Fan View: Moral Victory, Schmoral Victory

Jeff B. is about patience this year, but isn't excited about a third close loss....

Another "moral" victory as the Browns hung in there against a "tough" opponent on the road.


I am all about patience this year.  The Browns have started to rebuild (again) but these "moral" victories get a little tiresome since the two teams I can't stand the most are a combined 5-1 after today (Steelers 3-0 and Ravens 2-1).

Making it worse?  The Steelers have done it without arguably their best player on offense (Big Ben).

Making it doubly worse?  The Ravens climbed to 2-1 on the backs of the Browns today.

Making it triple worse?  It looks as if the Ravens and Steelers will be in the "how deep will they go in the playoffs" conversation all year (again), while the Browns are reduced to cries of "just wait until next year" (again).

I logically know it will take Holmgren and Heckert time to turn this around (if they even can at all) but emotionally I cannot stand seeing the Ravens and Steelers have ANY success, especially success that comes at the expense of the Browns.

Could have beens.  Would have beens.  Should have beens.

They all seem to litter the conversation after every Browns game.

That's what happens when you are a bad football team.  You find ways to lose.  Teams like the Ravens (yuck) and Steelers (ugh) find ways to win.

I just wanted to see steady improvement this year.  I wanted the Browns to be competitive.  Do I think that barely losing 3 games counts as that?  No, I do not.

Some people will say, "well, at least they're not losing by the margins they were last year.  At least they are scoring offensive TD's.  At least they are in the game and putting up a fight."

I suppose that for some that is acceptable but as for me, all it means is that a certain percentage of Browns fans and writers are so traumatized by the putrid football we've mainly witnessed since the return that bad football is now acceptable.

If 40 is the new 30, then I guess 5 wins with 11 really close losses is the new "making the playoffs"

At least in the minds of a portion of the Browns faithful.

Count me out of that party.  I'm waiting for the day when the Browns are not viewed as a near sure win on another team's schedule.

Sadly, that day looks to be a long time coming.

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