Broncos snare "The Snake"

After weeks of speculation, it's official. The Denver Broncos announced today that Arizona free agent Jake Plummer has agreed to terms of a contract with the Broncos and is slated to become the new starting quarterback.

Plummer and the Broncos reached an agreement today on a seven-year contract, and Plummer will arrive in Denver on Thursday to sign the deal and meet his new employers, according to team officials. The contract totals $40 million and includes $13 million in signing bonuses.

Plummer visited Denver on Sunday and Monday before heading to Chicago to visit with the Bears. He flew back to Phoenix today and after some further negotiations with the Broncos, his agent telephoned the news that Plummer had decided to join the team. Here's what they are saying about the new aquisition:

Broncos General Manager Ted Sundquist: "As a club, we're extremely excited. We felt like last year, we were three plays away from making the playoffs. We've got a good, solid nucleus and we're just looking for that spark. We feel like Jake can bring that spark to the club to kind of push us over the hump and get us into the playoffs, where we expect to be on a yearly basis."

Broncos wide receiver Ed McCaffrey: "Plummer is going to be the quarterback. It is no secret that the coaches have had their eyes on him for a long time. I think it is great to start him at this time of year, so he can come and work out a little bit and throw the ball around before mini-camp. This should him get in the swing of things."

"I followed Jakeís career in Arizona and he has done a lot of great things. He is known for his come-backs and his ability to run around and make plays. He has brought a lot to the table and hopefully he will pick-up our offense real quickly. It is key for Jake to get in here and get to throw to different guys on the team and get used to the timing, with the different routes and receivers. Once we get that going hopefully we will put a good offense together."

Former Broncos QB John Elway: "Jake is the guy that has done a pretty good job in Arizona and really has not had a great supporting cast. That is one thing that Denver does have. To me, if there is one guy that would fit and get this thing going in the right direction right now, it would be Jake Plummer."

Jake Plummer by the numbers:
17,622 yards
90 Touchdowns
114 Interceptions
21 Come-from-behind victories

Click here to read the release from the Denver Broncos about Plummer.

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