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The clock ticking down to the regular season gets louder and louder...

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(Subscriber) What We’ve Been T…

(Subscriber) What We’ve Been Told: As the Browns open the season Sunday at Tampa Bay, OBR Football Analyst Lane Ad… http://bit.ly/9h8Gf4

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Lauvao twisted his ankle, will…

Lauvao twisted his ankle, will be held out of practice. Titus Brown waived, Yates signed to roster.

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Sorry for the bad link. Here’s…

Sorry for the bad link. Here’s the right one: http://bit.ly/aMp6V7

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Lauvao Hurt; Yates Re-signed

Eric Mangini said that OL Shawn Lauvao twisted his ankle in practice on Wednesday and will be held out of practice today. OL Billy Yates was re-signed and LB Titus Brown was released. Mangini said that OL Floyd Womack was back at practice and he could play Sunday.

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@SwagmasterMan You’re referrin…

@SwagmasterMan You’re referring to Terrelle Pryor? I don’t know him, but having LeBron James for a mentor is the worst choice I can imagine.

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Latest Links from the OBR Newswire

These are links from the OBR Newswire for September 9th from 07:45 to 08:53:

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@BxLeister5 If they leave the …

@BxLeister5 If they leave the roster spot open, it won’t be for long. I expect we’ll know within 24 hours.

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@BxLeister5 We should find out…

@BxLeister5 We should find out about the rest of the transaction tomorrow.

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@BrownieTheElf Trade possible,…

@BrownieTheElf Trade possible, but I’d wager it’s someone they’re plucking of the waiver wire.

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@WFNYCraig The usual suspects:…

@WFNYCraig The usual suspects: OL & DL depth, CB, punter, WR. They seem happy with P and WR, so maybe I’m just wishing.

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Please forward today’s Twitter…

Please forward today’s Twitter stream to T. Pryor, titled “How to Tell When You’ve Picked the Wrong ‘Mentor’”

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@revbobmek All I can do is nod…

@revbobmek All I can do is nod my head in knowing agreement.

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Not yet. RT @CLE_sports @TheOB…

Not yet. RT @CLE_sports @TheOBR any news on who will be replacing him?

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Not yet. RT @CLE_sports @TheOB…

Not yet. RT @CLE_sports @TheOBR any news on who will be replacing him?

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And then there were ten: LB Ti…

And then there were ten: LB Titus Brown has been told he will be waived, per his agent.

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And then there were ten: LB Ti…

And then there were ten: LB Titus Brown has been told he will be waived, per his agent.

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RT @ReasonsImADrunk Interestin…

RT @ReasonsImADrunk Interesting. Not sure if we can believe anything written by this “John Taylor” person, though. @CFTalk ;-)

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@evilchameleon I don’t know if…

@evilchameleon I don’t know if I can hate on a Buckeye QB, but he needs better mentors, that’s for (expletive deleted) sure.

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(Sigh) RT @BEAUBISHOP Terrell…

(Sigh) RT @BEAUBISHOP Terrelle Pryor asking #buckeye fans not to boo LeBron James Saturday at the Show says he’s his mentor.

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Browns-Bucs Injury Report


LB D’Qwell Jackson (chest)

Did Not Participate In Practice:
DB Nick Sorensen (head)

Limited Participation In Practice:
LB Marcus Bernard (shoulder)
LB David Bowens (knee)
DL Shaun Rogers (ankle)
TE Robert Royal (ankle)
OL Floyd Womack (knee)



Did Not Participate In Practice:

Limited Participation In Practice:
QB Josh Freeman (right thumb)

Full Participation In Practice:
LB Niko Koutouvides (neck)
DT Brian Price (hamstring)
WR Maruice Stovall (ankle)

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Browns, Bucs Post Injury Report


Out: D’Qwell Jackson

Did Not Participate: Nick Sorensen

Limited Participation: Marcus Benard, David Boweens, Shaun Rogers, Robert Royal, Floyd Womack


Out: None

Did Not Participate: None

Limited Participation: Josh Freeman

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Player Quotes, 9/8

QB Jake Delhomme

(On how he has beaten Tampa Bay in nine of 11 games he has faced them as a starter)- "I think we've just played some decent games against them. Every one was hard-fought and whatnot, it just is what it is, but certainly they are an extremely tough matchup."

