feature runner, project to the next level?"  Tony Pauline-TFY Draft Preview

Scouting Report:

The Good: Athletic fullback that will see duty as the Spartan feature runner this season.  Displays vision as both a runner and blocker, has jolt at the point of attack and is strong enough to turn opponents out,  blocking or picking up yardage off initial contact carrying the ball.  Plays heads-up football; looks to hit someone, works to finish his blocks, and always tries to gain the extra yards.  Can shuffle and slide in pass protection and blocks down well on opponents.  

The Bad: Lacks body adjustment, stiff and not light on his feet.  Deficient in both speed and quickness coupled with injury problems in the past.  

The Skinny:  Needs to be a little more consistent and intense in the blocking department and must also stay healthy if he is to have a place at the next level.

Projected order in the draft: Undrafted free agent

10. Full Name: Steven Costa  School: UNLV  Ht: 6-1  Wt: 225  40: N.A. Year: 5Sr  Number: 24

Projected order in the draft: Undrafted free agent

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