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Browns, Chiefs Injury Report, Sept. 17
Don Delco on September 17th, 2010 AT 5:36 PM


Shawn Lauvao, OL (ankle)
D’Qwell Jackson, LB (chest)

Jake Delhomme, QB (ankle)
Derrick Roberson, DB (hip)

Shaun Rogers, DL (ankle, hip)

Marcus Benard, LB (shoulder)
Ryan Pontbriand, LS (ankle)
Nick Sorensen, DB (head)
Floyd Womack, OL (knee)




Tamba Hall, LB (foot)
Tyson Jackson, DE (knee)
Ryan O’Callaghan, OL (groin)

Wallace Gilberry, DE (back)
John McGraw, S (hamstring)

Rob Ryan Press Conference Transcript, Sept. 17
Don Delco on September 17th, 2010 AT 5:32 PM

Below is a transcript of Browns defensive coordinator Rob Ryan’s Friday press conference, as provided by the Browns’ PR staff:

(On his impressions of the Chiefs' offense)- "I think, obviously, they did a great job last week. They had a game plan that was smart to protect the football. Really bad weather conditions it looked like. I thought they did a remarkable job against a really good football team in San Diego. They have a lot of weapons. Last year, they just absolutely went up and down the field on us, caused us a lot of problems in communication and they have only gotten better. They've added, obviously, a couple of good rookies, but (Dwayne) Bowe is back healthy. Brian Waters, their great guard, who I think is probably the best in football, he's back. Now they have added Charlie Weis to go along with (Todd) Haley over there. That's, obviously, a formidable group."

(On how encouraged he was with his two rookies, T.J. Ward and Joe Haden, last week)- "Daryl (Ruiter), I was excited about them. I think they got in there, they weren't in awe of everything. I thought they played fast. I think a lot of times, you get those guys and they can run and do all of these things and then they get in their first game and it's a little different for them. I thought they did well. I think they are going to get better each week. That T.J. Ward really is a tough guy and what a special guy he is going to be for a long time. They're going to be good. Those guys are good and I think our whole defense was hurting after that game and I think we are going to get out here, get after it and get a win."

(On what Chris Gocong and Scott Fujita bring to the run defense)- "Jeff (Schudel), I tell you what, those two guys were outstanding in the ballgame. I know it's, ‘Well, this guy played outstanding and that guy played outstanding.' No, they did. Those two guys really did some great things. They have got so much speed between them both and versatility, it's easy to put them in positions to make plays. Those are two playmakers that are really going to help us. They are smart and they do everything well."

(On the different styles of Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones)- "They are different styles. Thomas Jones is a grinder. I think he got about 1,400 yards rushing last year and is a super football player and a great veteran. He's been in the league a long time and he's always been effective. Then you got this Charles, this homerun hitter, who we were talking today that (Usain) Bolt guy might be faster but that might be about it. This guy can run, unfortunately we saw this guy to it to us last year. Is he the toughest guy in the world to pick up blitzes and things? I don't know, I hope to find out. I know one thing he can run with that football, and he's a weapon."

(On needing to set an edge because of Jamaal Charles)- "The big thing with (Jamaal) Charles is he sets his own edge a lot of times. Guys will set an initial edge and he'll actually go underneath him and back outside. That's a very difficult thing to do you can't simulate it in practice. He's unique, I don't see many guys doing that on Sunday's and I've seen a lot of them. I'll tell you what, that guy he really does a nice job."

