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6:28 PM

Browns have listed Jackson and Sorensen OUT for Sunday’s game, and Lauvao doubtful. Rogers, Benard, and Womack questionable, Royal probable.

Brian Daboll Press Conference Transcript
Barry McBride on September 10th, 2010 AT 6:24 PM

(On how much weight he has lost)- "I lost quite a bit, 72.6 (joking).  I've lost over 70 pounds."

(On his impressions of Jake Delhomme)- "He's been great, a true pro. He understands the game.  You can tell the guy's a winner, he's been a winner.  He's been to the big game.  I'm glad he lost that game, but he's a consummate pro."

(On Delhomme statistically outplaying Tom Brady in Super Bowl XXXVIII)- "I couldn't tell you those stats.  I know that he lost, that's about it.  He's been really good.  I was a receiver coach then.  At the end of the game, I'm like ‘Oh crap, they're taking the ball down the field.'  He had a good game that day.  Fortunately, it wasn't good enough."

(On how much easier Delhomme makes his job)- "He's been great.  He can really operate the offense effectively, whether we are in the huddle or whether we are not in the huddle.  Just to have Jake around, he's so experienced.  Some of the things you just can't teach with that guy.  He's just a guy that you can tell he has been around so many other good guys in his career, he just gets it.  He's just one of those guys that gets it.  He's just a true leader and I hope he has a really good season for us."

(On how much more he can do with the offense with a quarterback like Delhomme)- "We are not changing a whole bunch, relative to plays or anything like that.  I think it's just some of the plays that I've run before, he's run before, whether it be with Dan (Henning) or Jeff (Davidson).  He's got a pretty good grasp and we'll load his plate up with as much as he can handle, which is quite a bit."

(On if Joshua Cribbs is a legitimate threat at receiver)- "I think he's done a really good job. I'm looking for him to have a good year, both at receiver and whatever else we ask him to play."

(On Cribbs' enthusiasm for his role on offense and him saying that coaches are having to ‘hold him down' because of it)- "I don't know, you will have to ask him.  I've been pleasantly surprised with him.  We have had a lot of good conversations.  We do have a lot of stuff in for him because he's a very good playmaker.  I hope he's excited about it.  I hope he goes out and he does a really good job with the multitude of things he's going to have to do."

(On if Seneca Wallace is potentially a good addition to the offense)- "Seneca is definitely a good addition.  I didn't know a whole bunch about him when Mike (Holmgren) made the trade for him.  I'll tell you what, I've been very happy with him.  Not just doing some of the things that he might do non-traditionally, but as a true quarterback too.  He can sling the ball, he's smart, he's picked up the system very well and the other things we do with him, I think those will be some good additions."

(On how he feels he has grown into his role as offensive coordinator)- "I think any time you get a year under your belt in any profession, any job you do, you need to feel better about it.  Not only that, you get here and you get some new coaches that you haven't been working with and the coaches that we have that we work with offensively have been doing a great job, but you didn't work with any of those guys before you got here.  You have to grow as a staff and then you have got the players.  The preseason games, just calling it, you get in the flow and I feel better.  I do."

(On if he feels like he ‘prevailed' by the offense not changing with the new regime that has come in)- "No,  I think we are going to run any of the plays we can run to help us win.  The offense that I came from in New England has been a successful offense and the offense that Mike had has obviously been successful.  What's great is I can walk down the hall and say, ‘Hey Mike, what do you think about this?'  He has been great.  He's made it clear that, ‘This is your stuff.  Whatever I can do to help.'  I'll go down there any time I need to to ask him."

(On how often he goes to Holmgren for advice)- "I don't know.  I don't keep the tally marks up, but any time I have something.  If I need to ask him something about a certain thing, I have no hesitation to do that."

(On the passing game having multiple options at various positions to take pressure off of the young wide receivers)- "For an effective passing game, you have to have everybody doing their job, whether it be the protection or the tight ends or the backs or receivers.  I think that's what those guys pride themselves on at each position is making sure that each person is accountable to do what they need to do in their part of the play.  Part of the quarterback's job is to find the open guy.  Go through his reads, make sure he's reading the coverage the right way and distribute the ball to whoever it is.  It's not just, ‘Hey, we are going to throw it to Mohamed (Massaquoi).'  It's whoever is the open guy and that's the philosophy that I kind of learned under and which I believe in."

(On if players were open on a regular basis and the quarterbacks were at fault for not finding them)- "So much of last year is in my rear-view mirror, not to coach-speak or anything like that.  There was a variety of problems last year. I'm kind of excited about it this year in getting ready to go with the guys that we have.  We have got three new quarterbacks.  I don't know how many times that's been done, relative to bringing new guys in, but it's an exciting time right now.  We'll see what we can do on Sunday."

