Gameballs and Goats, Week 2

As revealed on the Zeppe's OBR Radio Program, here are this weeks GB&Gs...

SUMMARY: If you played defense, you have a pretty good chance to escape unscathed, but the coaches and offensive skill positions (other than Josh Cribbs) got goathorned silly.

Player Gameballs
T.J. Ward (S / 43) 140
Marcus Benard (LB / 58) 119
Sheldon Brown (CB / 24) 77
Josh Cribbs (WR / 16) 72
Peyton Hillis (FB / 40) 60

Player Goats
Brian Daboll (OC) 188
Eric Mangini (HC) 82
Seneca Wallace (QB / 6) 81
Phil Dawson (K / 4) 61
Jerome Harrison (RB / 35) 58


Fan Gameball Write-in Goathorn Write-in
Anon Let's add a goathorn for the O line. They ain't gettin' it done in run or in pass D
Anon Daboll
lurp2k All receivers and their lack of separation
GertBFrobe Officials, Romeo, Holmgren and Lerner
Anon TJ Ward Alex Mack
swalidawg Joey Porter
Anon Jorome Harrison
TomahawkDAWG Special Teams OL
Anon The Officials
roscoe2009 Art Model Al and Randy Lerner
houndfromhell Dandy Randy Lerner says he is willing to buy a superbowl team, but he hasn`t ever bought a clue. The soccer lovin owner.
Anon My Wallet Obama
DawgHowl Peyton Hillis Eric Mangini
mtsames Art and his Baztard son Dave
Anon Browns Fans Brian Daboll
Anon DaBoll sucks
Anon At least DA had a sh*te day for AZ Jim Brown's No Show
PitbullTerrier Myself for watching that borefest Randy Lerner
JSinCT Ticketmaster Malfunction
ludden007 Ludden Brothers Reunion
Anon Sidelines on 'Go' routes
BobbyMo The Wannstache
Anon Any fans that stayed.
rambodawg Mangini
Anon Entire Defense Offensive Line
ohjc50 Browns Hall of Famers and their families the commish
DAWGDC T.J. Ward and Joe Haden, Rubin Officiating Crew
Anon halftime adjustments
Anon Art Modell
BuckeyeInDenver Entire Offensive Line
djw333 O-line
SpectreDawgTalk The fans who somehow still sell out these terrible games Brian Daboll for forgetting the second half of his gameplan on the bus
PhotoCityDawg Ring of Honor
houndfromhell Antyba Rubin, Mike Adams, Matt Roth, Sheldon Brown, Eric Mangini, Brian Daboll,
Crunkadelic Syndric Steptoe Brett Favre
gbeachy50310 NOBODY
kshkolnik Offensive Line as well.
drjordan Wallace
Anon Romeo Crennel
Anon Peyton Manning T.O. & Ocho Stinko
eezer Weldon, Lebron
dawgonit0207 Romeo Crennel - He outcoached the Browns Coaches this week Cleveland Browns Desire to Win
vick And anyone else on the team who tried their best
Anon Ring of Honor Recipients Jim Brown
Anon Eric Freaking Mangini and his "we don't practice penalties" comment
Anon The Cheerleaders
DixieDawg No one associated with this mess of an NFL team. Everyone. Every damn person associated with the Cleveland Browns
Section 527 Dawg The cop that busted Braylon Edwards The Portage trail Youth Football League
shegalofus All the fans who dressed like orange seats for our opener. Jim Brown for being iconic

Fan Gameball Comments
Anon Will Randy Lerner ever learn anything about football? Will the once proud BROWNS ever even play what would be called football? There is little hopr for a team that continues to put in place people who seemingly know nothing about football and everything about the BUDDY system. The only decent thing this team has going for it is the Defensive coordinator ROB RYAN, and a few and i maen very few players.
GertBFrobe Benard and Ward were the only two bright spots yesterday. The Defense did not look bad considering it was on the field the majority of the game.
Anon You can't blame this defense. Every time some dumbell throws a pick-6 they take the heat. Hats off to a great defensive effort.
TomahawkDAWG Peyton - 4+ YPC and he runs downhill unlike some tippy-toeing ghost I heard of.