(On giving up over 200 yards to Tampa Bay)- "I don't know, Steve (Doerschuk), I don't give a (crap) about the yards. Thing is I think we played well for the opening day. Did we do it the entire game? We had about one lapse on losing the quarterback which was a big point of emphasis which gave them the field goal. We had a turnover right before half which gave them a touchdown after we dropped the pick. Then they hit one play on us really. I think we played a little bit better than the 200 whatever yards. But when you lose no one cares. I was talking to some of the coach's kids that have been around he a long time, Phil Eisenstein, Luke Steckel his dad's been around forever, was an old ball coach and Tracy Smith and we're all talking. It's just amazing how it always comes down to one play and how tough and miserable that makes a week in the home of that poor family such as my own. It just stinks, but there's nothing better than winning. You've got to be great every play. I know you guys can look and say well it's Tampa. It's so and so and these guys are better but (heck) you don't know that on Sunday. These are professional football players that make plays. That (darn) kid caught the ball on a deflection. His reactions must have been better than anybody's ever. Just let the ball drop but no he doesn't he makes a play. Our guys did a great job on stopping that (Kellen) Winslow. That's not easy. That guy's a (heck) of a football player. (Marcus) Benard had 2.5 sacks. He got one taken away for some bone head play on our part where we got the wrong personnel in the game, but it affected him. He would be leading the league in sacks. I'm not hanging my head for our performance against Tampa. I'm raising it up and we're going to beat the (crap) out of this next team. We're going to line it up play somebody else and when we get to New England, we get to New England."

(On how much of a difference the game plan is this year against the Chiefs with Charlie Weis there)- "I'll tell you what between those guys they've got so much hardware over there from winning championships and the experience of coaching them. They are going to find a way. We are going to have to be at our very best. I thought (Todd) Haley did an unbelievable job last year, about as good as anybody attacked us, them and Green Bay I thought and of course Pittsburgh the first game. With all experience, great coaches. Charlie is a phenomenal person, he's a great coach and he'll have that team ready. But so are we, let's not pretend we're going to ready also."

(On if Charlie Weis calls the game differently than Todd Haley)- "A little bit. Haley is a huge shift in motioning type of guy where Charlie likes to take a look at you then attack you. You see elements of both and that's difficult because it expands their package which is already a vast package. With their talent that they have, they're one of the better offenses. I know that they only had a couple hundred yards or 100 and something last week but they played it the way the game is supposed to be play. They played it close to the vests, they're not throwing the ball all over the yard in a hurricane. This is a good offense, we've got our work cut out for us but I think we're ready, (heck) I know we're ready."

(On if Joe Haden could have done anything different on the touchdown)- "Yes, his coach could have called a better call. I called a max pressure there. I just wanted to knock them out of field goal range, I got a little stubborn. We had been hitting them, we were four for four in our max pressures going in. (Heck) you guys said we couldn't rush so I blitzed but it effected everything. I was smarter than that. I had something else dialed up. I told the guys what we were going to play in that situation and I got off track on it. I just went with my gut feeling there and it didn't work out."

(On the scene when he left New England)- "It actually ended with Charlie Weis throwing me a party because we were all tight as a group. Charlie threw me a great party, he's a great person and of course RAC (Romeo Crennel) was there. Eric (Mangini) was there. I left a lot of great friends. That's what happens when you go on and you're in this business a long time, you coach against your friends that know you really well and just like the Pagano brothers one in Baltimore one in San Diego, the Ryan's I've coached against my brother. It's just that way, but the utmost respect for those gentlemen and also want to get after their (butt)."

(On if he feels he can think right with Romeo Crennel)- "Yes, but I think he is going to be calling defense this week so it sucks. No, I know what he thinks and literally when you look at Kansas City play which we'll do a lot when we're seeing common opponents we play so similar of defenses. It's a very fine line of guys that actually play those types of styles of defense but you can see his blue print all over it. I think he's made his defense tougher, smarter and they're fun to watch."

(On if he has taken a lot from Crennel)- "Yes, I think the big thing with RAC (Romeo Crennel) is he is a very down to earth guy, humble which I didn't take from him, but I know you're supposed to be humble. He's such a gentlemen and he's a class act, I know his philosophy obviously but at that time I think I took more from Bill Belichick who was the head coach on situational defense and things like that. RAC was calling those but it was just the way it was presented with Bill with the entire team that's probably the biggest thing I took away from there. The game plan was so memorable and so fun with me and Eric (Mangini) and Romeo racing to get what we thought would be the difference in the game and the call of the game. That was fun and those were great memories that I'll always have."