(On how much Benjamin Watson is going to help the offense)- "Hopefully a lot.  I have a good familiarity with him from back at New England. I think the world of the guy, not just as a player, as a person, as a dad.  He's a great guy.  We can kind of speak the same language, "Hey, remember we called it this?  Boom, boom, boom, great.'  He's a really good leader.  He's a day to day guy, you know what you are going to get from him.  I think he's good for the offense in terms of he's very consistent in his approach.  I think he's helped out guys like Evan (Moore) and some other guys.  The same thing with the other guy, Peyton (Hillis), who we brought in.  He came from a similar deal too, with Josh's (McDaniels) deal.  ‘It's just this, okay?  It's not that.'  Jake and I can go three different languages, so it's pretty good."

(On why Watson never had an 800-yard receiving season)- "Because I was always telling Tom (Brady), ‘Throw it to those receivers,' because I was the receivers coach (joking).  He was productive there at New England for them and now they have got a bunch of different guys, and I can't speak for when I wasn't there, but when I was there, he always made plays when he had opportunities to."

(On if Watson is as good as Antonio Gates or Kellen Winslow)- "I can only speak for the guys that I have been around and he's been a pretty effective tight end for the guys that I have been around."

(On if Montario Hardesty's injury has affected the game plan for the season)- "No, great guy I feel terrible for him. You hate to see that happen to anybody.  He had seven carries for us and that's what he had and he was out. I know he is going to be rehabbing and getting better.  You just role with the guys that you have.  That number 40 (Peyton Hillis) he's not too bad either.

(On if he still feels good about the running game without Hardesty)- "Yes, because that's who we've had all training camp.  Unfortunately, Montario wasn't out there to be able to practice so we were working with J.C. (Jerome Harrison) we were working with Peyton, we were working with James Davis.  Those were the guys that got all the reps and those are the guys that are going to end up playing."

(On if Peyton Hillis was a pleasant surprise)- "Yes, I'm happy with Peyton.  I was on offense at the Jets and I remember Eric (Mangini) talking about him a bunch.  He kind of run through us when we were there.  He's a hardnosed guy, tough, got good size, very selfless kind of guy.  Not knowing him, I think he's been a really good addition to the team."

(On what mad the run offense click last season)- "We ran it like 50 times a game (joking). No, the line did a good job.  I just kept running it over and over again and they took some pride in it relative to before then.  Hopefully, we can keep that going a little bit."

(On if the run success was realistic because they didn't play the best teams)- "What are those numbers? They've got to be realistic then, it happened.  It's pro football.  In my opinion, every team you're going to play is a good football team.  They've got good players defensively, offensively and you have to go out and execute on a game basis.  It doesn't matter who you're playing, what you think of us when we played you, you've got to bring your lunch pail to work every day and execute the plays and make it work.  Testament to the guys last year, they made it work at the end of the year.  Now we'll see where we are going to be this year."

(On what he thinks about Gerald McCoy)- "Explosive, he's got some very good pass rush moves, high energy.  Everything a first round type of guy should look like in my opinion.  He hasn't played a game yet, but I think he's a pretty good player.  I can see why he was taken that high."

(On if he is worried about the right side of the line because they have been missing players throughout preseason)- "No, to be honest with you I know the guys who are over there playing. I know what they've done.  A couple of the guys that we have brought in, nope, I'm good."

(On what people should expect from Jerome Harrison)- "I think you're going to expect his best effort.  I can't sit up here and tell you what he is going to do this game.  I wish I could, I wish I could say he is going to have a bunch of yards, but I know the kid is going to give you his best effort.  Contentious, and he wants to be really good, and he is going to have to go out there and do it.  He works his tail off in practice so I think he will be okay."

(On if Harrison is going to be their go to running back with 12-15 carries a game)- "What I tell these guys, Steve (Doerschuk), is just do your job, whatever that may be.  You don't have to go out there and anticipate 30, just do your job when your number is called then go out there and execute the play.  If you're a hot hand then you'll keep on getting the ball.  Just don't put all that pressure on yourself, just go out there and do your job.  You get 40 Belly, get what you need and get out. If you get a toss, if you get a pass just get what you can get, there's no unnecessary pressure.  Peyton Hillis we can leave him out in the dark, he's going to be okay too, and James Davis he's had a pretty good couple preseasons now he is going to get his feet wet in the regular season here. I think all three of those guys will be ready to go come Sunday."

(On Brian Robiskie)- "He went through a tough year last year, a lot of us did myself included. A testament to the kid, he stood strong. He stood up, he didn't make excuses, he knew what he was all about as a person. He competed regardless of what it showed on Sundays on a daily basis. Take him into the offseason and he was very good at everything that he did whether it was the weight program, running program, learning the intricacies.  Playing a position as a receiver from one year to the next, you've got to go through a lot of learning from the first year to the next. He's a guy that keeps his mouth shut, a very unassuming guy.  A guy I really have a lot of respect for and I think that he's improved substantially from one year to the next.  We'll see where that translates to on Sunday. My hope is that it's pretty good."

