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The great debate about Tim Tebow's mechanics may not be as critical as some believe. Tebow, the Broncos' rookie quarterback, has had so much coverage on his throwing mechanics, it was hard to get away from it leading up to the draft.

His long arm motion, in which he dipped the ball near his hip as he wound up to throw, was the often-cited reason why critics thought his pro career was doomed.

Sam Wyche and Marc Trestman, who spent plenty of time in the NFL working with quarterbacks, had private sessions with Tebow after Florida's season ended. And while Tebow's mechanics do need to improve -- his long arm motion will make his throws much more easy to read and will be broken up by NFL defenders if it isn't fixed -- the issue has been well overblown, the two coaches say.

"At the end of the day, mechanics are probably the last thing on the list or requirements to play quarterback at the highest level," Trestman said.

"That's very, very overdone," Wyche said about the attention paid to a quarterback's mechanics.

Not surprisingly, both coaches had good things to say about Tebow. They lauded his personality and work ethic, which shined through during their brief teaching sessions.

Wyche was struck by Tebow's intelligence, which he said is one of the most important attributes a quarterback needs to have. During the study sessions, Tebow was on top of every nuance Wyche could come up with.

"I tried to trick him at the blackboard every way I could think of," Wyche said. "I couldn't catch him."

No matter whether Tebow's mechanics are no big deal at all or the biggest obstacle to his NFL success, depending who you believe, they have gotten better. Tebow wasn't perfect in the offseason practices but had a more compact throwing motion. He had his poor practices, but that seemed to be a result of learning a complicated offense. Physically, he fit in fine.

Getting Tebow to do some little things better, such as footwork coming back from center -- which he rarely did in a shotgun-heavy offense at Florida -- and keeping his front arm in will help his accuracy, and Tebow said he also saw an increase in his velocity.

"Mechanics can be overrated, but they can be improved," Trestman said.

CAMP CALENDAR: The Broncos' rookies report to camp on July 26. The first full-squad practice is on Aug. 1. There is no public scrimmage planned, but one could be added. The final practice of training camp will take place Aug. 19.


--Jarvis Moss has been one of the more pleasant surprises of the Broncos' offseason. The former first-round pick looks more comfortable at outside linebacker in his second season at the position, and by his own admission is working harder this year.

"Jarvis has done a great job," head coach Josh McDaniels said. "He's done everything we've asked of him. He's done extra in the weight room and he's really put forth great effort in the classroom, on the field, over there in the weight room -- the lifting, the running sessions. He's a selfless guy that is just trying to do everything he can to help us win."

--Cornerback Perrish Cox, a fifth-round pick, has performed well in offseason practices and has positioned himself to compete for playing time if he has a good camp. He was a good returner in college, and that role might fit him too.

"He's trying to find a role in the kicking game as well as competing at both sides at corner," McDaniels said. "He hasn't disappointed us in terms of what we thought we were getting."

--When the Broncos released fullback Kyle Eckel injured, it didn't leave Denver many options at fullback. Spencer Larsen is the only true fullback on the roster. With little time before training camp, the Broncos hadn't made a move to sign another fullback.

The team could be depending on tight end Marquez Branson to play a hybrid role, linking up as a fullback/H-back on occasion.

--The Broncos announced their training camp schedule, and 20 practices will be open to the public. There is not a public scrimmage at Invesco Field at Mile High scheduled yet, but that hasn't been ruled out.

The Broncos are expecting huge crowds at camp this year, mainly because of the curiosity surrounding rookie quarterback and first-round pick Tim Tebow.

QUOTE TO NOTE: "The guy is a winner. I've been around too many that turned out good." -- Former NFL coach Sam Wyche on Broncos rookie quarterback Tim Tebow, who Wyche worked with this offseason.


The Broncos have little time to solve three major contract issues. First, outside linebacker Elvis Dumervil still awaits a contract extension. The last time the Broncos gave out a massive contract was 2004, to cornerback Champ Bailey, and Dumervil is asking for a lot of money. He deserves it as well, not just for his pass-rushing skill but because he is the kind of unselfish and hard-working player Josh McDaniels wants to build around.

The Broncos also have two first-round picks to sign. Receiver Demaryius Thomas and quarterback Tim Tebow need to get in camp because each has a lot of work to do to get up to speed in the NFL. Denver had two first-round picks last year, and both had short holdouts. Labor uncertainty in 2011 won't make things easier.

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