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(Subscriber) Adkins: Notes off the Cuff: Blindsided by the Browns disasterous 0-2 start? Lane Adkins explains the …

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Browns Stumble to 0-2: Fred Greetham recaps the team’s disappointing home opener.

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Fan View: Managing Expectations: Jeff explains how to handle being a Browns fan without fatal stomach nausea.

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VOTE!! Gameballs and Goats!: Persecute the guilty. Save the innocent. It’s time to pick three gameballs and three …

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I now have to figure out how to put my thoughts about this organization down on paper without letting my emotions take over.

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65,377 today’s paid attendance.

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Browns can’t get a first down, punt, and the slow death begins. KC has the ball with 2:41 left at the Browns 45. Team needs some luck.

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Browns will start at their five. 3:41 left and the Browns have two time outs and their 2 minute warning. They need a drive NOW.

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Browns will start at their five. 3:41 left and the Browns have two time outs and their 2 minute warning. They need a drive NOW.

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Things appear grim: 3:55 left, third and two for the Chiefs at the Browns 42 as they call time out. 16-14 Chiefs.

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Things appear grim: 3:55 left, third and two for the Chiefs at the Browns 42 as they call time out. 16-14 Chiefs.

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@216dotcom Honestly, it would be hard to predict four wins if they lose this, barring opponents suffering key injuries.

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Chiefs have another long drive, but the Browns hold at the five. Short field goal makes it CHIEFS 16, BROWNS 14. There’s 7:41 left.

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KC driving. They take a TO with 7:49 left and a third and goal at the Browns five. Key play coming up. Cross your fingers, Browns fans.

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Browns ring in home opener: Browns overcome two early turnovers to take a 14-10 lead at halftime against the Kansa…

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End of the third quarter. Browns will have 3-and-13 when we return from their own 29. 14-13 Browns leading.

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@summersjd We should be able to have some photos up soon of the ceremony thanks to The AP and Getty Images.

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Kansas City’s opening second half drive is effective, but stalls at the Browns eight. They take a 26 yard field goal to make it 14-13.

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Phil Dawson missed a 43-yard field goal attempt with 19 seconds left… at halftime it’s BROWNS 14, CHIEFS 10.

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40 seconds left…. Matt Roth tips a Cassel pass, Rubin intercepts it. Browns ball at the Chiefs 27.

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@summersjd We’ll post pictures when we get them.

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At the two minute warning, the Browns have the ball (at their 45) and the lead (14-10). It’s a third and three when we come back.

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Browns Ring of Honor inductees on the sidelines awaiting halftime ceremony. Should be pretty cool.

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Wallace hits Cribbs open down the the middle. 65 yards!! TOUCHDOWN!!! BROWNS 14, CHIEFS 10. 8:43 left in the first half.

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Maiva (Browns LB) has right knee injury. Return: Questionable.

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More turnovers = doom. Wallace’s pass is picked off… 32 yard TD return by Brandon Flowers. CHIEFS 10, BROWNS 7, 10:02 left in the half.

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Browns take the ball 98 yards, ending in a Peyton Hillis touchdown! BROWNS 7, CHIEFS 3, 12:31 left in the half.

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First quarter ends on big plays: 23-yd screen to Harrison, 44 yard catch and run by Watson . First and goal from the Chiefs 8!

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Browns forced to punt again. Ball downed at the Chiefs five, where they will start. 4:57 left in the first, 3-0 Chiefs.

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After the Harrison “fumble”, the Chiefs go three-and-out but kick the 35-yard field goal. CHIEFS 3, BROWNS 0, 8:43 left in the first.

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@sergeboogaloo: Game is not blacked out, but WBNS is showing Bengals over Browns this week.

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Jerome Harrison had a dubious fumble at the 22, recovered by the Chiefs. Browns now backed up.

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@sergeboogaloo It’s regionally televised. We’re getting it up here in Cleveland. I don’t know who all is getting the game.

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@patrick__martin The game wasn’t blacked out in Cleveland.