(On when he knew if they received the Delhomme that took a team to the Super Bowl or the Delhomme who struggled last year)- "I didn't have any preconceived notions. I didn't know him.  I know a lot of guys that do know him and I heard a lot of the same things about him that Eric heard.  Not to sound like coach speak, but it's a year to year deal. What you get one year might not be what you get the next year.  You don't know yet. Being around the guy he's a true pro.  He goes out there, he leads, he's one of those guys that can interact with any group.  Defensive line, sit there with the receivers, go hang with the o-line. He's just got that leadership quality about him that you see almost instantaneously when you meet him.  Heck we have had tons of practices since May to be around him and have him operate the offense and just to interact with him and it's been very, very good. Been very happy with the guy."

(On how he lost his weight)- "Work hard, no lie, work hard.  I played a little basketball, but I started running a bunch, better sleep habits, better eating habits, winning at the end of the year helps a bunch."

(On why Peyton Hillis didn't play much last year)- "No, I just heard we had the trade. I got to sit down with Peyton, I just saw him I forgot it was the night or day after the trade and I just started talking to him.  I didn't really get too much into his deal at Denver with him, knew it was a fresh start for him.  Usually when those trades happen guys are a little nervous and stuff like that and I didn't really want to get into that too much with him. I wanted to formulate my own opinion first of the guy and watch him."

(On if Hillis could be a work horse back if no one else was here)- "Yes, he'd have to be if no one else was here. I don't think he's afraid of getting too many carries.  He kind of likes looking for those d-backs."

(On if the Browns will try to control the ball on offense)- "We are going to run it, we are going to throw it, probably not going to use any Wildcat at all (joking)."

Rob Ryan Press Conference Transcript
Barry McBride on September 10th, 2010 AT 6:23 PM

(On how they are going to stop Kellen Winslow)- "He's obviously the big weapon in Tampa's offense.  We have a nice plan here set up with multiple ways to attack him.  He really is a special guy and we are looking forward to that matchup."

(On T.J. Ward potentially guarding Winslow in his first NFL game)- "That's about as tough as it gets.  That guy really is a special player, he's a competitor.  He's a more effective blocker than people think he is.  I know he calls himself a ‘soldier' and when you watch him on tape, he really is.  He's a fun guy to watch and it's just unfortunate that we have got him this week in our matchup."

(On facing fast players like Jahvid Best in Detroit)- "Thanks for bringing that one up (joking).  He started out kind of fast on us didn't he?  The big thing is, there's a fine line in pro football.  You have to play to your strengths, you have to call defenses to your strengths.  I think we are smart and tough and that's what we are going to build our defense around.  A lot of times, tough wins out in pro football.  You have to flex your muscle, you have to hit these guys that can run 4.2 and turn them into 4.8.  That's what we have got to do."

(On how he sees the linebacker rotation changing from week to week)- "I think it goes to Matt Eberflus, who's, I think, the top linebacker coach in football.  He's doing a great juggling act with all these guys.  A lot of them have unique abilities, but one thing that looks pretty consistent with all of them is their versatility.  We can move them around in a lot of different places and we are looking forward to doing that, causing problems with people's protection schemes and so on.  The thing also about them is they are very intelligent, everyone on the roster is very intelligent.  Not only are they experienced, but they're smart and tough and that's what we really believe in."

(On Scott Fujita being flexible enough to play inside and outside)- "Absolutely, he's very flexible.  He was voted captain by his teammates, which is a great honor, especially coming into a new place.  Although he came in with a Super Bowl ring, automatically that gets respect.  He's done nothing but be a positive influence on everybody.  His work ethic, his leadership and those things just jump off of the charts.  I've admired him for a long time. I wanted to draft him in New England.  Obviously, I have a lot of say in the draft, as he went somewhere else (joking).  He was a guy I really wanted. I really was excited about him.  I was like, ‘Man, please let me have this guy,' and it never worked out.  It's fun to get a guy that comes around like that.  Eric Barton was that way also.  When I went to Oakland, he was a guy that I saw on the tape that, ‘Man, I really want to coach this guy.'  He's tough and does all of those things and fearless.  You have them both right here."

(On Joe Haden being a starter and difference maker down the road)- "Steve (Doerschuk), there's no question.  This guy gets better every day in practice.  The ball is starting to find him. He gets two or three interceptions every day.  He's a unique guy because he can tackle so well.  He's outstanding and another smart, tough guy that we added on our defense.  Really, he is going to be a special guy, there's no question.  The thing I like about him is his work ethic.  He's a humble guy that comes to work every day to get better and man, has he improved.  He has just jumped out and made great strides and I really do look for him to be a special guy."