Cribbs - No one can ankle-tackle that guy.

TJ - Well, some big hits and leading the team in tackles impresses me (what doesn't is our leading tackle is a safety).

Special teams play was great. Coverage was smothering. I thought KC was supposed to have a return game...
Anon Nice catch and run to the house by Cribbs.
Rubin's diving interception was a great play for a nose tackle. Sheldon Brown got his 1st pick as a Brown
VEGASDAN Peyton Hillis- great job. Hard running, second and third efforts--well done.
houndfromhell Eric Barton, it`s not his fault this team cant win, he hasnt made a tackle yet this year, and usally is out of position, and gets in his own players way, but he`s real big, and looks cool out there, + he played for the Jet`s.
Abram Elam, it has been said that he plays his heart out, this is true, years ago he lost his heart and hasnt played with any since. Refuses to tackle, watches the W.R.`s catch the ball in front of him, then whiff`s on the tackle, but it`s not his fault this team cant win. besides, he was nose picked, I mean hand picked by that great talent evaluator Managini.
As for Dabol, Mr.Lerner you better give him a few million more or he will leave for another job for any of the other teams, Yes, He`s in hot demand, cause that great talent evaluator Mangini said so...
NBBROWNSFAN I find it very disappointing that I am already looking forward to the draft.
Anon which keeps funding this poor excuse for a football team
DawgHowl Marcus Bernard... once again he was active, getting after the QB and he batted down a pass on a key third down late in the 4th.

T.J. Ward... he was all over the field, he just seems to always be around the ball and he lays the wood when he tackles.

Ahtyba Rubin...he continues to be a disruptive force up front and is a big reason for Defenses' improvement against the run. Also made a nice int, not many guys as big as him would of caught that.

Peyton Hillis...He took advantage of the opportunities given to him. He ran hard and caught the ball well out of the backfield.

Sheldon Brown...Had to add him in as well. He made a very atheletic play on the int and had good coverage throughout the game.
mtsames Losers get nothing
Anon For holding out hope
rutger Rob Ryan, entire defense and the Fans.
Anon If Hillis is going to be our most potent offensive weapon, I am worried. Very worried.
PitbullTerrier Bernard, Ward, and Haden are truly the only bright spots on a team full of soulless and talentless robots
JSinCT Thank god I was able to sell my tickets before this debacle. Don't fail me 6 more times Ticket master, I am keeping one special game, the one I hope we win this year.
ludden007 we've now won 2/12 games i've attended in person over the last 10 years. i need more refreshing beer!
Anon Gotta give the Defense credit for a decent performance. Being fair, they only gave up 6 points. The other 10 points were due to Offensive turnovers.
Benard and T.J. Ward play with a lot of intensity!
Anon Harrison gets one for having to endure 1 more year of the Browns stupidity. Hillis gets one for the TD, the hard runs, and giving us energy. Ward gets one for all the tackles.
mddawg28 Ben Watson was the only productive offensive player. The rest of them have no idea as to how to make a play.

T.J. "The Hitman" Ward is an absolute FORCE. Forget that Berry kid; our guy is the TRUTH.
Anon They wont even throw wrights way!