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On their first drive, the Chiefs got several firsts and took it to their 39 but were stopped there. Browns ball at their 22, 9:58 1st, 0-0.

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Browns go three and out on their first drive as Evan Moore and Chansi Stuckey drop passes. After a punt, the Chiefs will start at their 9.

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Maybe some mojo today? Browns honorary captains today are DeLamielleure, Kelly, Mitchell and Warfield.

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Gameday live chat with OBR and FSN Ohio analysts here. We’re rolling!

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@KyleinClyde haha, no no, just being silly.

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@CoraxSays Wallace’s mobility and accuracy outside the pocket can be a benefit today.

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Notable inactives for Chiefs: starting safety Jon McGraw and defensive end Tyson Jackson.

12:10 PM

Seneca starts for delhomme who is ia. Colt mccoy is the backup.

12:08 PM

Other inactives aside from Delhomme: Mitchell (WR), Roberson (DB), Jackson (LB), Vallos (OL), Lauvao (OL), Robinson (DL) and Smith (TE)

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Sign for wallace? 12 no. 6 jerseys are all alone lined up in family section 138 at noon.

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Browns QB Jake Delhomme is inactive today.

Latest Links from the OBR Newswire
OBR Newswire on September 19th, 2010 AT 12:00 PM

These are links from the OBR Newswire for September 19th from 01:20 to 11:14:

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Shout-out to fellow uniform nerds: Browns going with brown jerseys, white pants today and still no decal on the helmets.

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@WFNYCraig Seneca starting would not be a surprise, despite Mangini’s efforts.

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell apparently Cleveland today. Just passed him in the press box.

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Crennel Doesn’t Want to Be Embarassed: Last Monday night the Kansas City Chiefs were willed to victory by some ins…

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No sign of Jake Delhomme so far as the Browns, Chiefs warm up and stretch without pads.

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Also, (sunshine + time) = less wet. RT @clevstrikesback: Not to mention as far as I know the field has a drainage system.

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RT @DonDelcoOBR: Looks OK. Very green. Middle re-sodded. RT @TheOBR: Field at Cleveland Browns Stadium is apparently pretty wet.

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The field at Cleveland Browns Stadium is apparently pretty wet. Cue turnover-related panic.

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Just finished updating the gameday chat page and the post-game Gameballs and Goats voting booth. Rockin’.

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Good gameday morning from OBR World HQ! We’re tailgating until 12:30PM, but our live chat will be here:

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RT @MarcSessler: “Is this a must win?” If we’re fine going 4-12 forever — no. If *anything* is to ever change — they need to stomp KC.

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RT @mjretchless24: @TheOBR I understand that and I’m at wits end, but, one half and ppl are ready to move on? Its not patience its ADD.

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@WFNYCraig So frustrating. It totally stomped on my upcoming commentary titled “Winning: Somewhat Better than Humiliating Losses”.

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Local Headline: “Browns Need Win in Front of Home Fans”. Interesting analysis. Do you agree? Is winning better than losing? My take: “YES”.

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@MarcSessler I’d be with you if I thought we could stop Jones/Charles. Browns D needs to show me something about stopping the run tomorrow.

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@MarcSessler PREDICTION: Browns 24, Chiefs 20. There, now you’ve doomed the Browns, thanks to unleashing my unreasonable optimism. Happy?!?

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Browns-Chiefs: Don’s Game Preview: Four things the Browns must do in order to defeat the Chiefs

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@str8smak Tragically, our reporting has to reflect reality. There are a number of reality-divorced local sports reporters if you need a fix.

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@mjretchless24 If Manning was part of an organization that hadn’t gone to the Super Bowl in… ever… we probably would. Patience = gone.

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@mjretchless24 If Manning was part of an organization that hadn’t gone to the Super Bowl in… ever… we probably would. Patience = gone.