(On if Haden potentially playing right away changes the big picture of his defense)- "It doesn't.  In today's game, and you guys know this, there's so many multiple receiver sets and things like that.  We are fortunate enough to have Eric Wright and Sheldon Brown, two very experienced, very talented corners, that allow us to give this guy a little bit of time.  He's going to play right away and look for him to do some great things in this ball game."

(On making up for the sacks that left with Kamerion Wimbley and Corey Williams)- "Kamerion Wimbley is a great guy and played well for us, but I think he only had six and a half sacks or whatever.  We have guys on the roster that can beat tackles one-on-one.  We also have a scheme that's set up to take advantage of everybody on the team, not just one particular guy, to get to the quarterback.  You guys know we will do that and I think we showed a little bit of that last year.  We'll light this quarterback up, just like all of them every week."

(On if the game plan will be different without D'Qwell Jackson)- "Our plan always changes every week.  He's a talent, no question.  D'Qwell Jackson is an excellent football player.  Whenever you have an excellent player in, it's like having Baby (Shaun Rogers).  Sure you can change your scheme with guys with that kind of talent but our base philosophy will never change. We are a 3-4 defense. We believe in that as a staff here in Cleveland.  Every defense has a role for great players and when a great player comes back you put him back in there as many plays as he can play.  This week it's like have a pitcher on a pitch count whatever they can do then you get into the fourth quarter and it's like and then some.  Hopefully we don't have any rotator cuffs like the kid (Stephen) Strasburg.  We are going to play our best, we've done a great job of preparing.  This Ben Bloom guy we have moved over on defense, he's got plays that they have only thought about running that haven't even showed up on tape.  He has been a big plus for us over there on defense.  We are taking advantage of everybody we got.  I bragged about Matt Eberflus, we got Bryan Cox doing an awesome job with our defensive line, Jerome Henderson with the secondary so we still have the best defensive staff in football but I'm not going to pretend it's not because it is.  That includes me."

(On who Matt Roth is and how he fits into the team)- "He's a bully, he is.  Whatever tight end they put on their Matt will be able to beat him up and that's just a fact.  They can say whatever they want put 88 in there we'll find out.  I'm looking forward to Matt being here for a full season, it's going to be great.  He might not have been born in Cleveland but I know Cleveland fans will love this guy.  He's tough, he's legit and he's who we like to be smart and tough."

(On what Matt Roth does for the defense)- "It's great, you've seen his addition. Everyone wants to talk about at the end of the year our run defense improved, well yes it did and the reason is you had a Matt Roth come in there and play outside backer and he really did a great job.  David Bowens playing inside, those guys did great job for us. Our run defense is going to be much more improved and it's the guys like Matt Roth that make it easy to play run defense."

(On if part of the pass rush was being held off during the preseason)- "I don't know, that first game we had a lot of max pressures up.  We were just trying to get the ball out of the quarterback's hands and we did but he was pretty hot.  That was the thing when Eric's (Mangini) on the sideline saying, ‘Rob are we every going to stop them?' I'm like ‘Eric the (heck) with stopping them. I'm just trying to get an incomplete pass.' He was on a roll but we'll get after the passer, we know what we're doing and our players know what they are doing and that's more important. We're looking forward to rushing the passing."

(On his thoughts of Josh Freeman and if he is like Ben Roethlisberger)- "He's a big guy that makes plays with his feet.  He doesn't have all the pumping that Roethlisberger does, but he bides time by being so strong in the pocket and then he gets outside of it and makes all those plays like Ben does. He's very similar in that regard he's a big guy that you really have to wrap up to tackle, you can't hit him, you've got to wrap this guy up.  We've got to wrap this guy up or he's going to run around and he'll kill you because he's got the big arm. He can throw the thing 100-yards. We need to do a great job on him Mary Kay (Cabot), there's no question."

(On how Eric Wright has improved this year)- "That's hard to say, he was outstanding last year for us so we're going to see.  We have expanded his role where he is going to be on the slot now which is a big difference.  That's a whole new world out there for a corner from being outside primarily every time to now being in their in the slot.  He can blitz more, he gets the quicker receivers on third downs so his role is being expanded but his talent level is as good as there is in football."

(On if the only way to get Ahtyba Rubin and Shaun Rogers on the field at the same time is to move Rogers to defensive end)-"Really it's not true. You can say it is on paper maybe, but there are a lot of defenses that have two tackles in them, not just one tackle and two ends.  There are a lot of different defenses that you can run.  The nice thing about having Shaun Rogers is his position flexibility and it also lets our defense be even more flexible."