(On the pressure to turn this team around)- "I think the biggest thing has been my same approach since I've been here in the spring. It's just come and just play football. Let the offense work for itself and that's that I tried to do all preseason. I think we did a decent job of that and that's my same approach this week, don't change who you are or what you are. Things have kind of gone somewhat smoothly I would say so far, and I just try to keep that same approach."

(On being elected as one of the team captains)- "That's always an honor to me. Anything you get to accomplish, one to be a player in the National Football League, but to be elected captain, that was always something that means more to me than just about anything else because it's voted on by the people that know you best. It's special."

(On the assumption that quarterbacks are usually team captains)- "Not necessarily. I am who I am. Certainly, I think the quarterback position naturally gets all the press and things like that. It's something that I take with great, great pride and I try to do the best that I can."

(On what he is challenging this team to accomplish as captain)- "I don't think I need to challenge this team on anything. We want to try and be a winner. That's been our whole focus all offseason, all training camp and everything. We want to play consistent football and we want to help make the Browns a winner. That's why we're all here. We play this game for one reason and one reason only, and that's to win."

(On if Tampa's defense changed after their new coach took over last season)- "We played them before, and then after. I did not the second game, I was out the second game with an injury. They go back to a little more Tampa Two stuff and whatnot. The biggest thing is that we have to be prepared for anything. It's opening week, every team has a wrinkle. That's the blueprint for the National Football League. Some things teams have worked on all spring long, that's just the way it goes, so we just have to be prepared for anything. Since Raheem (Morris) took over the last five or six games, whatever it was last year, they have some ball hawks. They are very disciplined in what they do. Having Ronde Barber still there, having Barrett Ruud still there, Gino Hayes and Quincy Black, those linebackers being in that system. Tanard Jackson is a guy who I watched go from a rookie, just getting better and better. They're going to be solid and they're going to be flying around. They'll be juiced up."

(On playing in the warm weather in Tampa)- "There's no doubt about it, it's going to be warm. We opened up with them when I was with the Saints the first game of the season and certainly we practiced in the heat and humidity in New Orleans. It's hot, it will be hot no matter anyway you look at it. In Carolina, we played them early in the season. It's going to be very hot. You have just got to hydrate and be as ready as you can. That's something that if you worry too much about, I think it will affect you. It's going to be hot, you have just got to go out and get your body ready as well as you can and play."

(On the emotions of opening day)- "It's always different, I think, every year. Especially for young guys, it will be different. It seems like you always have the fly-over for the openers and whatnot and those, for whatever reason, makes the spine just tingle. For me, it's always special because you never know when it's going to be your last season opener. That's how I've approached it in the last couple of years, you just have to enjoy it. The emotions do fly, there's just something about it. Being a part of an NFL team, it's great. It's opening day."

(On if this opener will be especially different being with a new team)- "I think the newness has kind of worn off for me, with the preseason and things like that."

(On if the offense is playing at a faster tempo)- "Somewhat, yes. It's something that we worked on in the offseason and we practiced a good bit. How much we'll use it this week, we're not sure yet. It's something that we were just experimenting with just to see. They do play fast, they are very sound in a lot of the things that they do. When you play fast and you are very sound, guys kind of play loose and free and that's when they're their best."

(On how he feels going into this season)- "I feel good, I feel very good. I'm very excited to go out and play. Like I keep saying, I think I enjoy it and I appreciate it so much more the older I get. To think, I'm going into my third decade of playing football in the National Football League. I literally pinch myself. I'm excited and ready to go."

DB Joe Haden

(On how he feels about his preseason going into the regular season)- "Personally, I feel like I did better every game. I took a step every game and I'm just getting ready. I just feel like I'm getting a whole lot better and the preseason definitely helped me out. It just got me a whole lot more game-ready and I feel like I'm ready for the season now."

(On if the heat will affect him Sunday)- "The heat? No, no. It definitely won't be a factor. That's where I played in Florida, so that's where I usually played at. I'm used to the heat, so that won't be a factor at all."

(On if it is special to be playing his first NFL game in the same state where he played his collegiate career)- "It is, definitely. A lot of my classmates and people that are still out there said that they are going to come to the game. That's real special."

OL Joe Thomas

(On the diversity on offense)- "We definitely are going to have some more wrinkles than we did last year. I think the first year, under any system, you are just kind of getting your feet wet and are starting to understand how things are supposed to work. Now that we have another year under our belt in this system and we added a guy named Seneca Wallace who can do some different things and bring some new things to the table. There is a lot more creativity we are going to be able to use this year."

