Camp Comments - Tim Tebow 7/30/10

Day One of the Tim Tebow Experience and the rookie had plenty to say to reporters once it was finished - check out the full transcripts...

"It felt great – it was so much fun just getting out here with my teammates and practicing and playing – and breaking a sweat was a lot of fun."

On being impatient to get out on the field
"I've been trying to be patient but it's been extremely hard."

On whether he was telling his agent to hurry and get the contract done
"(Laughing) We were definitely trying to push and get out here – I was – and I was blessed though with a great front office here and a great agent that handled everything and got it done and now I'm out here and I don't have to worry about anything except playing football."

On whether he feels that he's behind
"I think so, I've got to catch up on the installs that I missed and just keep working but that's something that I can control – my work ethic and just studying and trying to catch up so I'll look forward to that challenge."

On how late he'll be at the facility tonight
"(Laughing) Oh, we'll get it done, we'll get it done."

On the last month of the offseason
"I had to do a few trips but along the way I was here a lot, just training, studying, working out. Just trying to work on things that I needed to work on."

On how today's practice compares to when the full team will practice on Sunday
"I don't know. I think it's just waiting and seeing and come out here and practicing. This was (my) first practice and not everybody has pads yet so we've just got to come out in training camp and see how everything goes."

On whether it's a similar feeling to when he was a freshman at the University of Florida
"Well, it's a little bit different being an NFL player rather than being a freshman in college but you still get that feeling of just being new to everything and trying to learn and understand it and just trying to grow as fast as you can, so there are some similarities."

On handling pressure
"Well, I think I've had somewhat pressure on me the last few years and I don't really ever think about it because all I worry about is what I can control and that's my attitude, my effort and my focus. Those are all things that I can control – I can't control anything else so I'm really not going to spend much time worrying about it."

On the difficulty of not being able to participate in practice on Wednesday or Thursday
"I'll tell you what bothered me – my teammates out here practicing and I wasn't out here and I was looking forward to getting out there and just being with the team and not being separated or not being different. I was really looking forward to getting out here."

On his expectations for camp
"I've talked to a lot of veterans here, other veterans that I know around the league and different coaches and just tried to get a feel for what it's going to be like – how to prepare myself, my body, my mind, everything, the right nutrition program, the right rest program – all those things, just to handle it the right way."

On handling mistakes
"Absolutely and that's something that I'm going to have to deal with and can't get frustrated with – is making mistakes but not making the same mistake twice and that's kind of my goal for coming out here."

On his conversations with Broncos Head Coach Josh McDaniels
"Well, we talk a lot so there were a lot of conversations, but obviously he wanted me out here and I wanted to be here so it was just a matter of everybody just finishing it."

On whether he's focused more on mechanics or learning the playbook
"Well, I'm definitely focused on the playbook but I'm also focused on mechanics, my drops, my footwork, learning a new offense, the play-action fakes we've got, the different stuff that I'm not used to from college and so it's a combination of both, definitely."

On how he feels he's improved
"Well, I think I've improved a lot. I think this last month of just being able to work on those things really helped me mechanically too and then continuing to study and get better every day."

On former Broncos QB John Elway downplaying the importance of mechanics
"Well sometimes it definitely can be (overemphasized) because like he said, at the end of the day it's if you can get it to the receiver or not and how quickly you can get it to him, so I think it definitely improves your game. It can help, but also, you just got to be able to get it there."

On whether he's looking forward to contact
"(Laughing) I am looking forward to it – it may be a negative of mine is that I look forward to that and I'm a quarterback so you kind of have to stay calm but it is fun once Sunday gets out here and everybody is hitting - I'll get excited too."

On whether he's been warned about staying away from contact
"Well, I definitely have to be smart and I don't think they're going to let anybody hit me or me hit anybody so I think it's just going to be constantly doing drops, throwing and just learning the offense."

On whether he expects increased rookie hazing due to his endorsement deal with Jockey
"(Laughing) A few people have said a few things to me about it. Actually, Coach McDaniels was the first one to say something to me but you know, I'm sure I'll get some of it but it's all in good fun."

On what Coach McDaniels said to him
"(Laughing) ‘I just wonder if he's a boxer or brief guy.'"

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