Adkins: The Tough Questions

Has the Mangini watch started? Vincent Jackson an option? And much more in these selections from the OBR's exclusive Ask the Insiders forum.

CanvanFan: The View from Mount Holmgren Any whispers floating around about how Mike Holmgren is viewing the indescribably bad offensive 2nd half performances? Is he still preaching patience, or is he beginning to have reservations (how could he not?!) about Brian Daboll?

- Would he insist, even to the point of going against Mangini, that Daboll be replaced?
- Any chance that Gil Haskell takes over the offense?

I know that we're not loaded with talent, but c'mon man, you can't tell me we're not good enough to gain more than 6 first downs in two games against mediocre competition in the second half!

LaneAdkins: The thought a week ago was they missed on some opportunities and the Delhomme injury was a huge factor in defeat.

I am positive there will be some internal discussion regarding the inconsistency, of play and play-calling.

I don't see Holmgren pushing Mangini's buttons yet, but has been actively discussing the team and its play with the HC.

The second half issue comes down to the lack of execution, as well as the opposition playing at a level which the Browns have yet to match. Adjustments coming out of the half by the opposition has been positive, while the Browns have taken a step back.

In each game the Browns lack of execution in what has been called, the team has been put in a position to win.

The talent level is up to par with those in Tampa and KC. A team that turns the ball over and fails to execute does not win.

The inability to adjust and create pressure on the QB only compounds the immediate issue.

Ramllov: Where is the Gil Haskell and Mike Holmgren influence? Where are these offensive guru's? Daboll has been said to have had discussions with these men. Is Daboll failing to listen to these two offensive gurus?

LaneAdkins: You viewed it, with Seneca Wallace under center. The play-calling leaves something to be desired, but a team has to execute to be successful.

How many passes were dropped? Thrown inaccurately? Couple that with some questionable play-calling, leading to long yardage 3rd down attempts and the picture looks worse.

In the end, the Browns were in position to win both games, but were unable to adjust to the opposition and failed aimlessly at the end of each game. Daboll factors in the loss, but he is not the lone assassin here, plenty of blame to share.

BrownsFan1313: In this offense, under Mangini and Daboll, is the QB permitted to audible?

LaneAdkins: Delhomme has options, unsure as to the length, if at all with Wallace. A week ago, Delhomme did make changes at the line, I did not witness this on Sunday against the Chiefs.?

Rutger: Mangini hung his hat on Daboll and he needs to goes with him.  You have a QB that can move and you roll hi out ONE time the entire game??? Are you kidding me even KC rolled Cassel out three times today.   Holmgren needs to give mangini 2 choices.  Either Daboll goes or you and Daboll go and now!


Lane Adkins: ?This loss is all on the lack of execution, inability to adjust and vision on game-day. Questionable play-calling and especially on 3rd down are inexcusable.

Again, the Browns were in position to win the game and failed to maintain what got them there.KC was able to move the ball via the air and the Browns were unable to generate any pressure on a QB that rattles easily. Offensively, the entire unit and staff take the hit here.



Grover71: The Mangini Deathwatch. After this start is the watch officially one. God, I hope so. Drink.... more....

LaneAdkins: Too early, but something to watch if the inability to adjust and execute continue?


BrownsRTheBest04: Vincent Jackson. ?Lane any idea if we are talking with the chargers or are we staying with the group we have......vjack would be a great addition and would be a legit playmaker and everyone knows we can use them.



LaneAdkins: They're sticking with this group unless someone falls into their lap.

GentlemanJim: Where's Pashos? Mangini indicated that St. Clair would start at RT and Womack at RG against KC.  I thought Womack had a dinged knee.  Since St. Clair is supposed to be Mr. Versatility, why not Pashos at RT and St. Clair at RG?  Maybe I'm just wrong about St. Clair being able to play guard?

LaneAdkins: ?Womack has returned and recovered from knee surgery. St. Clair starts ahead of Pashos due to St. Clair outperforming Pashos in practice sessions. St. Clair has not received significant reps at RG in the past couple years and is behind Womack and Yates.

??Mes78: I cannot figure out why this team falls apart offensively in the 2nd half.  Fatigue?  Nah, can't be in the KC game.  Half time adjustments?  Possibly, but I don't see that much of a difference from our opponents defense.  I see more of a lack of creativity, aggressiveness, and a general lack of execution across the board.  I feel this offense is trying not to win.  In other words, our philosophy is to be content with a small lead, not take chances, and lacks the killer instinct.  These in turn, lead to a lack of creativity, aggressiveness, and lack of focus (which leads to a lack of execution).  What do you think is the reasons for our offenses failure in the second half?  Am I off base?

LaneAdkins: Inability to execute, failure to adjust and meet the execution and physicality they have faced in the second half of each game to this point. This week, the play-calling has to be criticized, along with the lack of execution and failure to adjust and match the level of intensity of the opposition.

And, this team needs to find a way to generate pressure in the worst way.


???Stankdawg: My real question is when does Holmgren take over the duties?  Can he actually sit back and watch this? It must be killing him watching the playcalling and terrible offense play.

LaneAdkins: Mangini gets the season unless the wheels fall completely off the wagon, or Holmgren's ego comes into play. What makes this start to the season more disturbing is the team was in position to win each game and couldn't execute the most ordinary of plays to be successful.

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