Week 1: Gameballs and Goats

The votes have been tallied, and TJ Ward is the Man! Others got rougher treatment, to say the least.

SUMMARY: Proving tht pre-season just doesn't matter, Cleveland Browns fans weren't nostalgic about pre-season successes once the games started counting. Play mistake-free in exhibition games? Don't care. Win the Gameball voting twice for pre-season games? Irrelevant. Browns fans reward  production when the heat is on, since they haven't seen much of it in forty years, and are tired of waiting. A man who models his game after Jack Tatum is at the top of this week's list on the plus side, and on the minus side, well, let's just say that throwing key interceptions doesn't win friends and influence fans.

Player Gameballs
T.J. Ward (S / 43) 202
Marcus Benard (LB / 58) 189
Evan Moore (TE / 89) 112
Mike Adams (S / 20) 104
Mohamed Massaquoi (WR / 11) 74

Player Goats
Jake Delhomme (QB / 17) 420
Peyton Hillis (FB / 40) 240
Brian Daboll (OC) 155
Eric Mangini (HC) 138
Josh Cribbs (WR / 16) 68


Fan Gameball Write-in Goathorn Write-in
Joe Haden
The Announcers
Dorothy Mantooth (she's a saint) Mark May (he's an f'ing idiot)
donodawg Brian Daboll
bankone Fumbles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Right Side of the O-Line
DixieDawgg LeBron James
jdailey23 The rain The Sun
eric mangini
PhillyBrown Jamir Howerton
Mangini is done.
Wet Bucs cheerleaders
Art Modell
jaydawg74 The weather.
battershell Tampa Cheerleaders!! Mangenius
LV4Brown Brian Daboll, Mangini
Entire defense Brian Daboll
GertBFrobe Cribbs
jasoncheatham Brian Daboll
Walldog OLINE
idrthrbncleve Elam
The fans who have to put up with this crap year after year Kellen Winslow
houndfromhell Evan Moore and the entire offensive line Randy Lerner, watch the team or sell this trash to someone that gives a crap about losing every game.
TxBrownsGuy Daboll
Rob Ryan
tjward jake delhomme
1stAnubiis Jerome Harrison
The Genius who decided Harrison should run six times Butter Fingers Hillis and INT Delhomme
Air Al Wide Receivers
Mohamed Massaquoi Josh Cribs for the fumble
FanofBrwns Gruden Brown's Head Coach in 2011 Brian Daboll (OC)
dawg317 Evan Moore
bill01 Jake Delhomme, Peyton Hillis
Harrison(RB/35) St. Claire (RT/78)
BuckeyeInDenver Kellen Winslow
Way to go ROOK!! How do you possibly throw that pass at the end of the first half YA GOAT!!!
battershell Left-side of the O Line All the Buc's 10,000 fans
TychoMagneticAnomaly1 Turnovers
Mike Holmgren
brian daboll
djw333 Tampa's Patient Incompetence
St Clair !! Is the worst ol I have ever seen
Right side of the "O" line = questionable
brownies4life my manager who made me work today so i didn't have to watch the horrible mess
nobody Offensive coordinator
Bucs Cheerleaders...OMG I wish we had some
Games23 Delhomme's psychologyst
mtsames losers get nothing
rambodawg Randy Lerner
Lauderdawg Receivers
the tampa bay cheerleaders the mangenious
roscoe2009 Art Model Al Lerner
ohjc50   time management
dawgonit0207 The Fans for continuing to watch this team.
eezer Weldon, LeBron
WhoFartedinhere Chris Jennings Barton
swalidawg Joey Porter
Lawrence Vickers Eric Mangini
cbrowns44 mohamed massaquoi entire defense
Aqib Kool-Aid drinkers who said Mangini and Delhomme were good
deathbyeagle UM
kellen winslow's total gym
roscoe2009 Al Lerner
mrgrinch Free Beer from World of Beer (pregame),my friend Jessica for finding Deep Fried Bacon (postgame) stupid turnovers, asking directions to Green Iguana postgame