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(Subscriber) Greetham: It’s a Head Scratcher: Fred Greetham on the Browns strange reluctance to commit to running …

Awesome! More Depressing Prognostications!
Barry McBride on September 18th, 2010 AT 8:59 PM

As if your personal cloud of doom wasn’t stormy enough, here comes the folks at “” to forecast a not-very-promising 2010 season for the Cleveland Browns.

Per the press release sent to the OBR, strives to be the most accurate and trusted source for predicting sports outcomes. The state-of-the-art, Prediction Machine, was built by Paul Bessire, a statistician and veteran sports writer, who offers his in-depth analysis and unique takes through his blog posts and game predictions.

In sports, matchups dictate outcomes. Instead of data mining to attempt to find historical trends that may lend some insight into future games – a common, yet misleading approach for many other predictive models –’s accuracy stems from the Predictalator (a fancy name for the Machine), which plays an upcoming game 50,000 times before it’s actually played. It’s actually played the whole NFL season 50,000 times already.

For better or worse, the “Prediction Machine” is calling a three or four win season for the Browns. They already lost their second-most-likely winning game, so let’s call it three, leap from a cliff, and get it over with. 

Cleveland Browns Schedule



Browns Score

Opponent Score

Win %


@ Buccaneers










@ Ravens















@ Steelers





@ Saints

















@ Jaguars










@ Dolphins





@ Bills





@ Bengals
















Total Wins




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@roserob That’s his opinion. Yours is allowed to differ :-)

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Fan View: I’ve Seen Enough: It’s been just one game, but Jeff B. is ready to move on to the next QB.

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Do you like hearing incessant yammering? If so, listen to me yammer on Warpaint’s podcast:

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OBR Newswire on September 18th, 2010 AT 9:00 AM

These are links from the OBR Newswire for September 18th from 07:54 to 07:57:

Home Opener Information
Don Delco on September 18th, 2010 AT 7:39 AM

Earlier this week, the Cleveland Browns set us some information for the 70,000-plus fans making the trip inside Cleveland Browns Stadium 1 p.m. Sunday for the first home game against Kansas City.

Here are some, what we think, helpful tips and interesting info for those attending.

What’s New At Cleveland Browns Stadium

—Live in-game stats on main scoreboard and LED ribbon boards, in addition to fantasy stats on matrix boards.

—NFL Red Zone on stadium scoreboard, which consists of highlight packages from games around the league.

—Fans are encouraged to get to the game early. Additional turnstiles have been installed at both the Southeast and Southwest entrances to help decrease congestion.

—Prices of many concessions lowered, including Value Meals, which are now all $11, a savings of as much as $2.25 from 2009.

—Credit cards accepted at all terminals around the stadium. Visa is the preferred method, but other major credit cards are now accepted as well.

—New projector screen televisions in Lower Dawg Pound.

—Increased concessions in the Lower Dawg Pound.

—Increased points of sale in Club Level and 500 Level Concessions for faster service.

—New flat screens televisions in the 500 Level concessions.

What’s Prohibited At Cleveland Browns Stadium


—Large Bones


—Bags larger than 8.5" x 11" x 14"


—For a complete list of prohibited items, please visit within the "Stadium" section.

Tailgate Terrace

The Tailgate Terrace, located on the East side of the stadium, will open 2 hours and 30 minutes prior to kickoff, and will feature inflatable games, face painting and look-like-a-pro mannequins. Punch the Clown will provide live music, and fun activities and give-aways will be provided by the Ohio Lottery. Esperanza will also be on site, as the Browns and NFL celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.


Ten lucky fans will have the opportunity to win a brand new 2010 Chevy Camaro, courtesy of your Chevy Network Dealers and the Cleveland Browns.

Exit Giveaways

Upon exiting the game, all fans in attendance will receive a 2010 regular season schedule magnet courtesy of the Browns and PNC Bank, the presenting sponsor of the game. In addition, fans will also receive a coupon for a free Circle K Polar Pop, courtesy of Circle K. The coupon can be redeemed at any participating Circle K Store.