(On the right side of the offensive line)- "There are some decisions that need to be made on the right side, but we have got a lot of capable guys over there. I'm very confident that whoever gets the start and gets the nod over there is going to do great and he is going to have some good backups behind him."

(On how Shawn Lauvao has done)- "I think Shawn has done a great job. Obviously, he is a rookie and sometimes it's hard for rookies to come into this league and play well right away, but he has come in and he has played like a veteran right away. I think that really instills a lot of confidence at the right guard position."

DB T.J. Ward

(On Sunday being his first game and facing a player the caliber of Kellen Winslow)- "I don't really think about that too much. I just concentrate on my assignments, on what I need to do, what I need to do to get better and work on the game plan. Coming into this, of course you got to study your opponent, but him being the caliber tight end he is I really don't think about that too much."

(On how he has improved since camp)- "I think I'm a smarter player. I'm definitely more experienced, just working on the little things, the fine tuning things, different techniques. I'm still a rookie I haven't even played my first game yet so of course I have a lot of experience to still get down, but I think those are two of the things."

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Transcript: Eric Mangini, 9/8

(Opening statement)- "Good morning everybody. Just one quick announcement, we had our captains election and the captions for the season on offense will be Jake Delhomme and Joe Thomas, on special teams it will be Phil Dawson and Josh Cribbs and on defense it will be Scott Fujita and Robaire Smith. With that process the guys vote on it and whatever the vote is that's who the captains are. I have always believed in doing it that way and what we will do is we'll get together once during the week and meet sort of a state of the union type meeting. if there's any suggestions or anything that they want to add or any questions that I have its formalized that way. If anything comes up during the course of the week at a different time they are always welcome to come talk to me at any time as is any player. I really like the group of guys that were elected and I think they'll do a great job.

"In terms of Tampa Bay and talking to the team what I told them is their finish was similar to our finish last season they finished 2-1. I know there is a little bit of a difference but they beat New Orleans in overtime and they made a lot of progress as the season went on. I think especially defensively they improved in quite a few categories and as you look at their defense last year they were very successful in the passing game they were 10th in pass yards per game and first downs achieved through passing and it's an area which I think is a strength of theirs. The other thing that they have down well is turn the ball over. Finishing up 10th in the NFL in take aways with the bulk of those being interceptions which again ties into the passing game and then followed by fumbles. They are ninth in the league in interceptions. This is a team that has the ability to create turnovers and they've shown that last year. In their running game, they had some struggles last season but they have done quite a bit this year in terms of the young guys they have added to the defensive line and some other people they have added to that group. I have seen the improvement in the preseason in that area.

"Offensively it's a veteran offensive line, it's a group that's played together for a while now, they added Keydrick Vincent but he's a veteran guy. He's fit in well. They've got that experience of working together and didn't give up very many sacks last season. I think they run the ball effectively. I think Cadillac (Carnell Williams) does a nice job, he's a very physical tough back with good balance and the young kid that they have from Hofstra, (Kareem) Huggins, he's fast a 4.35 coming out of college. It's a little bit of a different look when he's in the game. They've shown some Wildcat in the preseason, I don't know how much they will do that. They have some options there whether it's (Michael) Spurlock who's going to be their kickoff and punt returner, whether they use Josh Johnson some in there, he is very effective with running the ball as well. They have shown some of that. That's another way that they could potentially run the ball and run the ball effectively. In the passing game Kellen (Winslow) had an exception season last year and I'm sure he'll be able to continue to pressure defenses the way that he does. I like their young group of wide receivers, Mike Williams from Syracuse, I thought had an outstanding preseason. Sammie Stroughter who can also return punts and kicks, he's done some nice things for them. They've got Maurice Stovall who is a little different size than the other guys that I've talked about and can go up and get the ball. They added Arrelious Benn, they've got a good group of players there. I think an emerging group of players in the passing game in addition to having Kellen (Winslow) and the things that he can do. With Josh Freeman one of the most different things in defending him is that he is similar to (Ben) Roethlisberger in the sense that he can extend plays. He can either run with the ball, which he does effectively, but he can extend plays and throw on the run. There are quite a few shots last year and the limited exposure this preseason of him getting out of the pocket, extending the plays and making some things happen with his feet, which is always a challenge, similar to what Seneca (Wallace) can do and does.