Fan Gameball Comments
Hard to award genuine gameballs to such losers, but at least Adams, Harrison, and Ward showed up and played hard. Haden had a pretty decent game for his rookie start, too.
gomjabber Completely impressed with TJ Ward.
T. J. Ward is a player. Adams did a creditable job. Rubin is a diamond in the rough.
goose151 Peyton is the MAN!!!
jdailey23 Only thing that made my wife smile the entire day!
Roadpiechef Ward's the real deal!
They don't deserve any!
2 FAs get game balls for at least trying hard.
Mike adams is a beast and deserves props
D great, O sucked. Delhomme was terrible. Daboll is awful and should be fired. Run the frickin ball!!! that is our strength!!!
2006devildog Why so few carries for Jerome, if he had gotten into a rythm it would have helped the browns, T.J. Ward and Marcus Benard provide hope for the defense
Griz13 Mo Mass gets a gameball for scoring the opening TD.

Peyton Hillis would have one too, if he didn't fumble... twice.
Very disappointing game. Bad coaching, bad QB decisions and not sticking to the run. Judging by the first game, it's going to be a long year. Go Browns!
brownsouth Shouldn't have voted for anyone.
No game balls until Mangini is fired.
jaydawg74 Defense did all they could to win.
Smooth32 Defense was very good. Heckert's additions showed well today.
All in all I thought the defense played well. Got some sacks and pressure on QB. No huge embarrassing burns like last year.
jasoncheatham T.J. Ward for playing like man. Around the ball and hitting.
rutger Mike Adams had a nice game, so did all the DB's as well as most of the defense as a whole.
Would definitely give a game ball to Hillis if not for the 2 fumbles.

Would like to give the entire offensive line a game ball for allowing zero sacks on an obviously over-the-hill QB.
houndfromhell The defense and their coach had them prepaired to win. It`s too bad they got
zero help from the offense. The offensive line was solid as was Evan Moore, it`s not their fault their coordinator couldn`t call plays for a high school without being fired at halftime..Special teams were special too, they specially sucked as bad as the play calling was on offense.
Nice to see our defense actually show up and play a nice game.
I saw nothing deserving of a gameball.
lots of tackles.
No one really deseves one.
1stAnubiis Way to go Harrison for rippin' one when given the opportunity! OL for towing the line (no pun intended) most of the game. Play calling was good as well keep it up.
Really no one deserves one but marcus Bernard and TJ ward everyone else looked like a zombie in the second half
Defence is looking better. Evan Moore is better than I thougt. 3 sacs is a refreshing change.
FanofBrwns Gruden!
Gruden Browns Head Coach in 2011 !!!
Ward is aggressive and plays with a chip on his shoulder. Moore catches virtually everything. Defense kept us in the ballgame.
mddawg28 Mike Adams is simply just a baller. Almost everytime that there is a big play made on the defense today, Adams was the Man.

Evan Moore catches just about everything thrown to him. It is unfortunate that his efforts were wasted.

Lawrence Vickers just DESTROYS opponents. If he doesn't make the Pro Bowl, there should be a federal criminal investigation launched.
BuckeyeInDenver For the most part, a solid game turned in by the defense, even though Tampa's offense is totally inept. Benard, Fujita, Roth, & company put good pressure on the QB, Rubin was stout against the run, and Ward looks like a complete package at safety. The offense looked good, too, until Delhomme's brain-fart interception, and then everything fell apart. Evan Moore continues to be a nice find, and Hillis has the makings of cult hero in Cleveland, but only if he can get those fumbles under control. If not, he needs to be nailed to the bench.
djw333 None. How can not one Browns player make a single play in the second half?
Ward & Haden look too be (2) good picks in the draft. Early impression, jury still out but they look solid.

It would be better than watching the product on the field
RB Peyton Hillis for running down and DB Barber before a touchdown.
mtsames Losers get NADA FN THANG
vadawglb Bernard provided a decent pass rush, it's about time.
The secondary has improved
OklahomaDawg Harrison: for working his ass off and holding onto the ball. 500+ in three games and the guy gets 9 touches?