Rubin a close 4th
DAWGDC Ward, Haden and Rubin are the future of this team on defense along with that young BEAST Marcus Benard and as he learns how to cover the tight end the kid is going to be animal like Bart Scott. Love how he gets after the Quarterback. Good to see Cribbs become a factor as a receiver and if Hillis can hold on to the ball I think he's a beast too
dp10451 Not a lot of yards for Hillis, but he keeps running hard. Haden looks better every time out. TJ continues to impress.
Anon No gameballs until Mangini is fired.
BuckeyeInDenver Once again, the defense played more than good enough to win, but its great effort went to waste again, thanks to the ineptitude on offense. Here's hoping the D doesn't just throw in the towel after a few more games like this--it's the only thing keeping the Browns competitive. Ward, Haden, Benard, & Rubin give me a lot of hope for the longterm future on that side of the ball.
SpectreDawgTalk If we're going to suck, I'd prefer it to be like this. At least we have a chance to dump Mangini and clean house at the bye week and after, possibly lock up a #1 pick for (another) shot at a top QB. This garbage that we're pretending is starting caliber isn't cutting it. For that, I give a gameball to sucking, that it might lead to better times in the future.
houndfromhell The defense kept them out of the endzone. Our offense couldnt move at all
in the 2nd half, leaving the defense on
field way too long. Even though the D got tired, they still refused to let the Chiefs cross the goal line.The defense held up their end of the contest
too bad there`s no play makers on the offense. Also, play calling was the worse this team has ever called.
Brian Robiskie running the go pattern 4 times? The slowest W.R. on the team does that now, Mr Dabol? YOU HAVE SINGLE HANDILY LOST THE FIRST 2 SECOND HALF`S WHICH COST US BOTH GAMES and leave us at 0 - 2.How`s that make you feel? Ready to step down yet?Just to let
you on in a little secret,(the game is 60 minutes long, not 30)...............
Anon Does anyone actually deserve a game ball!
drjordan Bernard cont to make plays, almost every down he is in. Roth is a stud.
Anon Somehow his undeserved karma found a way to beat the Browns. This is the life of the Browns organization. A horrible coach gets good karma for being fired, after doing a horrible job.
jaztip Special Teams coverage units are among the best in the league.
Anon He will always be a class act. And I think the same way of his younger brother in New York. I only wish jock journalists could have learned their sense of class, in terms of how judgmental they seem to be consistently.
Anon ward and benard are 2 young and exciting players that are stepping up we need 2 more young players to step up.I love the way costanso plays, maybe he should play on defense as well.
dawgonit0207 Thank God for Peyton Hillis. He's one of the few players that actually look like they give a darn each week.
Anon Awesome ceremony
Anon Week in and week out, Cribbs puts in the effort. Haden was one of the few who looked like he was paying attention for at least part of the game.
shegalofus Did these people coordinate or something.


Fan Goathorn Comments
Anon This season will now boil down to how well Jake Delhomme recovers from his injury and mental lapses from week 1. If the Browns don't develop a deeper threat in the passing game, teams will keep loading up the box and blitzing the QB and then we'll finally have our #1 overall draft pick to see if we can get a legit QB for the future.
Anon Why would we give away good young prospects for old i would say worn out except few of them were ever really very good so they could not be worn they never were good. TOM, MIKE, RANDY get real quit making excuses about how long it will take then keep a bunch of scrubs and try to sell the fans on progress. i mean please the ex jets / eagles / seahawks they all suck lets give them big contracts to old losers and the ROTH's, VICKERS' on the team lets screw over that is definately progress.
GertBFrobe With the first overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, The Cleveland Browns select...
Anon 3rd and 5, what to do? Eureka! Let's run a streak down the sidelines with a slow wide receiver or tight end, and let's do it multiple times even though it hasn't worked once. Brian Daboll is a retard. Can we please get a real OC?
Anon The play-calling sucks. Jerome should sit awhile, Alex knows better, 15 yards hurts, but hang on to the football! Two weeks in a row we on points given up on turnovers.
Anon Can't seem to hang on to the ball - another turnover, and can't find the hole
TomahawkDAWG Phil - Really? You don't miss those, you're Phil Dawson...ugh.

Seneca - Love the mobility and maybe the arm strength, but dude, you are a spaz in the pocket. Screw it, you're a spaz out of the pocket. Bad decisions today.

Daboll - How many times are you gonna have Seneca "try" and throw deep before you realize it's NOT working? Schmuck.

OL - You got man-handled by Kansas City. Good job. Man up.
Anon Seneca's weak pass in the flat was a back breaker!
If Dawson could could make a chip shot field goal the Browns might at least have one victory this season. Officiating crews always have off days while doing Browns games.

vadawglb Mangini will be gone after starting the season 0-9 or 0-10.
Daboll has no reason being a coordinator, our offense doesn't make the necessary changes at half and we fall apart in the 2nd half.
This organization needs to make a stronger commitment to winning and get more out of our drafts as we haven't gotten anything out of them. WE HAVE NOW BECOME THE OFFICIAL LAUGHING STOCK OF THE NFL!!!
VEGASDAN Brian Daboll- See if this sounds familiar... run, run, pass, punt; run, run, pass, punt. Any ideas? It should,genius. It's your freaking offensive playcalling for the whole second half. Your playcalling would suck in high school. Resign--NOW!