(On if Shaun Rogers' reps are going to increase)- "I'm not sure. The number of plays that he played in the game I thought he did an excellent job. For being out as long as he did, I thought he collapsed the pocket really well. He penetrated. He made things happen for us. The size of the guy and the strength you don't see that everyday so it was fun to have him out there."

(On if Rogers will play on Sunday)- "You'll have to check with Eric (Mangini) on that I'm sure he knows, the trainers know right now. I'm probably the last guy to know. I just know what the other team does."

(On how the new pieces fit in the defense)- "Steve (Doerschuk), we kind of know what you have but you never know because it's the first (darn) game. You like to see them in and the type of speed they are going to play with and things and the communication was excellent during the game. It just sucks we didn't win the game, but I know we had everything going the way we wanted to on the sideline. There was great communication between the players and coaches, everyone was into the game, we understood the opponent, but that doesn't always mean you are going to win. I liked the way it was working. It was like in mid-season form. We've added some intelligence there now. We've really got some guys in there that have seen a lot of huddles broke, they know what they're saying, they're honest, they're together and its great. It's not just because it's week one. These guys know how to play football and you're going to see that."

(On trusting Joe Haden to play man to man coverage)- "I'm not afraid to put any of our guys in man coverage. If you watch that game we did it a lot. We never did it a lot with just max pressures, we did it a lot in our game plan. That was no slide to their receivers which honestly I thought they were okay. We wanted to attack that quarterback. If you have a guy out there that you are scared of playing with, man it makes calling defense tough. Sometimes it happens. I've been there, you guys have probably seen that before I don't know, but I know one (darn) thing it makes it hard. It's hard to dial anything up with aggressiveness when you're ducking every time you call something."

Mangini Press Conference Transcript, Sept. 17
Don Delco on September 17th, 2010 AT 4:07 PM

(Opening statement)- "Good morning everybody. In terms of updates, D'Qwell (Jackson) will practice today. It will be really limited and he'll get some individual and some work on some team drills, but it will be his first time back so we're excited to see that. Shaun Rogers should be back out there this afternoon. Jake (Delhomme) will not practice today and the rest of the group that was not practicing yesterday, will not practice today so Shaun's back and D'Qwell is back but everybody else is status quo. We have a few things to clean up from yesterday in the sub packages and third down packages so we'll get that taken care of. We'll do the general review of what's gone in Wednesday and Thursday then we also work on the red area and goal line, short yardage and things like that. I thought yesterday was a pretty good day there are some things that I want us to clean up here this afternoon through the meetings and the practice. I think Seneca (Wallace) has done a really nice job throughout the course of the week in terms of running the offense. He and Brian (Daboll) have worked really well together in putting together the game plan and the plan of attack, so I have been really pleased with him throughout this week."

(On if Wallace will start Sunday)- "I'd like to go through today. Jake (Delhomme) has made progress all week long and he knows the game plan. He's got such an ease with picking things up. I have complete confidence in him if we were in a situation where we could play him, I would have total confidence in it. That's why I want to go through today and just see where we are at tomorrow morning before I do that. That being said, I feel really good about what Seneca's done all week. It's not just me, it's the coaches, it's the players we all feel good about him leading us as well."

(On what activities Delhomme has been able to do)- "It's more the work in the training room so I haven't been involved in the exact program, more updates from the trainer as opposed to the day to day exactly what he's doing."

(On if Delhomme would go a week without throwing if it's not an arm injury)- "If we got to the point where we thought it was possible that he could do something, he'd warm up we'd look at that as well. First we have to handle the ankle then we'll look at the other stuff."