Massaquoi: for a great catch and getting open frequently despite having a QB unable to deliver

Defense: Slow start and had some bumps but deserve props for a good overall performance
froggy60 veteran qb's have to know how to either eat the ball or throw it away better.

eric how could you not call time out late in the game on a 4th and 4 play. let's welcome our new coach holgram now.......

could the joke of announcers be anymore for tampa during the game. it was sicking to listen to.
dawgonit0207 Only a few bright spots. Same old Browns
WhoFartedinhere anybody that managed to get off this team.
The Defense was okay.
VEGASDAN Sheldon Brown played very well-great addition. Ahtyba Rubin is a beast. He clogs the middle on running plays better than Shaun Rogers. Good move sliding SR to the outside. Massaquoi ran much better routes this week. He's got great hands.
Haden gave up the TD but he played hard and i'm giving him a pass in his first NFL game
ManassasHEEL The D played fair. Ward is a player.
cbrowns44 It was our game for the taking. Give the ball to Harrison!!!
dp10451 Benard is both active and effective. Great find for the "D". Ward wasn't a reach, he was a steal! Moore is a real pass catching TE. Hands of glue. Bravo!
Aqib Marcus Bernard was all over the field and making plays. Haden showed flashes. I liked how Rich Gannon illustrated just how much Delhomme sucks.
T.J. nice game!
deathbyeagle TJ Ward really was one of those players the draft experts were off about. The kid is a player.
there was alot of positives, just the 3 major negatives (turnovers) really hurt us. this team will bounce back and will surprise alot of people. browns out played tampa. if we dont turnover the ball we will easily beat kc, they got a BS win just like tampa.
mrgrinch across the street from the stadium there was a World of Beer tent giving away the Free Beer! (Jealous Barry?);Jessica lead me to a place in Orlando that serves the Deep Fried Bacon! Browns fans at the game were a significant percentage



Fan Goathorn Comments
If this is what Browns fans are going to be subjected to by the "offense" this year, then they might as well just watch the other games on TV each week. As to Brian Daboll, I'm soooooooooo sick of enduring inexperienced "on the job training" dudes given the keys to a major vehicle such as the entire offense. As to Sheldon Brown, they need to move him to backup NOW, put Haden and Wright on the island and let Mike Adams cover the slot. Brown is just too slow to cover legit NFL 1-st or even 2nd WRs.
How the f is a backup fullback our featured player on offense? He puts the ball on the ground twice and Harrison still doesn't get the touches? What does Harrison have to do?
Why didn't Barton get up and run when he recovered the fumble. It could have given us some positve field position or he may have miraculously scored.

gomjabber I love Hillis's Csonka routine, but that fumble in the 3rd was just a killer.

Cribbs wasn't used correctly, but when he did see the ball he did nothing. Fumbled a punt and tried to run it out from 6 yards deep in the EZ.

How in the world do you spend all offseason trying not to be Delhomme yet you still come out and you're Delhomme?!
bankone Derek Delhomme.
The entire offense playing with it's own pecker for most of the seconld half.
jibe How can "the leadership" continue to find the WORST play calling offensive Coordinators in thew Northern Hemisphere? Creativity anyone?
The Colt McCoy Era starts sooner than we hoped. Hillis' 2nd fumble seemed to take the air out of the offense. Womack and St. Clair are horrible.
DixieDawgg He didn't take the Curse with him.
DixieDawgg LBJ failed to take the Curse with him to Florida
goose151 getting hurt and staying in the game didn't help us Jake!!! We know you're a warrior, but get off the field when you're hurt and can't go!
did #16 play 2day??
jdailey23 It was hotter than hell
Roadpiechef They can't tackle Hillis, so they go for the ball. The Bus and Jacobs dealt with it, and he needs to as well. Wallace should have played--obviously.
Nice pick at QB for the QB Guru! Same old Browns, another start to another miserable season for Fans!
I was really surprised how BAD the offense looked after watching a promising pre-season.
Why was The Matador (John Turnstile St. Clair) starting in this game? Also only had 3 options to vote, but I wanted to throw Erica Womangini and Brian DaBoll in the Goats as well. Womangini for piss poor management/not taking Delbum out. The OC for giving Hillis more carries, and not running more Flash/Cyclone packages.
why didn't he use one of his three time out before the browns last offensive play
Hillis + Delhomme = turnover nightmare!