Ring of Honor

The Browns will pay homage to their great history – one of the richest in the NFL – by introducing the Cleveland Browns Ring of Honor. The induction ceremony and unveiling will take place at halftime of Sunday's contest. The initial group of inductees will consist of the 16 former Browns enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The names of these 16 greats will be prominently displayed on the facade of the upper deck of the stadium.

Brian Daboll Press Conference Transcript, Sept. 17
Don Delco on September 18th, 2010 AT 7:30 AM

Below is a transcript of Browns offensive coordinator Brian Daboll’s Friday press conference, as provided by the Browns’ PR staff:

(On if it is likely that Seneca Wallace will start Sunday)- "Seneca has been practicing all week, Jake (Delhomme) has been out. He hasn't been ruled out yet, so if he's ready to go and Eric (Mangini) and the doctors deem him ready to go, then he will be ready to go. But Seneca has practiced all week. I feel comfortable with where he's at, both in his approach and understanding the game plan. He's excited and if he gets the chance to play, I expect him to go out there and do well."

(On if he has ever had a quarterback like Wallace in his background)- "A running-type, moving guy? No. I've been around Tom (Brady), Chad Pennington, Kellen (Clemens) and Jake. He's a little bit more of a mobile guy."

(On what it's like coaching a more mobile quarterback like Wallace)- "I think the unique thing about Seneca is he can move, but he can also drop back and get in the shotgun and operate in the pocket making throws like a traditional guy. He just has a little bit more athleticism than some of the guys where he can maybe escape and make a play with his feet or make a play scrambling and keeping his eyes down the field."

(On if having Wallace in can open up more possibilities for Wildcat)- "Jeff (Schudel) with the Wildcat that we have, we have a select package that we've been practicing since May, somewhere around 20 plays, around there. We can mix them in and out of the game with ease. When he is in there, you can run normal plays, you can run those Wildcat plays, so it gives you a little bit more options yes, but at the same time we still have the same plays that we have been working on."

(On taking away the turnover and evaluating the offense after the first game)- "I wish I could take those turnovers out, but you can't. I was just looking at a stat a little earlier today, nine of the 12 teams that had a positive turnover ratio last week won. That's 75 percent of the teams that had a positive turnover ratio won. When you put the ball on the ground, and your job on offense is one to score points and two to protect it, you can't throw that aside. We had some decent drives, you have yards, but at the end of the day, it comes down to making plays when you have to, protecting the ball and scoring points."

(On if he called plays any differently after the turnovers)- "No. We went in with a specific mindset of what we wanted to get done early in the game and we were sticking with that plan. We were doing a good job and then the turnover happened at the end of the half, which was tough. We came out and we adjusted at halftime. We had a good drive going and we put it on the ground again. We couldn't get it out of being backed up, which was a frustrating thing. But no, we had our game plan, we were sticking to it. We have just got to make those plays to get us out of there and protect the football."

(On if he knew how seriously Delhomme was hurt and how the conversation went)- "We talked about it. I just said, ‘How are you doing?' He said, ‘I'm doing okay. I'm good.' Then the trainer talks to Eric and if he's not ready to go back out there, they'll let me know and they'll say, ‘Hey, he's not ready to go out there.' If he's ready to go, he's staying in. It was fine."

(On calling plays against Romeo Crennel, who he has known for a long time and previously worked with)- "I have a tremendous amount of respect for Romeo. He's one of the class individuals, I think, in the league, not just as a coach, but as a person. He's extremely smart, his players love him. He's gotten them to play, you can just see the energy on tape the way they are playing for him. They've got a good group of guys and it will be a challenge. He's a heck of a coach, but he's a heck of a person too."

(On if he has been trying to guess what Crennel will do Sunday defensively)- "Yes, I think to have some familiarity with the guys you are going against can work in two ways. You can think you've really got a guy and then boom, something comes up and vice-versa. Fortunately, RAC (Crennel) and I aren't out there playing against each other out there on the field. You have got to put in mind the players that they have got on the team. From top to bottom in that organization starting with Scott Pioli and down to Todd (Haley) and Romeo and Charlie (Weis), I think they have done a heck of a job. There are a bunch of guys on that roster, on that staff, that I have familiarity with, whether it be Otis Smith or Anthony Pleasant or Joel Collier, so it will be a good challenge."