(On if he watched ‘Hard Knocks' and if he helps Rex Ryan with his speeches)- "I watch it, I thought it was good.  He could use some help there (on the speeches) but he's working on it (joking).  The thing is you don't see that every day I guess but we're so used to it here it just looks like normal deal.  It's fun to see him and my buddy (Jeff) Weeks. He's his linebackers coach, best friend from college so he's good to see. He's the guy who wore the tanning stuff, he's always been that way something wrong with him, but he's a good guy."

(On where the Browns are being ranked nationally and if he goes against that kind of thing)- "It's what I believe in.  I think we're going to win the Super Bowl so what the (heck). I don't care what people think out there.  Is our defense much improved? Absolutely.  Is our quarterback legit? (Darn) right he is. Do we have guys in here working Eric Mangini's plan for the team? (Darn) right we do. They can say whatever they want to say but you guys that cover the team are no different."

(On what it means that the Browns' defense ranked 31st last year)- "We were better than somebody (joking).  We're going to be a (heck) of a lot better than a lot of people.  I know everybody talks about preseason and the quarterback did this and that. We were fifth in preseason in total defense. (Heck) we want to be number one.  Now we've got much better talent I think, I think we're healthy.  We're not going to make excuses, we are going to line up, kick some (butt) and have a great defense.  That's why I am here and that's why a lot of these players are here.  We have added a lot of good players."

(On if his defensive players had questions for trying to defend the Browns quarterbacks)- "I'm going to say no, they never talked to me.  In fairness and truthful, we are just trying to get out defense right going against our offense. We're not trying to attack a Seneca Wallace, a Jake (Delhomme).  We're worried about ourselves, but when you watch the games you're over their coaching you sneak a peek and you watch, man the guy's on point, boom, boom, boom, boom, moving the team.  You can feel the leadership and the whole thing.  In practice you're always trying to get your defenses right as opposed to attacking a Joe Thomas, a (Eric) Steinbach, he's a great puller.  We're not really worried about our team that way, we're about getting our communication right on defense."

(On if Shaun Rogers is going to be playing a certain amount of reps on Sunday)- "I don't know what that pitch count is right now, but I'm sure we are watching him closely.  He's an excellent football player that obviously going out there for the first time with no preseason games we have to be careful with him and make sure that his conditioning is where it should be.  We're looking forward to him playing and making a big difference."

Mangini Press Conference Transcript, Sept. 10
Don Delco on September 10th, 2010 AT 12:54 PM

Below is the transcript from Eric Mangini’s press conference on Friday, Sept. 10, as provided by the Browns’ PR staff:

(Opening statement)- "Good morning everybody. Couple updates here, Shawn (Lauvao) will not practice today. He is better than yesterday and we will see how he is tomorrow and later this afternoon and then make a decision in terms of how we are going to move forward with that. Nick Sorensen will practice today so we'll see how he looks as well. What we're doing is we got a little bit ahead in the red zone yesterday we'll go back through, hit the red zone, do short yardage, goal line which is typical for a Friday and then we'll review what we have done throughout the course of the week. What I'm looking for is a good, sharp, crisp practice and clean up all the things that we need to get cleaned up and then get ready to head to Tampa."

(On if it is important for Mohamed Massaquoi and Brian Robiskie to have good starts to the season)- "Both those guys are confident guys and I'm confident in both those players. I'm looking forward to seeing where they are. A lot of their production is going to depend on what the coverage is and not looking to feature one person or another person. It's more a function of Jake (Delhomme) finding the open player and we have seen during the preseason where he hit 10 different guys. That to me is a good way to do it. Find the open guy, hit him and go. There's going to be times where those guys are going to be in whether its zone or man to man coverage and they've got to get open because they are the first read, and I believe that they will. I'm excited for them. I really like both players and both people so it will be fun to see their development."

(On who will start at right guard and right tackle)- "What we will do is we'll go through here today and then I'll sit down with Brian (Daboll) and George (Warhop) and talk to them, get their thoughts on it, my thoughts on it and we'll make a decision. I like to go through the whole week before we do that."

(On if Tony Pashos and John St. Clair could both play right tackle on Sunday)- "I wouldn't rule that out. Floyd (Womack) is coming back so we have to see exactly where he is. It's going to be a little bit different in terms of weather down there so we'll see how that affects things too. John has played right guard and I feel very comfortable with Tony at tackle, there are some good combinations in there that no matter how it shakes out, I feel comfortable with all those guys."

(On how different Shawn Lauvao and Floyd Womack are at right guard)- "I'd say experience is one of the biggest factors. Floyd has seen most things that defenses do and when new situations come up in a game, new being not as much as what we expected, Floyd's dealt with that before. Where with a guy like Shawn, it's completely new to him because he hasn't seen it. I'd say experience is a big issue with a rookie player versus a guy who has a ton of experience like Floyd does."