I see why they were easy to pick up.
Throw the ball away Jake!!!! Hold the ball hillis!!!! Hey coach mayb a timeout on 4th down?!?!
More of the same old crap!
Delhomme was obviously hurt, pull him for a QB that can at least move. He was a sitting duck and threw horrible passes because of it. Another disgusting game!
The 1st overall pick in the 2011 draft, by the Cleveland Browns is.....
2006devildog Jake Delhomme should have been replaced after the ankle injury by Senneca Wallace, he was worthless with the limp. Abram Elam always seemed to be getting beat and out of place. Peyton Hillis - nice "beast" mode runs, but you got to hang unto the ball, and why did we feature him when Jerome Harrisson did so well last year? Did Jerome secretely have an affair with a coaches wife or something? Play your best players! That is all I have to say.
Jake, please reverse that TD/INT ratio. NOW.

I LOVE you, Peyton Hillis, but you CANNOT put the ball on the ground like that, man.

Offensive play calling was just stupid, especially the second half. Bucs had the worst run defense in the NFL last year and we're supposed to be a run-first team...yet after Hillis' second fumble we completely give up on the run? WTF?!? And why, when Jake was so clearly having issues with mobility, did you not increase the dosage of Cribbs/Wallace (which happened to work in the first half)?
Griz13 Jake Delhomme. He looked really solid in the preseason, and I don't know when I'm going to finally learn that the preseason is totally irrelevant. Delhomme is still better than our QB situation last year, but I can't believe how many poor throws I saw. Very disappointing. Very.

Eric Mangini - poor clock management. Poor gameplan. Poor execution. Mental mistakes. Turnovers. Disjointed, messy game. I hated it.

Brian Daboll - Let's see. We have a No. 1 running back that averages 5 YPC. So what do we do? We give him three carries in the first half. THREE. The inability to utilize Jerome Harrison as the centerpiece of an offensive gameplan is baffling to me, and indicative of the incompetence of the coaching staff. Either you purposefully planned to not run Harrison and try to throw with Delhomme as if he's Manning all day, OR you were unable to recognize that pounding it with Harrison repeatedly, combined with an occasional Hillis run or play-action pass tossed in was the way to go.

Another loss that shouldn't have been. Pretty sad.
Very winnable game. No offensive creativity at all. How about some Senaca Wallace.
brownsouth Should have seen this coming in preseason. Let's see how they spin Jakes's interception parade.
BigDaddy78 So we go from getting beaten like a stepchild, to beating ourselves. I don't see any improvement in our team. We just lost to a team who won 3 games last season, with a QB with a broken finger. Self inflicted loss.
rich gannon's love affair with ronde barber was sickening, just go get a room already!!!
The pathetic last minute of the 1st half and the entire second half should get the whole staff fired. The Walrus should take over.
LV4Brown The coaches lost this game.
Smooth32 This team will go as our QB play will go. Simple as that.
Delhomme sucks. Daboll sucks. Mangini sucks. The fumbling has to stop.
GertBFrobe This is a pathetic team. It's going to be a long year
jasoncheatham To Jake, hope the toe/foot heals quickly or it's time for Seneca. To Daboll, please find your balls or another job somewhere else. Peyton, loved you in preseasion but this is the real thing.....act like it!!!!!!
rutger Brian Daboll - Why allow the other team to stop what you do best (run the ball), when Brian can do it for you. And I don't want to hear about fumbles. You hand the guy the ball and tell him to hold onto it it. Then give it to him again. And Harrison gets what? 3 or was it 4 carries after he broke the long one.

Mangini for keeping Daboll. Man I love the disapline Mangini brings to this team but he can't pick Offensive Coordinators any better than he does second round picks.
10TV is CBS in Columbus, and they televised the Bengals (who got blown out) over the Browns.