"Their special teams finished second last year overall in terms of the unofficial rankings and it's a good group. They block punts, they block field goals, they've been very effective in kickoff return and punt return and kickoff coverage. There are not a lot of weaknesses in this group and I think this is going to be a series challenge right off the bat for our group which I think is a good group. They waived Clifton Smith who led the NFL in kickoff return yardage last year and that's how deep they are. Spurlock I think does an excellent job. He's got touchdowns both as a punt returner and kick returner and they can put Sammie Stroughter back there. He's kind of the same thing, a threat to go the distance and they've worked some other guys there as well who have been effective. They have got a bit of depth at returner."

(On what it says about Jake Delhomme and Scott Fujita in being named captains their first year on the team)- "I think it's great and I have had that happen different times. We brought Alan Faneca in, he was elected a captain in New York. They are really good people. They have inherent leadership qualities. What I always look for in captains is they're always pushing the group to do the right thing. Sometimes you can do the convenient thing or the popular thing but you need your captains, you need your leadership to push everybody to do the right thing in a way that people will want to follow. I think all of those guys have those attributes. With Robaire Smith, he's tough, he's physical, he is really smart and contentious and even though he is a little bit more quiet than the rest of those guys that we talked about its apparent. His leadership is felt in other ways. I like the group a lot."

(On when he knew Delhomme would be a good fit with the Browns)- "I did my background on Jake as well and everything that people said about him was positive. You couldn't find one person, you couldn't find a disparaging word and you're not looking for that. You're just looking to get to the truth. It was person after person, it didn't matter who you talked to whether it was the head coach, the offensive coordinator, the defensive coordinator, players that he played with, people in the building it just was universal the type of guy that he is. Here's a guy who's had a lot of success. He's come up the hard way, but he's had a lot of success and it hasn't changed him one bit. That was always one of the things I always liked about Tom Brady, had a ton of success and he was the same guy every time I dealt with him he was the same guy and that's hard to do. You get a lot of praise and all of the things that come with success and to be that grounded, I think it's a special trait."

(On if Delhomme is throwing the ball better this year)- "There are a lot of good examples of him throwing the ball well last year. I know the one number is the interceptions but with that, Jeff (Schudel), it's not always the quarterback sometimes it's partly the protection, sometimes it's the routes. He obviously gets the bulk of that responsibility and you have to make good decisions there, but that stuff is accumulative effort, and there were a lot of plays on that tape that were really good throws, really good decisions. The other thing is sometimes you have an off year and we've all had them but as you look at the course of his career he has been a pretty consistent winner."

(On who will start on the right side of the offensive line)- "Floyd (Womack) will be back today and should practice some today so we will see how that goes. Both he and Shaun (Lauvao) will work there at the right guard spot and we will make a decision later in the week on who is going to start. It's the same thing with John (St. Clair) and Tony (Pashos) there're both working with the one's and the two's. My assumption is they all go to the game so they need to be prepared either way however they get the reps and I'll make that decision later in the week as well. That's the thing with the depth chart, you have to put somebody first, put somebody second and you can't slash it so that's really where we are at."

(On if David Veikune has a future in the league)- "I do, I do think he does. Unfortunately we couldn't wait any longer for him to continue to develop although I think he made significant strides from where he was and he's a hard worker, he's a smart guy and he's learned a new position. You wish you had plenty of time to be able to keep letting these guys develop. We just couldn't at this point and had to make a decision. Titus Brown I think has developed and done a nice job since I have been here. You get a guy like Marcus Benard, he's done some nice things. Those decisions are never easy and you want every decision to work out well and have the time to do that but we just couldn't."

(On if it was especially disappointing because Veikune was a high draft pick)- "You want to be right on every pick, you really do. It's such an exact science. You would love to have the time to push through with every guy and say, ‘Okay this is where you think his ceiling is going to be,' I don't think David has reached that yet. I think he is working towards it. Like I said I think he's made strides but we couldn't wait any longer at this point."

(On why Veikune didn't have enough time to develop)- "It's not always just about one person, it's about the other people too and I think Titus has done a really nice job. I think that Marcus Benard has done a really nice job so you look at it not just in a vacuum of one person you look at as the group of people and you make decisions based on that."

