Monday's Quotes from the Field

Spencer Larsen, Ryan Harris, and Robert Ayers all discuss today's workout session. Check out the full transcripts....

On his health status
"I'm good enough to be out there doing a lot of the work that needs to be done. I'm taking some mental and physical reps and (I'm) just happy to be back on some grass in cleats."

On whether his recovery has taken longer than he thought
"No, I really didn't. When it initially happened, I expected to be back the next week. I've been on a long road... I don't think anyone else in this camp is more excited for camp than I am."

On what the rehab process has been like
"It's been a lot of lifting. I've been in the workshop doing a lot of lifting and a whole lot of things in the training room, rehabbing and stuff but that's the road I have to take and the things I have to do to get better and I'm going to do that."

On dealing with a toe injury
"It definitely is (tough to deal with). For me, being the person I am, I looked at - you know, (NBA player) Shaq (O'Neil) had toe problems, (San Diego TE Antonio) Gates had it and (former NFL RB) Eddie George has had it, so it's happened in football and that gave me a little more positive state of mind because I knew that people have come back from this and that's what I'm trying to do."

On whether it's difficult for the offensive line to gel in practice with the injuries
"It's something that people talk about, but training camp is a long process – we're going to have a lot of time. Fortunately for us, a lot of us have played together for a long time so I think once we get healthy; you'll see we pick up where we left off. There will be some growing pains, but that can happen each year regardless of injury. We really feel that we're in the same spot that we would be without the injuries."

On the defense's performance today
"We got a few (turnovers) but that's part of getting better – we're going to win some and they're going to win some. We just want to keep competing. They kept competing, they kept fighting back and we just kept trying to keep (this thing going). That's our goal and their goal is to put up points so we're just going to keep fighting."

On whether the defense likes hearing Broncos Head Coach Josh McDaniels yelling at the offense
"Oh yeah, we always love that. He's supposed to be neutral though, if we were messing up, he'd be getting on us too but we like it when he's on them, it makes our (deal) a lot easier."

On how he's improved from last year
"I definitely feel like I can improve on last year, you know, but that's part of getting better – you look at (tape) and you talk to the coaches and realize what you need to get better at in the offseason. That's what I've been working on – working on my core strength and my lateral movement and just trying to be better in each area and I feel like I'm doing that."

On adjusting to the offensive side of the ball
"At (the University of) Arizona, I was given a lot of responsibility. Sometimes you try to force something and I limited myself big time by thinking linebacker, linebacker, linebacker. By being open to that (playing fullback), it has brought on a new opportunity for me, and I am really thankful for that."

On whether or not he misses playing linebacker
"Football is football. A lot of it is the same techniques. Linebackers have a different personality but to me it is all football. By doing this, I can still be a special teams member and it is something I care about."

On the difference between hitting as a fullback as opposed to linebacker
"It is all the same. Contact is contact and it is a reward now to get a good block and de-cleat someone."

On how last year prepared him for this season
"I would say I am just a little more comfortable and confident. Now, I am at ease and can focus on things better."

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