(On Jake Delhomme saying that they need to run the football well)- "I'm a big believer in running the football, I always have been. That tells you a lot about Jake as well. Very few quarterbacks will sit back and talk about how important it is to run the football, usually they are talking about how important it is to pass the football but for Jake it's all about what we have to do to win the game. That statement to me tells you a lot about the person we have quarterbacking this team. He's a selfless guy and whatever we need to do to be successful on that given Sunday that's what he wants to do and you like that."

(On the passing game during the team's wins last year)- "Having 31 completions in five victories isn't what I wanted or anybody wants. You want that number to be significantly higher, and I expect that it will be."

(On if he has talked about last year's four game winning streak during this preseason)- "You don't bring it up in the context of what we're doing now, you bring it up in the context of what have we learned from that that we can apply to what we're doing now. That's really when it's been brought up and that shared experience of how we played, how we practiced, how we worked and what that translated into, that's what you want to apply to what we're doing now. You can't go back to that time period and you don't get to start from that point. The value in that are the lessons that you can apply to right now, and the things you can do right now to get to that."

(On if there can still be momentum from that four game winning streak)- "You always get into talking about last season. You don't get to start at that point and that's good in a lot of ways, and you wish you could in a lot of ways but you can't. It just comes down to more of what did you learn from it and how do you apply it now."

(On if Joe Haden will start)- "It depends on whether we start in nickel or base, but he'll work in base and start in nickel.”

(On if he talks about the big picture during Week One of regular season)- "I've never been a big believer in 16 games down the road or 14 games or whatever it is and that's something that I have learned over time. What I believe in is you take care of the game at hand and you beat that opponent and then you worry about the next opponent. It didn't matter which head coach I was with, they all took that approach because you can't get to the top without taking all the steps leading up to it. You want to focus on the step that you're on to eventually get to where you want to be."

(On where Joe Haden's progress is compared to Darrelle Revis' as a rookie)- "I'd say maybe a little bit because they are different people. They are different types of players, they're both rookies but their different guys. You can't chart a path based on someone else's path. I'd say it comes into play a little bit. You try to do some things from my perspective that were successful with Darrelle or Asante (Samuel) or Eugene (Wilson) or Alex Mack or any the rookies that played a lot their first year. I'd say that applies to Joe, it applies to T.J. (Ward), but each one is a different package because they are different guys."

(On if he meant Haden and Revis are different human beings or that their styles are different)- "One, they are different human beings (joking) and two, their styles are different. There's different strengths each guy has, different things each guy's had to work on. The one common thing is that they are at a position that has a lot of responsibility. If you make a mistake, it's usually a touchdown. That's a similarity."

(On the differences between Haden and Revis' styles of play)- "I haven't gone through and analyzed it like that."

(On how he would characterize Haden's style of play)- "I'm not big on simplifying it like that. I think there are a lot of things that he's done well throughout the preseason. I think he's got very good awareness of where the ball is. I think he does a nice job of when the ball is in flight, of locating it and being able to get it out of the receiver's hand or finishing the play if the receiver has it in his grasp, to be able to come through and pressure it out. I think that's something he does well. I think overall, he has good instincts as to how patterns are developing, but a lot of that has to also be combined with him getting used to reading the types of patterns that he is going to see. Even though he has those instincts, you have got to marry it with seeing it. It's different combinations that we get week in and week out. I think he's a very physical run-support player and excellent tackler, which are two plusses. He's aggressive, which I like a lot. He's conscientious."

(On if he is confident that the defense has been fine-tuned going into the season)- "I'm confident in the fact that we've worked on fine-tuning it. Now we have to go out and show that that's the case. Defensively, you don't have the advantage of knowing what they are going to be in, you're always reacting to the things that they do. Then it's your ability to identify those things quickly, get to what you want to get to and execute it at a high level. The things that we faced against Chicago or Detroit or Green Bay or right on down the line, they are different than what we are facing now. I'm confident in our players, I'm confident in their ability to make those adjustments. Now the next step is going and doing it and doing it at a high level through four quarters. There are a lot of really bright guys on the defense that are good communicators. This is the first time that we are working together, with live bullets where it counts, so my expectation is that we respond well to that."

(On this year's team compared to last year's team)- "I think the most important word you said there is team. I really think that the chemistry with this group is very good. I really think that they view themselves as a team. They support each other. They care about what they do. That's not taking anything away from the people that were here last year, but that takes time to get to that point. I like the locker room. I like the group of guys. I like the way that they work together. I like the way that they push each other. Now we are going to get tested and there's going to be adversity. There's going to be a lot of things that define a team. I believe in this group of guys that when those tests come, they will respond the right way."