(On if Weis is whom he takes the bulk of his offensive philosophy from)- "Yes, I learned a lot from Charlie being at New England, and that's where I started offensively under Charlie. I think the world of Charlie. I think he's an excellent coach, he's demanding, he's tough on his players, he expects detail, he puts a lot on their plate, he's just got a good feel for the game. I learned a lot from Charlie Weis."

(On Jerome Harrison saying he wants to get a lot of carries in a game)- "There's only one ball and I'm glad that he says that. You want guys that want the ball. There's different personnel packages that we have throughout the game where in one, Peyton (Hillis) is in and then another, J.C. (Harrison) is in. Depending on what you're getting defensively and how you want to try and attack them and what they see up in the press box and this might be good right now, that's what we go with. If he's doing well and it's good looks on defense and we have got to keep feeding him, then we keep feeding him. It's just kind of the ebb and flow of the game."

(On if he thinks a running back gets in a rhythm with the more carries he gets in a game)- "Yes, you saw it kind of last year with him (Harrison). We have some different guys on our team that also add value in different areas and we're going to be mixing in personnel groups, we're going to be mixing in formations, we're going to be mixing in different types of plays, whether it's inside or outside. My expectations of those guys is when they get it, they answer it. They ran pretty hard last week, they had nine carries each and a decent average. We just have to keep working on protecting that ball."

(On the Chiefs' defense giving up a low amount of yards per carry)- "I think Derrick Johnson is a pretty good football player inside. I think their technique with the down linemen, their two gap in technique with Romeo there and Anthony Pleasant has improved. They're playing with outstanding technique, they're shedding blockers. They have got a new safety there who I think is going to be a heck of a player for years to come in Eric Berry. All around, I think they are playing good team defense. RAC, I think, is a guy that just stresses technique, fundamentals and those guys are doing a good job with it."

(On if the performance against Kansas City in 2009 was something that he needed)- "Yes, I think you need a win anytime. That's the most important thing. Again, not speaking too much on last year because I think it's a different team, but I think the guys that were there last year did a good job. They were the ones out there blocking and running. To get a win any week is what you're looking for."

(On if the performance versus Kansas City defined Harrison more than he previously knew)- "He's not a mystery to me. What was it, 200 and whatever he had? I don't think you ever think you are ever going to get that many yards or a guy is going to give you that many yards. It was just a really good day for him, but it was a good day for the other guys in front of him too, the line and Vick (Lawrence Vickers) and all of those guys."

(On if the Chiefs' defense looks faster than it did last year)- "I think they looked pretty good. Again, I think #56 inside, Derrick Johnson, is a heck of a player. He's fast, he can run, he makes a lot of plays. He made a heck of a play when he stripped it from that rookie running back. He's a good ball hawk. You have Berry in there too, I think they're pretty good and they're well-coached."

(On what Delhomme did well in the first half of the opener)- "He just operated the offense. We were in no huddle most of the time. He executed the plays, made some accurate throws and then he's a really good leader. Obviously, we all wish we had that one play back at the end of the half, but he had the team going in a nice rhythm. He was completing passes, going to the right guy and he was getting us into a right run. He did a nice job."

(On if Delhomme's mind is right after being injured and a rough second half last game)- "I think he's great, I think he's fine. I know he made a bad play and he'll be the first to admit it, but I have no concerns about Jake Delhomme."

(On how Wallace and Delhomme are different for calling plays)- "We have a volume, every team has a volume of offensive plays. The first thing you do is when you sit down to game plan, you look at the defense and you kind of see what direction you want to go in. There's a volume of plays that you choose from and you have different plays maybe set up for one guy, then the next guy just likes these plays a little bit better. He feels more comfortable reading them, drops, knows exactly where to go versus the other guy. A lot of them are the same too. One play can be exactly the same for both guys, but one play could be, ‘I don't really like that one,' versus the other guy, ‘I kind of like that one a little bit better.' You go through your game plan, you get all of the plays set up and I have daily conversations with these guys. After practice, ‘Hey, what did you like? What did you feel on this? Okay.' You go ahead, you take that out and then you just weed it down from there."