The Delhomme INT before the half that basically got picked to the house was a KILLER. Looked eerily like DA.
idrthrbncleve Elam is the most useless, standing around non factor of a safety in the league
houndfromhell Eric Barton, hes still on this team? Is
that why Titus Brown is gone? You cant win with Barton on this team. Mangini must fire Daboll tonight, if he doesnt then Holmgren needs to fire Mangini and let Rob Ryan take over or have Holgrem take over himself. This team is past snakebitten, they are the N.F.L.`s walking jokes of a high school team. It staRTS AT THE TOP. If Modell still owned this team they wouldnt have lost 9 of the last ten years, and getting worse each season. E.S.P.N. need`s Cleveland, so they can make all their cute comments that I used to hate, but I`m learning why they do it A.F.C. really stands for Always Fuc*** up Cleveland.
What horrible play calling in the second half. Same ole, same ole.
Way to many turnovers!! Typical Browns football that our defense showed up and offense was invisible in the second half. Offense did nothing in the second half, but put our defense in a bad position.
TxBrownsGuy ...sucks just like last year.
Well, that was a quick season...
Poorly prepared team. Poor coaching, both on offense and defense. There's no life, pizazz, or sense of urgency to this team...just a bunch of plodding players coached by a mule and managed by overweight, swaybacked nags.
threepiece Delhomme is WHO WE THOUGHT HE IS!!!
threw interceptions.
1stAnubiis TURN OVERS!!! Okay lets not revisit this again okay??? I mean come on, really?? Jake and Hillis you two gave that game away cause you didn't take care of the ball and you did it in the redzone too! Your both better than that and so is your team. FIX IT!!

Ok so why didn't we run Harrison MORE?! One sure way to get over fumbling is more reps so run Harrison more coach and please you can't take your time outs home with you so use them when we are trying to drive to a game tying Field Goal!
Eric Mangini deserves to be fired for not pulling Delhomme after he was hobbled in the first half the guy couldnt even walk for gods sake and that moron of a Offensive coordinater only running the ball a total of like twelve times on the worst run D in the NFL wow am I glad we brought them back great call Holmgren
Air Al WR's not getting open... just like I feared.
2 interseptions, and 3 fumbles. Not a good start. At least the Defence kept us close.
Mangini and Daboll are IDIOTS!!! Did everyone forget how we won 4 straight games to end last season? Give the ball to Jerome Harrison! Hillis is a great change-of-pace guy and short yardage guy. Harrison had 9 carries!? Anytime he has carried the ball at least 17 times in a game he has never got less than 121 yards!
FanofBrwns It amazes me that Daboll is still employed as an OC. He must be smoking weed before every game because that would explain his "BONEHEAD" playcalling.
Delhomme is still better than last year but has tendency to get reckless with his decisions. Hillis runs hard but he's got to hold on to the football. Daboll's 2nd half play call was attrocious and conservative to say the least. His refusal to get Cribbs or Harrison on the edge was mind boggling. Jake should have been pulled after the injury. He was throwing off of his back foot. We have Wallace for a reason. Use him.
This was the most disapointing coaching job I have ever seen. Stop outthinking every play and just play!
Way to try to throw your way to a win against the league's worst run defense. Real smart Mangenius! And way to not use Harrison after he busted off a 39 yarder. Stick with Hillis you smart bastard!
mddawg28 Jake, JUST FALL DOWN! If you don't throw that pick right before the half, Tampa Bay has NO SHOT of winning. They were DONE, but you gave them life. This is NOT what Holmgrem wanted you to do when he brought you here.

Hillis a RB who cannot hold onto the rock is worthless, no matter what else you bring to the table. Your runs were fantastic, but the fumble at the beginning of the second half turned the game. We are not good enough to overcome those kind of mistakes.