(On if Marcus Benard is capable of starting)- "He's a lot closer than he was and I feel totally comfortable putting him in the game and playing. In terms of starting or not to me it's whether you feel comfortable playing a guy in that role, and I do. His jump was really significant between last year and this year and where you saw some of his skill sets early was as a sub pass rusher in those packages but he's continually worked at first and second down as well. If we were to play him, there's no hesitation to on my part or on the defensive coaches' parts."

(On if he wants to keep Eric Barton in the rotation because of his familiarity with the defensive scheme)- "Eric plays inside and a lot of those other guys play outside, so it's the balance of the inside and outside. Really, Eric, doesn't go outside."

(On if he could put Marcus Benard on the outside and Scott Fujita on the inside and have Barton off the field)-"Another part of that is, is it better to have Eric inside and Fujita outside or Fujita inside and Marcus outside? You look at those combinations and you build it in and then kind of go from there. My expectation is that anybody that goes to the game on Sunday is going to have to play. Considering the first game and all of the excitement that goes with that, the fact that there's going to be multiple reps, it's just totally different. It's going to be a little warmer down there than what we have been used to. Everybody has to be ready to play and everybody has to be able to play well when they are called on. I believe in that as much as much as you can during a game, get guys in and it makes you stronger as a unit in the fourth quarter if each guy has taken a part of the game."

(On if he has a good idea who his 45 active players will be for Sunday)- "Yes, I have a pretty good idea. You always have to wait because you don't know what is going to happen during the course of the week, but you start on Tuesday. These are the guys we think are going to be inactive, you try to practice accordingly, but you can't not practice those guys because that could change pretty quickly too. You want to give the offense, defense and special teams an idea of this is who should be up, this is who probably is not going to be up and make sure you balance the reps accordingly."

(On Tampa Bay potentially using the Wildcat and the Browns having components of the Wildcat themselves allows the Browns to not have to spend as much time preparing for it)- "It's not all the same plays. There's been very limited exposure to it from Tampa in the preseason. They may have 20 plays out of it, they may have five, they may have two, you don't know. You also don't know how they are going to build it, so it's an awareness thing. You have a concept of this how we are going to defend what are traditional Wildcat plays, then maybe something that we haven't seen, we haven't thought of. You just have got to adjust to those."

(On if Nick Sorensen will be able to play Sunday)- "I don't think we are going to know that until the end of the week. You have got to go through all of the steps with that. That's what we will do during the course of this week, so I couldn't say no right now and I couldn't say yes right now."

(On if he met with Kellen Winslow before the team traded him)- "I did not meet with him before we traded him, no."

(On what went into the decision to trade Winslow)- "It was something that we talked about at the time. It was an opportunity from a trade perspective that we talked about and it's the decision that we made at that point. Look, he's a very good player and I really respect the things that he does as a player."

(On if Winslow asked to be traded)- "That wasn't part of the equation that I remember. It's been a little while."

(On if T.J. Ward will have some responsibility covering Winslow Sunday)- "There will be combinations of how we are going to play it. Some will be based on formation, some could be based on matchups. I'm sure there will be times where he will be in that situation. Yes, it's tough, but it's not going to get any easier for him as we go on. The guys that he's going to be asked to deal with throughout the course of the year, they're all pretty good."

(On if the need to improve on covering athletic tight ends, like Antonio Gates, was a priority this offseason)- "Some of those plays last year, I thought we just played it really poorly. There was one where they threw up the jump ball and he jumped over two of our guys. We had him double-teamed, I don't know what else we could have done at that point. It's hard. I think Ben Watson will create some problems for people, I think Evan Moore will create some problems for people. You like to have those guys because they do add some pressure inside the box and take some pressure outside of the perimeter. We drafted Dustin Keller in New York kind of for that same reason."

(On if having reliable tight ends and running backs takes pressure off of wide receivers in the passing game)- "My hope and expectation is that we will throw it to all of them. You can't get into a situation where they can load the box, take out the inside part of the defense and us not be able to throw outside. There are going to be times where that's the case and those guys have to win. Ideally though, what you have is a balanced enough offense where if they are doing that, you can win outside. If they are not doing that, you can win inside. You can create some pressure with your backs on the linebackers as well. Offensively, we are always talking about horizontally stretching the field, vertically stretching the field and having multiple guys to pressure their weaknesses. That's what we have been working at doing in adding the players that we have added"

(On if Shaun Rogers made it through practice Monday alright)- "Yes, for the part that is really sort of the intro to get back on the field work. For the part that we asked him to do, there were no issues. He'll do some more here today, some more the next day. It's a progression that he's following through the week."