Alex Mack- You're a good center. You've become a leader on the field and off. We're proud of you. But, your penalty may have cost us the game. You cost us 15 yds just before Phil missed the FG. You can't do that. Bad penalty,bad time.

Officials-- You guys sucked. The ground cannot cause a fumble. Harrison clearly had full control of the ball till his arm hit the ground. Replay showed a clear stop-frame of this, but you let the ruling stand. Same thing with the 4th down spot in the last minute. Replay clearly showed that the progress of the ball was stopped short of the yard marker. Even the TV guys were howling at your spot. But again, you let the call on the field stand with the nose beyond the yard marker, which gave KC the first down by 4 inches. If you're not going to correct your mistakes, what's the point of instant replay??? Absolute bullcrap!
roscoe2009 WE are the worst run team in pro sport's.Can't run, can't stop the run, can't pass, can't stop the pass.Randy please sell this team to somebody that care's about winning football game's.We hear the same old sh*t every year, and it's the same old sh*t every year. I coached pee wee football for 26 year's and if you can't block and tackle, you don't win.We have a bunch of sissy's on our team.Mike Holmgren you haven't impressed me with any of your move's yet, you need to clean house and do it fast. We are looking at 0-16, we fan's need to quit going to game's and start protesting.The 3-4 defense we have played for how many year's and we still can't stop anybody.Screw the Clown's, i can't root for any other team but i am not going to support the Clown's any more.I hope some day i can come back and be a fan, but i don't see it in the near future.
Anon replace elam right now.. don't care who with since he does nothing. How can a rookie (ward) outplay a vet (elam) so badly?? the vet sucks !!! Daboll needs to go now...
houndfromhell The above players should be waived, released or traded for 7th round draft picks. The only thing these 3 ever do is make plays, and you can tell that Mangini is just sick of it...
Anon he bailed out the auto industry, crooks on wall street, illegal aliens and lazy @$$es that want free health care...yet he did nothing Randy Lerner and the Browns
DawgHowl Seneca Wallace...He was inconsistant throughout most of the game and made a horrible throw and decision on the pick 6.

Entire Offense in the second half...Once again the offense went into a funk in the second and disappeared. This is inexcusable, we have not scored in the 3rd or 4th so far this season.

Brain Daboll...some very questionable play calls, why did Wallace throw the ball deep down the field so much in this game? And we did not see much of the wildcat. Cribbs with just one carry the entire game? he should of had more touches then that.

Eric Mangini...This team is supposed to be well disciplined and well prepared to play. Yet I saw 9 penalties and once again two costly turnovers. Not too mention once again a complete second half collapse by the offense. What is going on at halftime that makes this team look so flat coming out of the locker room?
mtsames This team better get it together or we'll be looking at 0-16. The WR are to slow. The OL can't block, no pass rush. Mangini better start looking over his shoulder. The OC better take his head out of his AZZ. These players don't give a sh*t which is a sin.
Anon At halftime, the other team makes adjustments- and our offense is destroyed. Can that be anyone but the coach's fault?
GregTNG What's the over/under on games until Holmgren steps in and Mangini is sent packing?
rutger Brian Daboll, Brian Daboll and Eric Mangini for hiring and keeping him as the most offensive, offensive coordinator in the NFL in years. You have a 5-9 QB with wheels and you roll him out one time? Are you kidding me????
Anon Anyone on the Browns' staff ever heard of halftime adjustments?
PitbullTerrier This is what the team brought in Mike Holgren for? I could have done this; hell, a blind man could have done this.
ludden007 Offense was downright terrible - dropped passes, penalties, overthrown balls, limited protection, no push, and playcalling that was like a 13 year old playing Madden. While the defense allowed lots of yards, at least they limited the Chiefs to no touchdowns!
Anon The entire offense stunk! Can't blame it on a single player. Daboll and Mangini need to be "called out" for poor game planning and lack of adjustments. Two straight weeks of a 2nd half "fade" and "pick 6" turnovers are unacceptable! I'm sick of excuses!!
Anon Holmgren and Heckert get one each for the lack of talent on offense. The refs get one for all the missed calls and that garbage roughing the passer call. By the way, I thought it was a fumble too.
Sigflanagan6 If I could vote for Dabol 100 times, I would. I've never seen an oc call plays that emphasize his players weaknesses like him.
rambodawg if we are going to run over the guard spot we need to draft better guards; oh wait we simply need to draft better guards regardless, my bad. As for the rest, this offense blows chunks and we are headed for 0-12 at which point we are trying to beat Buffalo on the road in December, where are those tequila shots again?
mddawg28 Two weeks in a row, Daboll has NO answers in the second half. Hey, Brian did you know you are allowed to tweak what you are doing after halftime? Did someone tell you that there is a rule that once you put your game plan on paper it is sacrosanct? THIS GUY HAS GOT TO GO!