(On Derreck Robinson)- "He's done a lot of things that are really positive. One of the things that he does is provide position flexibility. He can play either on the right side or the left side, he plays at the end spot. He's a guy that got to come in late last year and had some opportunities. His progress from that point to this point, I think, has been good. I'm pleased with his development. Other guys like (Brian) Schaefering, I think he's made strides. We got to see him some last year towards the end of the year and some of the things that he can do. He's a year older, a year further along, has a better understanding of what we are trying to accomplish. I think he's worked at his technique. I'm pleased with them."

(On if a wide receiver is almost always going to beat a cornerback in tracking the ball and if Robiskie is adept at that)- "Brian is very good at that, tracking the ball. Will the wide receiver always win if they both have the same ability? In terms of who wins, is it a perfectly thrown ball? There are a lot of factors that come in to that."

(On if Robiskie needs to be good at tracking the ball since he doesn't have ‘top speed' for a receiver)- "I think the one thing that you have to have is playing speed as opposed to timed speed. When you really know the routes you are running, the adjustments that you're running, your playing speed increases substantially. Also your ability to get open at the top of the routes, the way that you break, the correct angles. When we were watching some of the highlights of Paul Warfield, one of the things that Paul did was work on the precision of his routes. As talented as he was, the precision of his routes, the angles that he would take, to me, that's critical for wide receivers. How well do they run their routes? How disciplined do they run their routes? How much of a hint or disguise are they able to give at the top of their route away from the way that they are breaking? Those are all things that increase your playing speed. Timed speed is one thing, and I've seen a lot of fast guys that weren't very good receivers and I've seen a lot of guys that have been knocked for timed speed who end up being excellent receivers."

(On if Brian Daboll has grown into his role as offensive coordinator)- "I was going to make a joke about how much he's shrunk. Maybe it's inversely proportional, I don't know (joking). It's hard. Your first year is hard when you go from being a position coach to running a unit. You have got to run meetings, you have got to put together a plan, you have got to call the game in a very tight time frame, you have got to deal with all of the things that happen in a game. It's not an easy thing to just jump into. In your second year, there's always going to be more of a comfort level. In addition to that, there were a lot of new coaches of the staff as well. They now understand what we are looking for from a team perspective, from my perspective, what Brian is looking for from an offensive perspective and the guys that were here are further along in the system. That helps a lot too. Brian Daboll is a very bright guy, he's a very creative guy and I've thought he's going to be a good coordinator for a long time. That's why I wanted him in New York when I was there, to eventually take that position if Brian Schottenheimer eventually got a head coaching job and that's why I believed in him here. I think he'll continue to get better and better at that spot. The other advantage he has now is you have got a guy like Mike Holmgren down the hall who you can ask questions to. Not a lot of guys have that where maybe you are curious as to how you want to run a route or what's going to be successful. Walk down and ask Mike Holmgren? That's pretty good."

9/10: Browns Bits
Barry McBride on September 10th, 2010 AT 12:22 PM

The "Browns Bits" release comes from the team every Thursday before a home game. Here's this week's:


After a team vote, the Browns announced that the captains for 2010 on offense will be quarterback Jake Delhomme and offensive lineman Joe Thomas, on defense it will be linebacker Scott Fujita and defensive lineman Robaire Smith and on special teams will be kicker Phil Dawson and Joshua Cribbs.

"What I always look for in captains is they're always pushing the group to do the right thing," said head coach Eric Mangini.  "Sometimes you can do the convenient thing or the popular thing but you need your captains, you need your leadership to push everybody to do the right thing in a way that people will want to follow.  I think all of those guys have those attributes."


The Browns will look to snap a streak of five consecutive season opening losses when they travel to Tampa Bay on Sunday. The Browns' last season opening victory was a 20-3 triumph over the Baltimore Ravens to open the 2004 season. Sunday's game snaps an 11-year streak of season openers at home from the Browns, dating back to the clubs return in 1999.


With forecasts in the low 90s, the Browns could potentially play in one of the hottest games in club history on Sunday. The warmest game in team history was 95 degrees in Anaheim Stadium when the Browns fell to the L.A. Rams 20-17 on September 9, 1984.



95                Anaheim Stadium             L.A. Rams             9/9/1984       L, 17-20

93                Los Angeles Coliseum      L.A. Raiders         9/20/1992     W, 28-16

89                Joe Robbie Stadium          Miami Dolphins    10/8/1989     L, 10-13 (OT)       

*Since 1970 when temperatures were regularly recorded on play by plays.


LB Scott Fujita

(On being voted one of the team captains)- "It's obviously an incredible honor to be here for six or seven months with the great group of guys in this locker room.  I don't take that responsibility lightly."

(On if he has played in hot conditions like what is expected in Tampa Bay Sunday)-"Yes, I've played against Tampa maybe 10 times now.  I've had some early season games and it gets hot, but it's nothing to fear by any means.  We've all played in hot games before.  It's hot for them too."