(On if D'Qwell Jackson will play on Sunday)- "It's the first day back so we're going to take it slow. We have a plan as to how practice is going to go and how we are going to manage it with him. Being the first day back it's not contact we just want to take a look at it, see where he is. It's preliminary right now with him coming back."

(On if Delhomme misses Sunday's game would it be just a one game injury)- "I'd like to think so Jeff (Schudel), if that were the case that it would be a one game type situation. I know with any injured ankle, whatever it is, sometimes you think it's one and it's two, sometimes you think it's going to be one and the guy plays that week. I don't know, I'd like to think that way, but we have just got to see how it goes."

(On Seneca Wallace being the 15th different quarterback to start since 1999 if he starts Sunday)- "I wasn't here for all the other ones. I was here for some of them but not all of them. In our situation now Seneca has worked with the first group. Seneca has been here the whole off season, in the locker room with the guys, the coaching staff, right across the board there's a real sense of confidence in him. I think everybody got a chance to see what he can do when he plays. I had the misfortune of playing him when he started in Seattle and he did a really nice job there. During that pack of games that he did start he was really efficient, protected the ball well, moved the ball well. I know it's another number to a pretty lengthy number, but I feel pretty good about him."

(On if he knew Wallace before he was with Cleveland)- "I didn't know him personally at all. Just in hearing Mike (Holmgren) talk about him even before we brought him in, you could just tell what type of guy he was and how strongly Mike felt about him and the reasons he felt that strongly about him it was pretty clear. When someone describes somebody you get a sense of how they feel and what type of person they are and I got that sense pretty much right away, what type of guy he was. He's another leader that has a presence with everybody which is nice to see."

(On if they are practicing more Wildcat plays with Delhomme out)- "No, not really because we go in with a certain Wildcat package each week and Seneca (Wallace) is in there for the Wildcat. I guess you could say every play that him and Josh (Cribbs) are in there together are potential Wildcats. Another good thing is when both those guys are in we don't sub anybody in, we just switch them out and we can go in on Wildcat at any point without having to change personnel, without having to make any kind of switch. From a versatility perspective that's a positive."

(On if defenses have to make personnel switches when they run Wildcat)- "Typically it's not as much a personnel switch as it is an approach switch. A lot of times there are a couple master checks that teams have so they're going to play Wildcat in this defense. They may have their base way of playing Wildcat, their normal personnel group. If Wildcat comes up we're going to play it in X defense. If its substituted so we have multiple receivers, they have a nickel or dime, they have a core way they are going to play it out of that as opposed to subbing specific people in for it."

(On if he knows Romeo Crennel's feelings about being a coordinator now)- "We haven't had conversations like that our conversations. We talked during the offseason and things along those lines but not specific to the coordinator versus head coach type roll. I know Romeo and whatever roll he's in, he's very good. I worked with him for a long time both when he was a d-line coach and when he was a defensive coordinator, really enjoyed it. He and I spent a lot of late nights together in New England when he was the coordinator and I was the DB coach and then what was great about Romeo when I first got to New York, I was just coming over to defense. It was a veteran group. It was him Al Groh, and Bill (Parcells) and me. He was great in helping me learn the defense. They would all talk in what seemed like code because they'd all said the words a thousand times. A lot of times I was lost and I'd say Romeo can you help me out and he would be the one who would take me through and say, ‘Okay this is what we have to do here, this is how we're playing it here.' He was a great teacher like that."

(On if he and Crennel lived together for awhile)- "We did. They should have done one of those reality shows (joking). When he first got to New England, we lived together for awhile. He's a great houseguest. We watched a lot of bad TV together. I would see him all day at work, hang out on the coach later on. Obviously, we snacked together. We both appreciated our snacks, so we had a lot in common (joking)."