(On some of the adjustments he talked about with his wide receivers for this game)- "The number one thing was the route adjustments. It wasn't a ton. We wish we had one back there, I think we would have had another really big play if we read it the right way. They played hard, they blocked hard. Sometimes when you're not watching the coach's film, you don't exactly have it. Robo (Brian Robiskie) made a couple nice plays in there. He didn't have the catches that, obviously, he would like. He caught one on the sideline, we are working on that footwork. Those guys weren't bad."

(On the interception that Delhomme threw that was intended for Benjamin Watson)- "We had a three-by-one play kind of line up. We had a little pressure and Jake escaped out. We were going to have guys in three different spots and we just kind of read it the wrong way. The ball is coming out and he's getting pressured and he throws it and he'll be the first one to admit it. No matter what happens in the play, he's got the ball in his hands. He's going to either throw it away or take the sack."

(On if the heat took its toll in the second half)- "No, I thought Eric and the training staff did a good job in preparing these guys. Eric ran them after practice, they did a good job of hydrating. I didn't the weather had an effect at all. I think we turned the football over, offensively speaking, and that's what had an effect on it."

(On if he learned any more about Hillis last game)- "He's been a consistent guy in his approach and the way he goes out and plays the game. Again, the fumble issue, you'd like to not have that and I know he would too. He's a pretty consistent guy with his pass protection and how hard he runs, so we are looking for him to keep going in the right direction."

(On if there was any relation between the two fumbles Hillis had)- "No, they just came out. One was going towards the ground and the other one, it gets noisy in there sometimes with the big guys. The backs know that their number one job is to keep track of that ball and make sure he's got two hands on it."

(On Hillis and Harrison being a long-term combination)- "They have different personnel packages that they are in based on how many receivers are in the game or how many tight ends. They understand their role, where they are at and the good thing about it is that both of them can do each other's deal. If one guy needs a blow, he can go in and play his spot and vice versa."

Browns, Chiefs Injury Report, Sept. 17
Don Delco on September 17th, 2010 AT 5:36 PM


Shawn Lauvao, OL (ankle)
D’Qwell Jackson, LB (chest)

Jake Delhomme, QB (ankle)
Derrick Roberson, DB (hip)

Shaun Rogers, DL (ankle, hip)

Marcus Benard, LB (shoulder)
Ryan Pontbriand, LS (ankle)
Nick Sorensen, DB (head)
Floyd Womack, OL (knee)




Tamba Hall, LB (foot)
Tyson Jackson, DE (knee)
Ryan O’Callaghan, OL (groin)

Wallace Gilberry, DE (back)
John McGraw, S (hamstring)

Rob Ryan Press Conference Transcript, Sept. 17
Don Delco on September 17th, 2010 AT 5:32 PM

Below is a transcript of Browns defensive coordinator Rob Ryan’s Friday press conference, as provided by the Browns’ PR staff:

(On his impressions of the Chiefs' offense)- "I think, obviously, they did a great job last week. They had a game plan that was smart to protect the football. Really bad weather conditions it looked like. I thought they did a remarkable job against a really good football team in San Diego. They have a lot of weapons. Last year, they just absolutely went up and down the field on us, caused us a lot of problems in communication and they have only gotten better. They've added, obviously, a couple of good rookies, but (Dwayne) Bowe is back healthy. Brian Waters, their great guard, who I think is probably the best in football, he's back. Now they have added Charlie Weis to go along with (Todd) Haley over there. That's, obviously, a formidable group."

