"Character is #1 for Me" - Elvis Dumervil

Broncos LB Elvis Dumervil spoke with the media to discuss his new contract extension and goals for the upcoming season.

On whether he had doubts about getting the contract extension worked out before training camp
"There was no doubt, but it was a bunch of uncertainty due to the CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) so it was something that I didn't really want to dwell on and I was hoping to get it done because I wanted to go into the season all football and so that was able to get done and that was a blessing in itself and I'm excited about that."

On the pressure on the defense this season
"If that's the case, we'd welcome that. I think the kind of guys we have on defense – that's what we're about. Even if the offense comes out and scores 30-something points, we want to limit people to very little points. I think with that said, if it comes down that way I think we have the talent and we have the focus and the maturity on defense to be able to get that done. "

On other teammates he expects to have big season this year
"I think we have guys all over. We have (LB) Robert Ayers – I think he had a tremendous offseason, looked good. We have (LB) Jarvis Moss who really had a really good offseason as well. I think we have a smart coaching staff as well where I'm sure I'm not just going to be on one point or the other; I'm sure I'll be moved around. If my sack total goes down and other guys make plays – that's what it's all about. It's not really about the numbers all the time, it's about how effective I can be in trying to free up someone else. As far as that guy – I don't know. We'll have to see when the time happens."

On his comfort level in the 3-4 system
"I'll say this: I'm a long ways from where I was last year, but I'm just getting started still – if that makes sense. It's just mentally; I feel a whole lot more comfortable as far as the position and knowing the coverage assignments. It's just not totally new anymore but the thing is, I do have to work on a few techniques that I really hammered on in training camp. I'm excited about that and working with (Broncos Defensive Coordinator Don) "Wink" (Martindale) and the linebackers coach so it's going to be great but there are a lot of things I need to critique and hit on the nail before the season starts."

On his professional approach to working out the new contract
"Well first, I think it starts with family. You're from a background of a family tree where you work hard and get what you put into it. Nothing comes easy and you appreciate things more and when you come out and you work. Good things happen to those people who just take care of business and not worry about what people say. I think more importantly, I had good mentors around me. My agent really did a terrific job with really helping me, guiding me through the process. My family is really supportive and so at the end of the day, I knew my value and there was no need to go out and pout or go out, you know, the way other guys may have handled things because I know that character is No. 1 for me and I knew if I could bring the stats along with that it gave me a good chance. It was nothing for sure, but I'll take my chances with that."

On what he has noticed about Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton this offseason
"The thing about Kyle (Orton) is that he is focused. That is for sure. He is taking charge of the offense in the huddle and you know a lot of guys in the locker room look to Kyle to lead the team. I think the way he conducts himself professionally – I am looking for Kyle to have a big year this year."

On how the addition of Broncos defensive lineman Jamal Williams has helped the team
"Oh, it is exciting to have a big guy like that inside. He will be able to push the pocket, and the experience he brings really in the 3-4 defense is exciting. Like I said, I am very honored to play along with him and get after people, so it is going to be a fun year."

On the messages he's received since signing the contract
"Actually, my phone exploded with text messages from a lot of important family members and friends. I try to sit back and realize what just happened. It is still a little shocking, not shocking, but it hasn't really sunk in much, but it is a great feeling to have.

" On whether or not he will have to prove he is worth the money now
"I love the game either way. Whether or not I had the contract or not, I was going to come out because I love the game. To me, it's more personal as far as the guys who came in with me. It goes deeper. I have many ways to keep me going, so with that I don't think the contract or me trying to prove I am worth the money is a situation for me."

On if he can be an even better football player than he has been
"I think I am just getting started, I really do. I feel like this is an opportunity to come into training camp and get better. Last year was my first year (in a 3-4 system), and like I said earlier, now with the same linebackers coach kind of going on with the same defense and to not have to learn a whole new system or position, I think that favors me a little."

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