Phil, baby, if you want that new long term contract, you have to hit the kicks that can allow your team to win. How you can hit a 40 yarder in a snowstorm and then butcher today's kick, is beyond comprehension. Forget about the contract and focus on the damned kicks!
ohjc50 special goathorns to the rocket scientist that put a fence in the west 6th street parking lot and decided to put the handicapped parking on the FAR side, so the handicapped fans have to either walk 4 times as far, or up the steep hil (isnt that a lawsuit waiting for the first sleet or snow of the year)
DAWGDC It's been drilled in my head that the ground can NOT cause a fumble. Harrison's first quarter fumble was caused by the ground plain and simple bad officiating throughout the league the first 2 weeks of games. Daboll and Mangini for the last 2 weeks play conservative football in the second half..I truly don't understand there thinking and as a result we have lost both winnable games...great coaching fellows. Phil Dawson for blowing a kick and Seneca for a dumb throw
dp10451 Both the offense and the defense looked pathetic and disappointing. Big letdown for fans who deserve better. Mangini doesn't know how or doesn't desire to make adjustments at halftime. If it ain't working in the first half , it ain't gonna work in the second half either.
Another very winnable game, pathetic.
Anon It's time for the Daboll as OC experiment to END..
I am dumb founded on the fact that Daboll is still the OC.. I mean the guy could not call plays for a Pop Warner team.. Heads must roll and soon..
Anon it's real hard to play both the football team and the referees
Anon And every descendent of Eric Mangini in perpetuity.
patyost when is this team going to start making adjustments at half time? what do they do while in the locker room?
BuckeyeInDenver Wallace isn't a starting QB, end of story. How many drives did he kill with his inaccurate long bombs down the sidelines when all the team needed was 6 or 8 yards underneath? (the answer is at least 4)

Daboll's even worse, though. The offense doesn't have any flow or identity, and it's obvious that once the opposing coaches make their halftime adjustments, Daboll can't respond. He should've run Hillis more today, should've had Wallace on more roll-outs, and should've run the Flash package more often.