(On how encouraged he was with his two rookies, T.J. Ward and Joe Haden, last week)- "Daryl (Ruiter), I was excited about them. I think they got in there, they weren't in awe of everything. I thought they played fast. I think a lot of times, you get those guys and they can run and do all of these things and then they get in their first game and it's a little different for them. I thought they did well. I think they are going to get better each week. That T.J. Ward really is a tough guy and what a special guy he is going to be for a long time. They're going to be good. Those guys are good and I think our whole defense was hurting after that game and I think we are going to get out here, get after it and get a win."

(On what Chris Gocong and Scott Fujita bring to the run defense)- "Jeff (Schudel), I tell you what, those two guys were outstanding in the ballgame. I know it's, ‘Well, this guy played outstanding and that guy played outstanding.' No, they did. Those two guys really did some great things. They have got so much speed between them both and versatility, it's easy to put them in positions to make plays. Those are two playmakers that are really going to help us. They are smart and they do everything well."

(On the different styles of Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones)- "They are different styles. Thomas Jones is a grinder. I think he got about 1,400 yards rushing last year and is a super football player and a great veteran. He's been in the league a long time and he's always been effective. Then you got this Charles, this homerun hitter, who we were talking today that (Usain) Bolt guy might be faster but that might be about it. This guy can run, unfortunately we saw this guy to it to us last year. Is he the toughest guy in the world to pick up blitzes and things? I don't know, I hope to find out. I know one thing he can run with that football, and he's a weapon."

(On needing to set an edge because of Jamaal Charles)- "The big thing with (Jamaal) Charles is he sets his own edge a lot of times. Guys will set an initial edge and he'll actually go underneath him and back outside. That's a very difficult thing to do you can't simulate it in practice. He's unique, I don't see many guys doing that on Sunday's and I've seen a lot of them. I'll tell you what, that guy he really does a nice job."

(On giving up over 200 yards to Tampa Bay)- "I don't know, Steve (Doerschuk), I don't give a (crap) about the yards. Thing is I think we played well for the opening day. Did we do it the entire game? We had about one lapse on losing the quarterback which was a big point of emphasis which gave them the field goal. We had a turnover right before half which gave them a touchdown after we dropped the pick. Then they hit one play on us really. I think we played a little bit better than the 200 whatever yards. But when you lose no one cares. I was talking to some of the coach's kids that have been around he a long time, Phil Eisenstein, Luke Steckel his dad's been around forever, was an old ball coach and Tracy Smith and we're all talking. It's just amazing how it always comes down to one play and how tough and miserable that makes a week in the home of that poor family such as my own. It just stinks, but there's nothing better than winning. You've got to be great every play. I know you guys can look and say well it's Tampa. It's so and so and these guys are better but (heck) you don't know that on Sunday. These are professional football players that make plays. That (darn) kid caught the ball on a deflection. His reactions must have been better than anybody's ever. Just let the ball drop but no he doesn't he makes a play. Our guys did a great job on stopping that (Kellen) Winslow. That's not easy. That guy's a (heck) of a football player. (Marcus) Benard had 2.5 sacks. He got one taken away for some bone head play on our part where we got the wrong personnel in the game, but it affected him. He would be leading the league in sacks. I'm not hanging my head for our performance against Tampa. I'm raising it up and we're going to beat the (crap) out of this next team. We're going to line it up play somebody else and when we get to New England, we get to New England."

(On how much of a difference the game plan is this year against the Chiefs with Charlie Weis there)- "I'll tell you what between those guys they've got so much hardware over there from winning championships and the experience of coaching them. They are going to find a way. We are going to have to be at our very best. I thought (Todd) Haley did an unbelievable job last year, about as good as anybody attacked us, them and Green Bay I thought and of course Pittsburgh the first game. With all experience, great coaches. Charlie is a phenomenal person, he's a great coach and he'll have that team ready. But so are we, let's not pretend we're going to ready also."