(On if his and Crennel's defensive philosophies are similar)- "In a lot of ways, I think there are similarities. There's a few core ways that we are different, in terms of maybe percentage of blitzes and things like that. Romeo will surprise you at different times with changing his style. He will go through the self-scout and say, ‘Okay, here is my pattern,' and then he will change his pattern. He's very deliberate in his work ethic. He is just consistent. Every single day, he just works at it. We got to be really good friends because we were there so late together most nights."

(On if he was sorry to see things not work out for Romeo here)- "Yes. I think he's one of the best people that I know, just pure human beings that I know. He's a really good coach. You want to see your friends and people that have helped you developed be successful. That's the difficult part about it."

(On if Jerome Harrison's carries increased at the end of the year because of necessity, game plan or lack of other backs at the end of last season)- "I think it was all three of those things that you said. It was a little bit of game plan, a little bit of necessity and it was a little bit of that he was doing such a good job that we wanted to keep feeding him the ball. Not that the other backs didn't do a nice job when they had their opportunities, but all three of those things played into the volume of carries that he had."

(On how many new guys he has on the kick return team this season)- "I'm not sure Jeff (Schudel). I think only two or three, but there may be some guys playing different spots on the team because they will play different spots on different returns. It's not a huge volume."

(On if last week's return yardage was a product of Tampa Bay having a good coverage team or the Browns leaving it on the field)- "I'd say we helped out. I think we had a misread on one, I think one we didn't pick up a twist that they had coming down the field and we cut a guy free. Another time we put the ball on the ground, which that doesn't help. It was a combination of both and when you play a team that's as fast as Tampa is, as physical as they are and as good a group of tacklers, it's like anything else, the margin for error is very small. In addition to that, we are going to get different approaches to how to deal with Josh (Cribbs) each week. The way you see a team kick off to one returner will be very different than the way we get our opportunities to return because they may directional it more, they may overload a side more. There's going to be things that you game plan because that's what they've shown, but you also have to say, ‘Okay, well maybe they are going to try to kick it deep into the boundary,' and now you have to adjust to that. Some of the things that happen though when teams do that is sometimes they are kicking it out of bounds or they create an opportunity because it's not what they have consistently done. Each week, I'm sure they will have their plan to stop Josh."

(On if he ever has to soothe a player's feelings about not getting enough reps in a game)- "I don't know if it's soothing as much as it's just having a conversation. What you don't want to do is have someone view that as being a lack of confidence or lack of faith. Often times, that's not the case. It may be a function of how the game plan went, it may be a function of the packages. There's a lot of reasons why carries can be what they are or receptions can be what they are, but what you want a person or player to understand is that this isn't because we don't believe in you, it's because it's how the game unfolded. You want that to be clear and understood and then as you give different people opportunities, you want to make sure they maximize those opportunities. You never know when you are going to go from five carries to 20 carries. You saw it quite a bit last year. You get three balls thrown to you in one game and you get eight balls thrown to you the next game."

(On if the game this week will involve more strategy because it is against people that know him well)- "Yes, I think the familiarity definitely adds another level of thought process to it because you know each other really well. Now Charlie (Weis) and I haven't worked together in a while, but we worked together for a long time. You go through it and you remember things and think, ‘Okay, he didn't like that. I remember he used to talk and he didn't like that.' You're thinking, ‘Maybe he's fixed that though because he knows that we know.' You go back and forth and what you are going to do is try to give him some of what you remember and see whether it's fixed. I'm sure they will do the same to us."

(On what he thinks of a Charlie Weis-style offense)- "I think it's smart. It's the type of offense that really empowers the quarterback to run the offense and gives him the tools to make good decisions. There will be the play that comes in, but the quarterback understands the full offense and he understands what he's seeing defensively and it gives him the power to say, ‘Okay, I don't like this. I want to switch it to this.' I think that's a lot of what we do here, I've always believed in that. That's the guy running the offense, he should have the ability to get in and out of good plays if the situation comes up."