Lastly, the offensive line seems to have really regressed, especially Joe Thomas. He's had two really bad games back-to-back, which I never thought I'd see out of him.
SpectreDawgTalk How on earth can you dominate a team in one half and not put up a single point in another? This team is befuddling. It's not just the players, this goes up the organization to the coaching staff and even Holmgren who was afraid to do the right thing and start fresh in Year 1 because it was a hard thing to do. Pitiful. This really leaves me hope for the next 7 games where we don't play a single .500 or below team from 2009... ugh, I need a beer.
puyallupbrownsfandan "This loss is all on the lack of execution, inability to adjust and vision on game-day."
Aptly put by Mr. Adkins!!!
rogern Do something Holmgren, you allowed the coaches to grossly overestimate the wr talent on this team. How long have you been involved in the NFL? No less with an emphasis on offense. Believe what you see! Which ain't much. Shame on you for banking on Delhomme before Mcnabb became available. Aren't you and Andy good buddies? I thought your affinity for others in prominent positions in the NFL was part of the appeal of hiring you. Get it together and quick!!!!!!
houndfromhell Entire offense. Damnit, we bragged about the offensive line all pre season
long, and now they have lowered their play to match the W.R.s, AND R.B.s, and
Q.B.s. The T.Es looked solid though.Even
our star x- pro bowl L.T. got slapped around, thats 2 weeks in a row now. Same for Alex Mack and Steinbach, were
they doing their St.Clair impersonations?I beleive the N.F.L. figured out our O-Line is WAY, WAY, over
rated..Wait till the Ravens T off on them boys. Ravens play with intensity
the Browns play with fear..They lose..
Crunkadelic The OL has been beat like a drum for 2 weeks straight. If they, the left side in particular, don't start playing like they did at the end of last year we'll go 0-16 for sure.
gbeachy50310 Goats? This is all at the feet of Mangini, Daboll, and Ryan. The team is not ready to play, and the playcalling is suspect. While this isn't the most talented or fastest team, we have beaten ourselves the last two weeks more than the opponents have beaten us.
This is the most poorly coached team in the NFL with the poorest QBs in the NFL. A perfect plan for ridicule.
kshkolnik Erica Womangini can't adapt. DaBoll cant call a game. Sums it up, come on andrew luck and all the sh*tty puns to bring luck to the browns.
drjordan We cont to get OUTCOACHED!! 2nd half we can not make any adjustments, and we sputter. The play calling on the Offense is the worst imaginable. We run 80-90% on 1st down, right up the middle. Get a freaking clue! Not sure if Ryan should be a goat or not, i am currently blaming Mangini. We did not show any pressure today, and Cassel had all day to pass. I cant beleive we did as well as we did. Doesnt seem like Ryan's Style, thats why I am blaming Mangini for holding him back. Right now our coaches suck!!!!!!!!!!!
Anon Entire Organization: Only two of our starters would be able to start on other teams (Thomas and Wright). Essentially our team is just a bunch of #2s vs #1s. How can an organization fail this much in the NFL. Throughout the Browns failure, there have been teams that went from playoff contenders to rebuilding and then back to playoff contenders. Some teams went from rebuilding to playoff contenders twice in that span! If there is a god, he isn't a Cleveland fan. Don't get your hopes up Browns fans this team is at least 5 years away from turning it around, and that is only if they don't fail at the draft for another 5 straight years.

Erica Womangini- One again that should be his name.
jaztip Thank God Aston Villa tied.
COACHING!!! No adjustments/lousy playcalling/no designed rollouts
Anon I don't care if what they do during the game, because the two of them continually keep controversy about them. I'm tired of it. Please don't do any more interviews with them, because I don't care whether they call themselves Batman and Robin or Mickey and Goofy, they are two over-paid players who are self-indulgent and childish. They will never be team players, and they soil and destroy every team they play with any given year.
Anon harrison is a third down back they need to play james davis more.Thomas plays solid for most of the game,but the last 2 games he has been beating for sacks and committed holding penalties.Holmgren picked the three qbs on the roster,so their play is a reflection on him.Maybe they should start McCoy since they will go 3-13 anyway.
eezer How can the Steelers consistantly win with all of the distractions and 4th string quarterbacks? Why do we always struggle?
dawgonit0207 The Browns offense is just going through the motions. Other than Peyton Hillis there is no passion with the offense.
Anon For being too pig headed to show up
Anon Really, Eric, you don't practice penalties or turnovers? That's a surprise, because your team seems to have those down pat. Maybe you should practice them, because then they will stop doing them like they don't do anything else you practice.

If that isn't a coach throwing his team under the bus, I don't know what is. That is coach-speak for, "Hey, it's not me. It's the players!"
Anon When the offense is struggling, the defense needs to step up and hold the opponent, so what little the offense scores is enough to win. There were flashes in the 2nd quarter, then dthey gave up. Dawson is usually so automatic and reliable; his shanked FG could have been the game winner instead. But mostly, the football gods owe us a long streak of victory and glory. Soon.
DixieDawg It's sad when you absolutley KNOW Cleveland will choke away another lead. I'm just surprised they ever led.
shegalofus For being iconic. Thanks Jim !


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