(On if Charlie Weis calls the game differently than Todd Haley)- "A little bit. Haley is a huge shift in motioning type of guy where Charlie likes to take a look at you then attack you. You see elements of both and that's difficult because it expands their package which is already a vast package. With their talent that they have, they're one of the better offenses. I know that they only had a couple hundred yards or 100 and something last week but they played it the way the game is supposed to be play. They played it close to the vests, they're not throwing the ball all over the yard in a hurricane. This is a good offense, we've got our work cut out for us but I think we're ready, (heck) I know we're ready."

(On if Joe Haden could have done anything different on the touchdown)- "Yes, his coach could have called a better call. I called a max pressure there. I just wanted to knock them out of field goal range, I got a little stubborn. We had been hitting them, we were four for four in our max pressures going in. (Heck) you guys said we couldn't rush so I blitzed but it effected everything. I was smarter than that. I had something else dialed up. I told the guys what we were going to play in that situation and I got off track on it. I just went with my gut feeling there and it didn't work out."

(On the scene when he left New England)- "It actually ended with Charlie Weis throwing me a party because we were all tight as a group. Charlie threw me a great party, he's a great person and of course RAC (Romeo Crennel) was there. Eric (Mangini) was there. I left a lot of great friends. That's what happens when you go on and you're in this business a long time, you coach against your friends that know you really well and just like the Pagano brothers one in Baltimore one in San Diego, the Ryan's I've coached against my brother. It's just that way, but the utmost respect for those gentlemen and also want to get after their (butt)."

(On if he feels he can think right with Romeo Crennel)- "Yes, but I think he is going to be calling defense this week so it sucks. No, I know what he thinks and literally when you look at Kansas City play which we'll do a lot when we're seeing common opponents we play so similar of defenses. It's a very fine line of guys that actually play those types of styles of defense but you can see his blue print all over it. I think he's made his defense tougher, smarter and they're fun to watch."

(On if he has taken a lot from Crennel)- "Yes, I think the big thing with RAC (Romeo Crennel) is he is a very down to earth guy, humble which I didn't take from him, but I know you're supposed to be humble. He's such a gentlemen and he's a class act, I know his philosophy obviously but at that time I think I took more from Bill Belichick who was the head coach on situational defense and things like that. RAC was calling those but it was just the way it was presented with Bill with the entire team that's probably the biggest thing I took away from there. The game plan was so memorable and so fun with me and Eric (Mangini) and Romeo racing to get what we thought would be the difference in the game and the call of the game. That was fun and those were great memories that I'll always have."

(On if Shaun Rogers' reps are going to increase)- "I'm not sure. The number of plays that he played in the game I thought he did an excellent job. For being out as long as he did, I thought he collapsed the pocket really well. He penetrated. He made things happen for us. The size of the guy and the strength you don't see that everyday so it was fun to have him out there."

(On if Rogers will play on Sunday)- "You'll have to check with Eric (Mangini) on that I'm sure he knows, the trainers know right now. I'm probably the last guy to know. I just know what the other team does."

(On how the new pieces fit in the defense)- "Steve (Doerschuk), we kind of know what you have but you never know because it's the first (darn) game. You like to see them in and the type of speed they are going to play with and things and the communication was excellent during the game. It just sucks we didn't win the game, but I know we had everything going the way we wanted to on the sideline. There was great communication between the players and coaches, everyone was into the game, we understood the opponent, but that doesn't always mean you are going to win. I liked the way it was working. It was like in mid-season form. We've added some intelligence there now. We've really got some guys in there that have seen a lot of huddles broke, they know what they're saying, they're honest, they're together and its great. It's not just because it's week one. These guys know how to play football and you're going to see that."

(On trusting Joe Haden to play man to man coverage)- "I'm not afraid to put any of our guys in man coverage. If you watch that game we did it a lot. We never did it a lot with just max pressures, we did it a lot in our game plan. That was no slide to their receivers which honestly I thought they were okay. We wanted to attack that quarterback. If you have a guy out there that you are scared of playing with, man it makes calling defense tough. Sometimes it happens. I've been there, you guys have probably seen that before I don't know, but I know one (darn) thing it makes it hard. It's hard to dial anything up with aggressiveness when you're ducking every time you call something."