Camp Quotes - WR Eddie Royal 8/2/10

Denver Broncos WR Eddie Royal discusses the struggles of Day Two and the offseason preparations made for his second camp under Josh McDaniels. Check out the full transcripts

On how today went for him
"Good. You know, the first few days are always tough, and you just have to push through. The guys are doing a good job of that."

On what he has worked on most this offseason
"Conditioning. You want to be able to run all day as a receiver – that's what you want to be able to do – outlast the defensive backs and come off the ball hard each play."

On what he did different this offseason as opposed to years past
"Hills and kind of more focus on long distance running, not as much strength lifting – just try to maintain and just running track workouts."

On how his mindset changed to make him want to try a new workout
"You look across the NFL and a lot of games are decided in the fourth quarter in the last two-minute drive and you want to be able to last – you want to be at your best when you need to be in the fourth quarter, so that's what we've been focusing on."

On what kind of distance running he did this offseason
"Like 400s, a lot of hill, resistance work, weight vest and so all the stuff you can think of I was doing. "

On the offense running a lap during practice
"It was just something. You jump off sides, you fumble the ball – you take a lap. It's just a reminder that you can't do those little things, so the whole time you are running around that lap the fans are cheering but we actually made some mistakes."

On where his comfort level is at compared to the last two seasons
"Well, it's my second year in the offense, so I am a little bit more comfortable in the offense. I know what every position is doing on the field as far the receivers, so you get comfortable with that and you know how to set other receivers up. You are being a decoy and you understand the offense and the ins and outs of it."

On his comfort level at the slot position
"I don't like to be labeled as a slot guy, but I do feel comfortable in there. Some of the stop-and-go stuff, quick cuts in and out – I like doing them both in the slot and on the outside."

On what he has seen from the young receivers
"They're big kids and they are learning on the run. They are throwing a lot at them right now, so it's tough on them but they are doing a good job out here."

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