Browns Uncensored Chat Transcript

There were a few hardy Browns fans who could tear themselves away from news coverage Thursday night, and Lane Adkins made in as well to talk football. Jason Sehorn was among the subjects discussed by Lane and the gang of Dawgs.

ArtBtz Hey! Lane!
ramllov It was worth the wait
superfork2002 hey lane
BryanK Welcome, Lane
ramllov Hey Lane
howldawg hi lane
Lane Hey about a rough road to get here tonight
ramllov Lane have you realized you are loved ont his board
BryanK Tell all, tell all...
Lane LOL.......nah
ArtBtz Oben and Dudley didn't impress me like Spires did, though.
FLADAWG Lane got the batteries in did ya?
Lane HA! Funny guy!
FLADAWG Those phones work better that way
Lane Stuck at the dealer tonight, long story
BryanK Lane, any word on Jamir?
ArtBtz Yikes (shudder)
FLADAWG Dealer watch that word and Florida in the same sentence!
Lane Nada, it will be awhile if he is looking for a deal
Gary Hey, Lane! How ya doin?
Lane Hey Gary
FLADAWG Heard KC was talking to Miller?
Lane Heard they were looking at him, I do not believe that he has actually had conversations with them
BryanK Can we expect any restructures? Or will they just make do with the room we have?
ArtBtz I read that Miller has bulked up... should I believe that?
Lane Yes, he is physically larger
Gary That mean DE?
Lane DE is the position that appears in his future
FLADAWG When does the team have to be under enough to sign draft picks, before or after the draft?
Lane They will only restructure current deals if a player that they really want is available or if it grants them some major benefit
Lane You have to have salary space available to sign the rookies, your rookie pool
ramllov Lane have you heard any updates on C. Brown?
ramllov Is the rookie pool allotment about 2.2 million?
Lane Have heard nothing but the company line that CB is improving and is expected to be at or near 100% this spring
BryanK Is there any chance CB will be gone before the season?
BryanK BTW, I hope not!
Lane I think CB has at least one more season in Cleveland
ramllov Lane have you heard anything about Sehorn?
ramllov or Aaron Graham
ramllov ?
superfork2002 Will griffith be here next year?
Lane Heard that they are considering a low range offer to Sehorn than can be much more valuable based on performance
Lane Nothing further on Graham, but that they are looking at him as the LS
ArtBtz Regarding long snappers, the Browns are still talking to potential draft picks who can be long snappers... article linked this morning abotu WVU DL indicates that.
Lane hard to tell on Griffith, lets see what the 2003 season holds, if he makes it that far
FLADAWG Carolina wants Sehorn and with Fox here and lots of cap space I say he is in Black and Blue next year
BryanK Isn't Sehorn black & blue every year?
Gary Lane, can I ask some hard questions?
ramllov yes
Lane Sure Gary
Gary Did the Browns knowingly over budget in FA last year to make a run at the playoffs, knowing they would have to address the cap hard before 03?
Lane Yes and no...........The pushed the envelope to win and solidfy some roster positions. Some of the play from the youth on the team helped them make the salary cap issue releases easier
ramllov Can Sehorn tackle effectively to be a safety?
superfork2002 Sehorn isn't that great
Lane I don't like him as a CB and especially as a safety
FLADAWG How does Pittsburg manage to stay under the cap year in and out?
BryanK Pgh very rarely signs outside free agents.
FLADAWG They have been active this year
Lane Pitsburgh has let guys walk and have done a good job in the draft, they haven't solely relied on FA to build the team
BryanK Pgh has, unfortunately, drafted better than us as well.
FLADAWG Clay Matthews once stated he had the goods on Cowher any word on what he meant?
Lane Nothing to add on Cowher
Gary There seems to be a sudden new discipline with the cap. Is that Davis? It seems a change from the first three years of overpaying for decent, but not great vets.
ramllov I believe the expansion team label caused that
Lane Spending to buy players is against Davis' theory, he likes the draft and supplement with FA, this purge while tough to swallow to a point is going to benefit this team in the long run as long as they do not reverse their field and sign players that basically are stop-gap players
ArtBtz Gary, IMHO, the early Browns were in the position the Lions and Bengals are in now in having to overpay to get players to commit. They no longer are, and have more flexibility to ditch older salaries.
ArtBtz It's easier to take a harder line on cap issues when you have a little success behind you.
Gary Art, that's reasonable. However, Davis is about as good as Palmer at pissing of veterans, and I think the Browns will have a rep as a bad place to get good treatment. So, while winning may help them sign FA in the future, their treatment, or reported treatment of FA can counter that.
drumslayer they had to spend more to get F.A. to come to a less than average team.
ArtBtz I'm not too fired up about that yet, Gary, since all veterans complain after being cut. It's part of their nature. Winning removes all stigma, IMHO.
