Camp Quotes - Jarvis Moss 8/2/10

Four-year vet Jarvis Moss met with the media following camp today to discuss playing with Elvis Dumervilo, his offseason cdonditioning and his desire to make a contribution to the team.

On how he prepared during in the offseason
"I just put in time – just worked and ran. You know, I worked real hard all offseason and it's crazy, how winded you can still be out here during camp and stuff. You are just trying to give it your all. You know, I just put in the time. It's important to me."

On what has changed for him from last year
"You know, there was a lot of stuff on my plate last year –a lot of stuff that wasn't just football and a lot of stuff that built up on me. But I just had to sit down and take a deep look at myself and realize that I am a football player and this is what I love to do. I really couldn't tell you guys what I would be doing other than this, because I don't know. I just had to check myself, this is what I love. This is what takes care of me and my family and stuff like that, so it's serious now."

On if he is looking for more playing time
"I want to play. Being a starter, that's never been big on my list. Everybody would love to be, but I just want to contribute. I want to go ahead and start a legacy for myself and just live up to what people are expecting me to be. I know what I am capable of and I know what I expect to be."

On if he is bigger than last season
"A little bit. I gained about six or seven pounds over the offseason and (I'm) just trying to carry it better. I have been carrying it for a few months now, so I can move like I was light."

On if being bigger and stronger has helped him at his position
"Yeah, there's still a lot of stuff technique wise that I've got to get right. as far as myself is concerned, if that's what you are asking, but yeah I am stronger. I can feel that I am stronger."

On how the competition is going at linebacker
"I don't know. It's a competition, and that's what camp is always about. I don't want to say anything to make it seem like I am a starter or, you know, that's not even on my mind. I just want to help, and I want to get better and just do what the coaches are asking us to do out here and just gain their trust – whatever it takes."

On how important the linebacker position opposite LB Elvis Dumervil is
"Yeah, it's really huge. You know, a lot of spots are vital on this team and that's one of the key spots. Opposite Elvis right now is (LB) Robert (Ayers), and he is coming along. I am confident he is going to be a great player and that's just the type of team guy I am, Rob (Robert Ayers) is my friend and I am confident that he can get the job done, and I just want to convince the coaches that I am doing the same."

On how he likes playing the linebacker position
"I love it. I realize this is what I should have been doing, for a long time. This is the most comfortable I have felt at it, especially after the OTAs. It's kind of like I have been doing it for a few years now."

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