WR Demaryius Thomas Surprised by Selection

Former Georgia Tech WR Demaryius Thomas was surprised to find the Broncos had an interest in him. Check out his first meeting with the Denver media.

On His Workout Last Week and the Broncos' Interest in Him
"I don't think that they were there (at the workout). I didn't think that they had any interest in me until Monday when I met with the head coach and the G.M. Basically, that was it."

On Playing with QB Tim Tebow
"Tim Tebow is a good guy and is a good player, also. I'll be looking forward to that when I come to Denver."

On His Foot Injury Before the NFL Combine
"It was very emotional. I was actually going through drills getting ready for the Combine, I was going like 65 percent. I landed on my foot and it just popped. I got surgery about three days later, started doing rehab two weeks later and I'm like 90 percent now and feeling very well."

On His Character
"Basically, when I was coming up, my mother and my grandmother got put in prison and I always told myself that I didn't want to get into a position to get myself into no trouble. So, I've always been around the right crowd... Once I did that, everything changed in my life. I always wanted to be around the right crowd and didn't want to get in no trouble. I didn't want to be that guy that is always talked about that he's a bad guy and so, I just put myself around the right crowd."

On How He Fits with the Broncos
"I think that I'll fit well... I'm a playmaker. I make plays and I know how to run routes..."

On Being Compared to WR Brandon Marshall
"We're both big guys, probably the same speed, very complete receivers. I think that he has a little more experience than I have. I'm looking to come in and borrow stuff from the guys that are already there so I can be a specialist like Brandon Marshall was on offense."

On His Experience at the Draft
"It was fun here. When I was invited, I was shocked. Because I figured there were a lot of stars here... When I broke my foot, everything just changed and I was basically scared, but I was like, ‘I'll come down.' Because my mom's in prison and she wanted me to come down and have fun. So, I came and it paid off."

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