(On how much he thinks Shaun Rogers can contribute)- "We'll see.  He's come along pretty well these last couple of days.  I hadn't had a chance to work with him this offseason.  He does some things now on the field that are pretty impressive.  I got first sight of that yesterday."

(On why he thinks the run defense will be improved)- "I just feel better about it.  I don't know what the issues were in the past or anything, but it's something we worked hard at this past offseason and we worked hard at through the preseason.  If you want to win in this league, especially in this division, you have got to be able to stop the run.  We will have to get that done."

DL Shaun Rogers

(On how much he will play Sunday)- "Whatever they ask of me.  It's still a process that we are going through to try to get the best me out there.  Whatever I'm allowed to do and whatever they think is best, is what we are going to do."

(On how Ahtyba Rubin has done)- "Tremendous.  Rubin is a solid nose tackle and it looks like he is going to play this game for a long time.  I'm real proud of him.  We have worked together and I've tried to give him as much knowledge as I can.  He's using it and he's doing very well."

(On if it is easier to jump right in after missing camp because he is a veteran)-"There's always a learning curve, every year is a new year.  There are things you have got to learn, defenses, chemistry.  Again, I'm happy to be back and I'm working to develop all of those things and hopefully we are going to do a good job with it."

DL Robaire Smith

(On how it feels to be elected a team captain for the first time in his career)- "It's good.  Any time your peers elect you to be anything on the team like that, the guys you work with every day, you battle with every day, I think that's as big of an honor as you can get.  Whether it's in football or it's things outside of football, like first team this and that, the biggest thing is being chosen to be a captain of your team."

(On if being elected captain is a gratifying feeling)- "It is in a sense that it seems like a lot of hard work is paying off and the guys are really seeing it.  As you could probably tell, I don't talk that much.  I'm not the most vocal guy in this locker room.  That goes to show you that they see that I'm working hard in other ways.  Hopefully, they can just pick up on some of those things.  When I came in, there were older guys that showed me the way by doing certain types of things and hopefully I can show them."

12:06 PM

Delhomme Ready To Lead: Jake Delhomme’s fresh start has begun with solid preseason numbers. On Sunday, the stakes …

Latest Links from the OBR Newswire
OBR Newswire on September 10th, 2010 AT 9:00 AM

These are links from the OBR Newswire for September 10th from 08:05 to 08:09:

Easy on pass rush concerns (for now)
Don Delco on September 10th, 2010 AT 8:17 AM

The Browns defense and opponents quarterbacks were strangers during the preseason. In four games, there was no resemblance of a pass rush. In fact, opposing starting quarterbacks did not even need to shower or have their uniforms washed after games.

A concern, no doubt, but let’s hold off on full-bore panic until we see a game with Shaun Rogers at nose tackle or defensive end. The athletic Rogers causes numerous problems of offensive lines. Double teams are needed. If Rogers lines up at end, as Eric Mangini has suggested, even more problems occur.

In nine years, Rogers has 35.5 sacks, but just two in 11 games last season. If he can take up blocks, those corner blitzes the Browns showed in the preseason will be more effective. Joe Haden, if he disguises it correctly, may found his route to the quarterback a little more open next time.

In other words, Rogers’ presence could free up Browns linebackers and blitzing defensive backs to get pressure on the quarterback. It better. After watching Drew Brees do his thing last night (the Browns play the Saints in October) it could be a long season if the Browns defense does not create quarterback pressure.

Tabling most predictions for now
Don Delco on September 10th, 2010 AT 7:47 AM

While the NFL opens its season tonight less and it’s about 48 hours before the Browns open their season, the prognostications are coming in from all angles. Anyone with ESPN, an Internet connection and a rudimentary blogging tool is offering up their thoughts on the 2010 season.

Everyone I come across wants to know what I think the Browns’ record will be. Let’s table that discussion. It’s not relevant.

I can’t refrain from all predictions. In observing this Browns team during the preseason, the running game looks promising. Consider, last season, the Browns were eighth in the NFL in rushing averaging 130.4 yards a game. The New York Jets were first at 172.2 yards.

The Browns were able to run the ball with basically Jerome Harrison running behind the best fullback in the NFL, Lawrence Vickers.

A year later, the team beefed up (literally) its backfield by trading for Peyton Hillis. In addition, James Davis is healthy and once again showed flashes in the preseason.

So, for my prediction for the 2010 season: The Browns will improve their running game this season. Yet, it will not automatically translate into victories.

In today’s NFL, establishing the run is not the top priority of offenses and does not equal playoff apearances. Regarding those top eight rushing teams last season:

1. Jets
2. Titans
3. Panthers
4. Dolphins
5. Ravens
6. Saints
7. Cowboys
8. Browns

Only the Jets, Ravens, Saints and Cowboys made the playoffs.

The Browns will have a great running game in 2010, but if victories are to pile up, the team better play defense and throw the ball.