Schon: Rumors, Rants and Raves 6/19/10

Kyle Orton, Brady Quinn or Tim Tebow – two mediocre's and a rookie... whichever one gets the nod can expect a leash roughly the length of Tiger Woods'.

Ok, so we all knew it was going to happen… Kobe, Phil and…Ron Artest?

Well, maybe we didn't see the Artest thing … but you knew it was the Lakers season, the Lakers series and the Lakers shot for back to back…. It was Artest that was the Wild Card. He was also the one that provided the most colorful post game presser's I've ever witnessed. At one stage I lost count of how many times he thanked his shrink and pimped his new CD.

With the NBA all wrapped up we can concentrate on MLB and the NFL, more specifically the Rockies and the Broncos, who both seem to be suffering from the "I'd Rather Not Spend the Money" type of management mentality (ie. Elvis Dumervil), that will produce about as much success as last season.

Kyle Orton, Brady Quinn or Tim Tebow – two mediocre's and a rookie... whichever one gets the nod can expect a leash roughly the length of Tiger Woods'. It's kind of like trying to hang on to your girlfriend when Johnny Depp's on deck.

I'm calling it early – best case scenario, the Broncos finish slightly above .500, maybe 9-7. At worst they'll find themselves sharing ribs with the Kansas City Chiefs while Phillip Rivers (you know how much Bronco fans love him) and the San Diego Chargers flame out in AFC West postseason again.

As far as the Rockies, they took one in the junk when Tulo went down for six to eight weeks with a broken bone in his wrist, courtesy of Minnesota reliever Alex (I'm not making any vacation plans in Colorado) Burnett. Putting it in easier numbers to absorb, the best player in the Rockies lineup will be out somewhere in the neighborhood of 30+games - which may make you want to re-think the neighborhood.

Clint Barmes will move over from second - Jonathan Herrera will replace Barmes and Chris Nelson, the Rockies 2004 first-round pick will step up to the Big Show for depth.

If loosing Tulo wasn't enough to ruin your Latte – manager Jim Tracy's hobbling around on an ingrown toenail – probably the most painful of all the Rockies injuries.

(For those of you keeping track –in addition to Tulo and Tracy, the list of walking wounded includes pitchers Jeff Francis, Jorge De La Rosa and Huston Street).

With six-weeks to go until the MLB trading deadline (coincidentally the same amount of time Tulowitzki is expected to be out), the Rockies have a limited number of options in order to make 2010 a success.

Finding Ubaldo Jimenez Part 2 , securing an offense that would at least put up enough numbers to allow fans the $.25 cent Taco Bell promotion of 7-runs scored and finding a comfortable pair of shoes for the one of the best managers in professional sports.

Doesn't really sound like a lot, but for the Monforts, who actually have to dust off the checkbook every time they open it – it could be the world.

If you're anywhere near the 5280 you gotta check out BenchWarmers at their Aurora location - they've got a live band that's killing it tonight.... Enjoy

Michael John Schon has covered the National Football League and the Denver Broncos for the past twelve-years. As a member of the Pro Football Writers Association he has published and syndicated columns to both newspapers and magazines throughout the United States and Canada. His syndicated radio broadcast: "Schon Live" airs weekly on various radio and Internet stations around the country. You can follow all of Schon's updates on Twitter - Facebook or drop him an email at Michael John Schon

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