QB's take the Stage

Denver Broncos Quarterbacks Tim Tebow and Kyle Orton adressed the media following Friday's Mini Camp. Check out the full transcripts...

On today's practice
"It went well. I think these last two weeks, really, we've just kept on making improvement as an offense and really the communication and the execution is the best that it's ever been. Hopefully, we can keep on doing that and have two more solid days and hopefully be where we want to be, going into August."

On the quarterback competition
"I'm just focused on myself and just keeping on playing the way I am. I'm really happy with the way I'm playing and just really have more confidence right now than I've ever had."

On where his confidence comes from
"The way the entire offense has been playing gives me a lot of confidence. I'm giving the receivers a lot of chances to make plays and they've been doing it on a consistent basis. When the results are there, you just get a lot of confidence out of that."

On improvement from last year
"It's just night and day. There's really just no comparison between myself and anyone else who's been in this offense for two years."

On Broncos WR Brandon Lloyd
"I was with Brandon in Chicago for a year. Before he got injured that year, he was one of the best receivers and I really have a lot of confidence in Brandon. He's an explosive receiver, he's a guy that can make plays when he's covered and he's just an explosive guy. I think he's really coming into his own on this team. The guys have confidence in him, I have confidence in him and he's really had a heck of a spring."

On whether he has more of a comfort level with the wide receivers this year
"I think I have a (high) comfort level with all these guys. All these guys really run great routes – (WR) Jabar (Gaffney) runs great routes, is always where you want him to be. (WR) Eddie (Royal) is the same way, B-Lloyd (Brandon Lloyd) is the same way and our running backs are doing a great job, our tight ends, everybody really. I just hope we continue this enthusiasm and all of this effort that we're putting into it and carry it into August."

On Denver's first game being in Jacksonville, Fla.
"I thought it was definitely a little bit ironic and interesting, but I guess you have to approach it like any other game now."

On what to expect in his first game
"I don't really know what to expect. I have a long way before then, so I have a long time before I have to start worrying about that game."

On whether he sees any improvement at this time
"I think I am consistently improving. I have a long way to go. I have a lot of mistakes and a lot of things I have to correct."

On whether there is one part of his game he is working on more than others right now
"I guess just the reads and protections and everything. I need to work on it all, though."

On how quick the defensive backs are in the NFL
"Well, they are definitely small. I played against a lot of quick guys in college, you know. Here, they are just top of the line. More than that though they are all smart and intelligent and know when to break. They can read your routes and that makes them faster."

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