(On if he thinks Shaun Rogers will be able to play Sunday)- "Yes, I think he should be able to play. We will see how he does today, but I imagine he will play."

(On if Rogers needs time to recuperate during the weeks because he is working back from injury)- "I don't see this as being a week in and week out-type of situation. I'm not anticipating it being that way, but early on, we may have to make some adjustments. We made some adjustments with Floyd (Womack) last week and a little bit this week. As they get more and more into they're practicing more, playing more, they're more in a rhythm. It may be all three days that they are practicing, you have to limit the reps in a given day, but you're trying to get them out there each day so they have a feel for each aspect of the game plan."

(On who will be the starting right tackle Sunday)- "Probably John St. Clair."

2:04 PM

(Subscriber) Chiefs: Behind Enemy Lines: Warpaint Illustrated’s Nick Athan gives us insight into Sunday’s opponent.

Hey, about that defense
Don Delco on September 17th, 2010 AT 1:37 PM

This week has been spent wringing hands over the Browns turnovers, the right ankle of Jake Delhomme and the possibility of this year starting out like last year.

To make matters worse, the performance by the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday Night Football added to the concerns. Quickly, the Browns and their fans went from feeling good about a potential 2-0 start to staring 0-2 in the face.

Let’s focus on a positive from week one, and there was a positive — the Cleveland Browns defense. Forget, for a minute, the Browns’ opponent. Too often in year’s past has a perceived weak opponent had a big day offensively against the orange and brown.

Last Sunday, the Browns defense held Tampa Bay to 288 yards of offense, 52 less than the Browns total offense. Meanwhile, Buccaneers running back Cadillac Williams finished with 75 yards rushing on 22 carries while quarterback Josh Freeman was 17-for-28 for 182 yards. As for the mis-match of Kellen Winslow against the Browns defense? Winslow had an ineffective four catches for 32 yards.

Individually, Browns rookie safety T.J. Ward finished with 10 tackles, Marcus Benard had 1.5 sacks and rookie cornerback Joe Haden made some nice plays, aside from allowing the eventual game-wining touchdown pass.

In all, it was a solid performance from the Browns. The Buccaneers finished with 119 yards rushing. The last two seasons, opponents rushed for an average of 151 and 145 yards.

The Browns defense needs to perform Sunday to limit Kansas City running back Jamaal Charles. But, despite the disappointing performance by the Browns’ offense last Sunday, at least the defense got off to a solid start.

1:00 PM

@CoachA12 I’m sure that RAC and company are shaking in their boots, not knowing which quarterback to expect.

Latest Links from the OBR Newswire
OBR Newswire on September 17th, 2010 AT 1:00 PM

These are links from the OBR Newswire for September 17th from 08:36 to 12:28:

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All Signs Signal Seneca To Start: With the status still unclear on Jake Delhomme’s right ankle, Eric Mangini had g…

10:45 AM

@OneFansLoyalty Mangini likes to keep opponents guessing wherever possible. Always looking for that little edge.

10:37 AM

Jake and lauvao will not practice today. Mangini stopped short of naming wallace the starter.

Oh no! Browns now 50% less likely to win Super Bowl!
Barry McBride on September 16th, 2010 AT 11:40 PM

The folks from let us know about their latest odds to win the Super Bowl, and – lo and behold – the Browns have dropped from 100-1 to 150-1 to win it all after last week’s loss to the Tampa Bay Bucs. There’s not much more confidence in Tampa after their season-opening win, however, as they only edged upward from 150-1 to 125-1. Only the Lions (200-1), Rams (200-1) and Bills (250-1) face longer odds than the Browns.

The Packers are now the favorites at 7-1, followed by the Ratbirds (8-1), Saints (9-1), Patriots (10-1), Colts (10-1), Cowboys (11-1)  and Chargers (14-1).

One hundred to one, one fifty to one. It doesn’t matter. The Super Bowl will go on without the Browns in 2010, just like it has for decades.