(On Steve Vallos and Derrick Roberson)- "With Vallos, he was actually a guy that I spent time with prior to the draft. I remember he's a very bright kid. I liked the meeting, I liked him coming out of college and then Seattle ended up getting him. When he became free, obviously Mike (Holmgren) had more experience with him than I did from a coaching perspective, but the time that I had spent with him, that exposure and the college tape, he was a guy that I liked as well. Then with Roberson, he is a guy that Brad (Seely) and I had talked about when the cuts had come out because he is a very good special teams player. In college, he had always been a conscientious student of the game, you know, the typical buzz words that go with those types of guys. He seems to have intensity when he plays and even in meeting with him and talking with him, you feel that as well. That's what we were looking for from him."

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Ward Will Be Tested In Debut: …

Ward Will Be Tested In Debut: Tampa Bay’s seemingly only offensive weapon, tight end Kellen Winslow, will be not o… http://bit.ly/bncOtO

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Twitter Updates for 2010-09-08

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Jeff B’s Season Preview: What’…

Jeff B’s Season Preview: What’s that hiding behind Jeff Biletnikoff’s sofa? Is that….. hope? Here’s Jeff’s seaso… http://bit.ly/cXeULu

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Hall of Fame Sponsors “Browns Tailgate Triumph”

We got this from the fine folks in Canton earlier today…

Cleveland Browns fans are invited to tailgate at the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Sunday, Sept. 12 for the third annual Browns Tailgate Triumph. The pre-game tailgate party, which begins at 10 a.m. ET, will be held in the Hall of Fame's Plaza Tent. A special ticket price includes admission to the tailgate party, admission to the Hall of Fame, lunch provided by Quaker Steak & Lube, and Miller and Pepsi products. The cost is $20 for adults and $15 for kids 14 years and under.

Cleveland Browns alum Joe "Turkey" Jones will be on hand at the Browns Tailgate Triumph from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. to meet and greet guests and for photo opportunities.

Jones, a defensive end, was drafted by the Browns in the second round of the 1970 NFL Draft. He was traded to the Philadelphia Eagles in 1974 but returned to Cleveland midway into the following season and remained with the Browns through 1978. He finished his 134-game NFL career by playing two final seasons with the Washington Redskins.

Guests can then enjoy watching the Browns game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. Kickoff is slated for 1 p.m. ET. The game will be shown on large TV screens in the tent as well as inside the Hall of Fame on the Hall's 12' X 12' screen in the NFL Films Theater.

Fan contests, including a Madden 2011 tournament, a wing-eating contest, and a family punt, pass and kick competition on the Hall of Fame's FieldTurf are scheduled throughout the afternoon. Prizes including Fathead collectibles, sports apparel and gift certificates will be given away.

Those attending the Browns Tailgate Triumph can also register for a chance to win a special football weekend package for round trip transportation for four aboard a chauffeured General RV motorhome to attend the Browns-Steelers game in Pittsburgh on Sunday, Oct. 17, 2010.

For more information about the Browns Tailgate Triumph visit Profootballhof.com or call (330) 456-8207.

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Posted by: Don Delco
on September 8th, 2010 AT 10:15 AM

Bucs fans may miss opener

If you thought Jacksonville was struggling with attendance, well, about 200 miles southwest, Tampa is having similar issues.

Sunday’s opener against Cleveland may be blacked out according to Buccaneers officials. It’s hard to believe the “Yuccaneers” won the Super Bowl less than 10 seasons ago.

Since, Tampa Bay is in “rebuilding” mode and the fan base has grown indifferent with its professional football team.

?”That word scares me more than anything,” former Bucs quarterback and now local sports-talk host Shaun King told the Tampa Tribune. “I’d rather have the fans more passionate, one way or the other. It seems most are in the ‘I don’t really care’ mode.”

Tampa Bay is coming off a 3-13 season. ?There is a uncertainly with the direction of the franchise. Finally, the state’s economy is not doing well. Add those up and the team two preseason home games Aug. 21 and Aug. 28 were blacked out.

The Tampa Tribune reported blackouts are possible in 11 markets this season and 22 blackouts occurred in the NFL last season with the cities it reached were Detroit, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Oakland and St. Louis.

Four of the Browns eight regular season home games are sold out.

