McDaniels remolding roster

Right or wrong, Josh McDaniels is setting about molding the roster with the type of players he wants in the Broncos' locker room.

Much of the roster has been turned over since he took over the job about 15 months ago, and that has continued this offseason. The Broncos have signed defensive linemen Jamal Williams, Justin Bannan and Jarvis Green, cornerback Nathan Jones and traded for quarterback Brady Quinn. All of the players come with reputations of being good in the locker room and buying into the team concept.

The Green signing drew a few eye-rolls in Denver because it was another move by McDaniels that tapped into his previous job on the Patriots' staff. McDaniels is using the Patriots' blueprint to build the Broncos, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

"Whatever team he picks from, he's looking for a certain type of player," said long-snapper Lonie Paxton, another former Patriot. "Someone who's accountable, someone who works hard, someone who puts the team first and isn't a selfish player, wants to come and get better for the other guy next to him and not just for his career and his benefit. The whole 'work as a team' is cliche, but it's so true in football."

The Broncos are ridding their locker room of players who don't buy into that concept -- which has led some to wonder if there's a rift between McDaniels' players and those who were held over from Mike Shanahan's time as head coach. But some Shanahan players thrived under McDaniels last year, including cornerback Champ Bailey, tight end Daniel Graham and offensive tackle Ryan Harris.

There still is time for the Broncos to bring in more of McDaniels' type of player. The team still has needs on the offensive line, at linebacker and receiver.

The new players should feel welcomed. The Broncos have brought in veterans who have been leaders with their previous teams, and that has fostered a good atmosphere in the locker room.

"We have a lot of (new) guys on the team and we want them to feel comfortable here," safety Renaldo Hill said. "It's going to take everybody going in here each day and working hard and getting better. We're focused on that."

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