Jeff B: What Was That Thud?

A post-game message is received from Erie, Pennsylvania.

I heard it from Erie, PA.

Mike Holmgren, I think, fell over and passed out.

You know when you see something so painful and sometimes the brain's reaction is to shut down?

I think his brain shutoff at the end of the 1st half when Delhomme threw the INT, when there was NO reason to put that ball up?

He briefly woke up again to see Peyton Hillis cough it up for the 2nd time.


One more brief waking moment to see Delhomme's last drive.

Big thud.

He won't wake until Tuesday.

Did I say the Browns could get to 7-9 in my season preview?  They might need the next 3 seasons to get 7 wins.

Make no mistake, they lost to a BAD football team, that was starting (essentially) a rookie QB.

A rookie QB with a bad thumb.


I really don't have anything left to add to this putrid performaaa...........THUD!!!!

Editor's Note:  Jeff is asleep.  Please close your browser window and let him rest until next Sunday

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