As bad as the economy has been for all areas of the country, the NFL seems to be hurting itself. Have you ever spent a Sunday at someone’s house with DirecTV’s NFL Ticket? You can jump from game to game in spectacular high definition or select a chanel that takes you to any game that has a team in the red zone. No bathroom lines. No $9 beers. No $30 parking.

Fans aren’t stupid, NFL.

Posted by: Don Delco
on September 8th, 2010 AT 9:07 AM

Two outta three (?) ain’t bad

Yesterday, the Browns released linebacker David Veikune. In 2009, Veikune was a second-round pick and in his rookie season, he saw action in 10 games.

He did not record a tackle.

He did not record a sack.

He did not record a pass break up.

He did not record a fumble recovery.

It is well documented the Browns’ second round draft picks in the 2009 draft was head scratching and frustrating. With three picks, the Browns selected Brian Robiskie 36th, Mohamed Massaquoi 50th and Veikune 52nd.

Massaquoi showed flashes his rookie year. It appears Robiskie has overcome a horrendous first season. But both were second-round picks where plenty of talent resides. Two wide receivers and a undersized linebacker/defensive end in round two? Hopefully Massaquoi and Robiskie can continue to improve.

Meanwhile, Veikune’s small size made him an akward presence on the Browns defnese. Was he an outside linebacker? Defensive end? It doomed the Hawaii product. So why did the Browns select him?

It was reported Browns coach Eric Mangini saw Teddy Buschi like qualities in Veikune.

That didn’t happen.

As we dive into the”What If” file, running back LeSean McCoy, running back Shonn Greene and offensive tackle Phil Loadhold were all still available when the Browns selected Veikune.

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I posted the podcast of yester…

I posted the podcast of yesterday’s Zeppe’s Pizzeria OBR Radio program yesterday. Click and listen! Here’s the link: http://bit.ly/aIT7vd

Posted by: Barry McBride
on September 8th, 2010 AT 8:37 AM

Long Odds Against the Browns

I’m not much into gambling, personally, but I always think it’s interesting to see what people who put their money on the line are saying about the Browns. Here are some various odds around the Browns season provided to us by the folks from Bodog.com.

People bet on how many yards Brian Robiskie will get? Wow. Alrighty then!

?Team Odds

Odds to win the 2011 Super Bowl XLV

Cleveland Browns 100/1

Odds to win the 2010 AFC Championship

Cleveland Browns 50/1

Odds to win the AFC North Division

Cleveland Browns 11/1

Cleveland Browns – Total wins in the 2010 NFL Regular Season

Over 5½ (-125)

Under 5½ (-105)

2010 NFL – Will the Cleveland Browns Make the Playoffs?

Yes +500

No -800

Player Performance Odds

Jake Delhomme – Total Passing Yards in the 2010 NFL Regular Season

Over/Under 2500

Jake Delhomme – Total TD Passes in the 2010 NFL Regular Season

Over/Under 12.5

Colt McCoy – Total Starts at QB in the 2010 NFL Regular Season

Over/Under 0.5

Jerome Harrison – Total Rushing Yards the 2010 NFL Regular Season

Over/Under 800

Jerome Harrison – Total TD's in the 2010 NFL Regular Season

Over/Under 5.5

Mohamed Massaquoi – Total Receiving Yards in the 2010 NFL Regular Season

Over/Under 650

Brian Robiskie – Total Receiving Yards in the 2010 NFL Regular Season

Over/Under 400

Josh Cribbs – Total Receiving Yards in the 2010 NFL Regular Season

Over/Under 375

Josh Cribbs – Total Rushing Yards the 2010 NFL Regular Season

Over/Under 250

Josh Cribbs – Total TD's in the 2010 NFL Regular Season

Over/Under 3.5

Will Eric Mangini be the Head Coach of the Cleveland Browns for Game 1 of the 2011 NFL Regular Season?

Yes +160

No -200

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(Subscriber) Xs & Os: Davis a …

(Subscriber) Xs & Os: Davis a \”Factor Back\”?: Doug Farrar takes a look at whether James Davis can make an impact… http://bit.ly/9auM46

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Zeppe’s Pizzeria OBR Radio Pod…

Zeppe’s Pizzeria OBR Radio Podcast: The Turk has come and left, Montario Hardesty gets hurt, Shaun Rogers gets bet… http://bit.ly/bCGRL1

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