McDaniels keeps Orton in the loop

Coach Josh McDaniels called Kyle Orton as soon as the trade for Brady Quinn trade was done, and let Orton know there would be competition at the quarterback spot. Orton wasn't bothered by that.

"I told him I've never backed down from competition, and don't really want to change my mindset going into the season," Orton said.

While competition was stressed during that phone call, that's McDaniels' way. He promotes competition at all positions but in reality, he shared his feelings when he said in March that Orton is unquestionably the team's starting quarterback.

Quinn is an intriguing backup, and it's a good situation. He's in an offensive scheme he's somewhat familiar with, and Orton is not the type of quarterback to create a division in the locker room with his backup. In fact, Orton is one of the most even-keeled players in the Broncos locker room.

He became good friends with Chris Simms even as the starting job was up in the air last offseason, never flinched when plenty of people called for a switch when Orton struggled in the offseason, and Orton said he was happy Quinn was acquired.

"I looked at it the same as all our acquisitions in the offseason," Orton said. "It improved our team and certainly improved our (locker) room."

Orton brushed off any concerns about a quarterback controversy. He wasn't going to worry about that, because he is concerned about improving. Orton had a good season in 2009 but sees areas in which he could get better, and now he has a little more motivation with Quinn on board.

"I was going into this focused on self-competition," Orton said. "There's things I have to do to improve, obviously, or we would have been in the playoffs last year."

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