Eric Wright you must make plays when the opportunity presents itself. The play you didn't make was devastating. You make the pick that hit you in the hands and you WALK into the endzone. That would have been the dagger in the heart of the Bucs: instead, you broke our hearts.
josh couldnt run with that big fat check and new contract!!! Terrible effort
The offense just didn't get it done today. Poor passing/route running and OL mistakes. I'd blame Daboll, but this seemed like poor execution.
How is St. Claire still on the team. He sucks out loud.
BuckeyeInDenver Hang onto the friggin' ball, for crapsakes!!! Between Delhomme's interceptions and Hillis' fumbles, how do they expect to stay in a game, much less win one? The Browns are nearly talented enough to overcome one turnover, let alone a whole epidemic of them. They were two bad plays--the INT to end the first half and the fumble at the start of the 2nd--away from putting this game out of reach, but those turnovers let an inferior Tampa team stick around, and look at the results.

And were the Browns supposed to be intimidated by KWII's big bad Buccaneer flag? Dude, your new team sucks just as bad as your old team does, and you still can't run or block.
As a celebrated qb guru. It seems he missed on his evaluation of delhomme. What the rest of the league saw, a declining aging veteran with no arm strength and penchant for making bad decisions and throwing picks, he decides he's a better option than Quinn. Terrible.
He essentially caused most of our offensive problems. He could not run block and getting knocked back 10 yards every play , unless he held and single handedly ended or halted any progress we made in the second half! Oh and thanks for the hold in the fourth which canceled a first down penalty by the bucs in the fourth!! Isn't there a lineman we could pick up that would be better ? He was the weakest link in the line last year and proved he was this year too!
Our game plan and game day adjustments are just mind numbing. We throw to Massoquoi & score but the rest of the game our passing game just magically disappears???? It's Hillis and Harrison up the middle. Where's the screen plays, 2, maybe 3 wildcat formations for the entire day?? We get a 14 - 10 lead and it's like we shut down the offense and think we're going to win the game with 14 points of total offense. We're deep in our own territory and we run 3 run plays (in a row...) like we have a rookie QB behind center and the OC / HC don't trust putting the ball/game in his hands to try & move the chains. I thought that's why we went out and got Delhomme & Wallace???? We can't have better QB play if we don't let them play the game. Like on 1st down, not ALWAYS on third down. Way too Predicatable!!!!

Games23 Well, we were all wondering what would happen after Delhomme threw his first interception. Now we know. Meltdown.
Where in the h-e-double-hockey-sticks was the running game that powered the 4 game winning streak? especially in the 2nd half! Or how about the the quick strike no huddle offense? Daboll is an idiot!!
could of picked 8 or 10!
Entire OL in the 2nd half for not being able to move the ball; turnovers not so much Delhomme but more Hillis.
mtsames This team is a disrace. They make Josh Freemman look Allpro. The Defense is 2 steps to slow , and 3 steps to stupid. Also the WR are terrible and slow. Mangini better fix this fast or it will be a long season.
vadawglb Boneheaded throws by Jake. I thought he left those throws in Carolina.

Daboll changed his aggressive game planning of the first half and went into a passive let's not lose it, in the second half.
rambodawg Arthur B Modell just because.....
Mangini set this franchise back 3 years with his poor 2009 draft
roscoe2009 56 year's as a fan and i have had enough. same old shit, terrible coaching, no quarter back, can't run and can't stop the run. Why can't we make halftime adjustment's? Al wish you would have stayed in Baltimore with Art. We won't win a game in our division and let's hope we beat Kansas City so we can say we won one game this year. Why don't we trade 3 draft pick's so we can get a running back who has a history of knee surgeries, but the way we draft that's just three more pick's we could screw up.All this Browns gear and ashamed to wear it, told the family not to buy me anymore Browns gear.
ohjc50 someone needs to explain that those time outs? stop the clock from running and gives the team to make sure everyone is on the same page.
OklahomaDawg Delhomme: Preseason where are you?

St. Clair: wtb Lauvao and Pashos plz.