ArtBtz But it's definately something to keep an eye on...
BryanK There were also some bad decisions...
Lane The Browns are a team that has competed against itself on many of the FA's they have signed, that was the desire to get players in here to compete, they just made some poor decisions
FLADAWG How many teams are over committing to FAs right now and will be in cap hell in the next few years, other than the Skins?
FLADAWG Seems as though Cincy is doing just that now
BryanK You talk about Pgh, they have deferred some salaries recently; hopefully it will bite them in the ass
ArtBtz A glance at Dre Bly's contract would put the Lions on that list.
FLADAWG I agree art
ramllov How about putting atlanta on the list
ramllov How did you like the long term signing of Little and Mckinley?
Lane I believe that Little is a guy that can make plays, McKinley was active at DT and shows some solid technique
drumslayer The Lions are not done yet
ramllov I am starting to like what Dallas is doing
ramllov Parcells is fun to watch
FLADAWG I think its a good sign to future players that the Browns will try and keep their own here!
BryanK Maybe the veterans just need to perform?
Lane Gary, buy into Davis' ideas and stay the course, a FA from whatever part of the country has a good opportunity. Some players that have left here are gone because of the personality issue
james_t_h just got here, sorry if i am repeating a question....but any word on how the sehorn visit went?
howldawg Lane any new word on trades for Kj or Jamel?
Lane No idea, hopefully poorly
Gary Art, one last comment and then I have to leave. There were reports of upset among the vets prior to their releases because of favoritism. I think that can make the rounds among the agents.
Lane The KJ thing will still be out there, nothing new on Jamel
FLADAWG How about Emmit Smith saying the Cardinals are going in the right direction!!
FLADAWG Pay me a million or so and I'd say the same
ArtBtz Good point, Gary. I think Davis will learn from that mistake, but it was an issue last year.
Lane It does and it has Gary ,many do not put much into it though because players are hot and cold
Gary I have to bolt. Take it easy guys. Thanks Lane. Thanks Art.
ramllov bye Gary
Lane A desire to keep playing the game can make any player say some questionable things
FLADAWG Rudd had no reasons to gripe, he sucked last season!
Lane Later Gary
coolhands do the browns have their eye on any o-line fa's like collins from oak?
FLADAWG Any thoughts on Campo as DC? good for the team? Better for BD?
james_t_h gotta be good
Lane Better for Davis because of the trust issue and better for the team because they will be on the same page.
FLADAWG Think he can get CB, Warren and the defense fired up?
james_t_h yep
Lane He has a good rep with players, we will soon see
drumslayer Campo has a ego, do you see finger pointing if all doesn't go well
Lane Players like to play for Campo the DC, there are going to be problems with this defense, the youth and inexperience will be a challenge, but they like some of the guys that have here
FLADAWG Has Policy signed his extension yet? Are we really in good hands?
ArtBtz He was supposed to sign it next week, apparently.
Lane In good hands........I like the direction of Lerner, Davis, and Garcia
BryanK Lane, what about Timmy? Will he be here come Sept? I'd be amazed if he wasn't.
FLADAWG Who will be our capologist when Hal leaves
Lane Personally, I hope Carmen goes to the West Coast
howldawg lane you left a name out ....accidental ?
FLADAWG Thats my worry is that we become the next Frisco cap killers
Lane Couch should be here in September, no team will cough up a high draft selection for him and I do believe that competition will bring out the best in him and......Kelly Holcomb
Lane No, not accidental
howldawg i noticed
howldawg lol
howldawg Lane can i have your press pass after they revoke it 8-)
Lane I hope that Lal heneghen stays in Cleveland, he is a good man and has done a good job here
jpmdawg just got in -- Did anyone confirm that Sehorn was in Berea today? Any news?
Lane That could be an interesting situation :-)
ramllov Lane do you see any free agent on the Browns radar we have not heard about?
sioux_dawg what's up with the Sehorn visit?
jpmdawg thats what i wanna know
Lane Guys I have to get running along, much to do, have a good night
FLADAWG complaining or complementing?
howldawg Lane has anyone let slip a hint of which way they're leaning in the draft?
BryanK Thanks, Lane
FLADAWG Later Lane, keep the batteries in!
ramllov bye Lane
ArtBtz Well, I'm off to track the war. Transcript tomorrow...
BryanK Just an opinion, but I like the 9:00 pm chats better; kids are in bed
ramllov Art thanks for hanging in their
ramllov there
james_t_h bye
FLADAWG Art getting late so thanks again for the wonderful insight!
ArtBtz We're at this time because of Dave's schedule, we may change now.
howldawg Hey ram
ArtBtz Later!
james_t_h later
ramllov good chat guys

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