Fan View: I've Seen Enough

It's been just one game, but Jeff B. is ready to move on to the next QB.

Never met the man but it seems as if he is a stand up guy, liked by his teammates and knows football.

Slight problem?

Can't seem to play QB anymore.

Talking about Jake Delhomme, of course.

A rebuilding Tampa team made him look foolish, slow and unprepared last Sunday. These are not the Warren Sapp-led Super Bowl Bucs, either.

These Bucs would consider 7-9 a successful season.

Mid-30's, makes throws that cause you to question his sanity and running a half a step slower than the rest of the guys on the field.

Not good for Jake. Not good for the Browns.

In other words? A typical Browns QB performance.

Looks like the team is heading for another high draft pick (Wow, did I actually say that after week 1???) so now its time to find out whether or not that draft pick needs to be spent on a QB.

Jake is done. Let's give him the clipboard. Carolina let him go for a reason. In this QB league, teams just don't give away good starters. Now I know why Jake was sent packing.

Yes, I know, you are screaming at the screen. "What about Kurt Warner in Arizona?" "What about Steve Young coming to San Francisco from Tampa years back?" "How about Matt Schaub?"

Exceptions to every rule. For every Kurt Warner, I'll show you 10 Scott Mitchells or Trent Dilfers.

Too bad. It would have been nice if just once Cleveland found something from another team's scrap heap at the QB position that turned into gold. Looks like were dealing with another Trent Dilfer/Jeff Garcia situation here.

A veteran with a successful resume that is largely done, if not completely done.

It is time to turn the keys over to Seneca Wallace. Let's see if he was just stuck behind Matt Hasselback in Seattle and now can show the NFL what he can do. He's relatively young, mobile and has a rocket arm.

Does that mean he will succeed? Maybe. Maybe not. If he falls on his face, try out Colt McCoy.

The point is, the Browns need to find out if their long term starter is on the roster today. I'm sure it is not Jake Delhomme after watching him slow motion it around Raymond James Stadium last week. He looked as bad as any QB I've seen since the Browns came back.

I'm not saying Seneca Wallace is the answer. I'm not saying Colt McCoy is the answer.

However, when Roger Goodell says "With the 5th pick of the 2011 NFL Draft, The Cleveland Browns select..............," I want the Browns to have enough game tape on Delhomme, Wallace and McCoy to determine whether or not that pick is a QB or not.

They definitely have enough tape on Delhomme.

Now its time to try out the other two.

This season is critical for the long term success of the team. No one goes anywhere in the NFL without a quality starting QB. The Browns need to spend this year finding out what direction they need to take as they rebuild.

I hope they choose right this time. I hope they don't put a short term fix of a few wins over bad or struggling teams over the long term health of the organization.

2010 is not a playoff year. What happens in 2011 and beyond starts with finding out what they have at QB.

Time for them to begin the evaluation of Wallace and McCoy, NOW!!!!

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