Is there no better option at ILB than Barton?
SirPaul Pathetic display of play calling. So much for Holmgren saying you have to pass to win. This team you pass you lose.
froggy60 me for watching the whole game...

scott had a solid game

marcus made some very nice plays.
dawgonit0207 The receivers could not get open against a weak Bucs team. Looks like another long year.
WhoFartedinhere Run with the damn ball and score.

Do you think the Browns understand that you cannot run the ball if you do not actually call running plays? Our team average 4.5 yards a carry, and our backs averaged over 5 yards a carry, yet our top ball carrier gets 9 carries? And our team only runs the ball 20 times? In a game we led most of the way and never trailed by more than 3? That is totally unacceptable.
Outsmarted yourselves again guys.
VEGASDAN Jake--WTF? I thought you were an experienced veteran. You looked like a rookie back there. You can't force throws--ask Derek Anderson. Sometimes, the best throw you make is the one you don't.
Daboll-- That was one of the worst gameplans I've ever seen. It even made YOUR Hall of Shame. I thought I was at a HS game..
Mangini-- You need to start checking Daboll's game plans ahead of time. It's obvious that he can't do it all himself. He's terrible, yet it's YOUR butt that is on the line. Get rid of him before his results get rid of you.
Brian Daboll needs to be fired
Mike Holmgren for not firing Mangini
ManassasHEEL Brian Daboll seemingly had no game plan. At least it wasn't defined at all and could not be identified.

Mangini not putting Wallace in was pure nuts. Game management (time management) was very poor.
Eric Mangini- I just want to say his new name is Erica Womangini... That is all.

Brian Dabol- I would love to know the thought process in his play calling. "Hmmm well we won 4 games in a row by pounding the ball with Harrison.. I know what i will do! I will put the game in the hands of Jake Delbum and make sure he ruins our 11 pt lead!"

Jake Delhomme: More like Jake Failhome. Biggest sissy out there. "Wah Wah Wah, I can't mentally get over this interception problem, so I am just going to keep throwing them, wah wah wah."
cbrowns44 Daboll made Jake look exactly like Brady Quinn. Who hired this guy??? What happen to Ryan's fire on defense, they looked like they were sleep walking.
JSinCT The ONE thing the entire media world said about Delhomme and why no one wanted him despite his talent.... he does stupid stuff with the football. All these years he's never learned, and apparently neither have the Browns decision makers.
dp10451 Guys, Ya gotta take care of the ball. No more fumbles or Int's. The other teams are tough enough without us giving the ball away.
Aqib Delhomme sucks. He sucked last year with a better supporting cast. The move had garbage written all over him.

Mangini is not a head coach in the NFL. Anyone with any sense could see the end of the year was a mirage.

Holmgren gets a goathorn for the fact that 2 of his biggest moves were keeping Mangidiot and signing Delhomme.

The fans on the OBR boards that said stuff like "Mangini can coach", "Delhomme is an upgrade", etc get a goathorn for drinking the KoolAid
Mangini gets my vote for allowing Jake to continue to play even though he couldnot walk let alone throw a damn pass to someone wearing an orange helmet.
deathbyeagle I like Haden, but is he worth the #7 overall pick in this past draft??

Delhomme was consistently inconsistent.

The season is already sunk for me....it hurts...it hurts....all the that naive optimism is gone
Turnovers were the difference.
all the negative fans, after one game major meltdowns are in effect.
roscoe2009 Tuesday morning and i am still pissed off,Jerome Harrison only 9 carries. Hey Dumbass Mangini do you remember what won the last 4 game's last year?When the bye week get's here and Mangini and his dumbass assistant coaches (Ryan and Daboll) are fired because we will still be looking for our first win, let's just hope our next coach is a ass kicker. Please no more ex Jets player's and i am tired of hearing about this is the way we did it in New England.Let's hope Holmgren doesn't screw up his hiring of our next head coach.Please hire somebody that like's the 4-3 defense,the Browns have been playing the 3-4 for 25 tear's and still don's know how to play it.
mrgrinch the yo-ho-ho song in tampa is childish, reminds me of the Captain Crunch pirate;hold on to the ball!;the reason men don't ask directions is that you get directions that lead you AWAY from where you want to go!


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